Star Trekkies
By Lugia42/Charmega

"Personal Log, Stardate whatever-the-heck-it-happens-to-be-today. Lieutenant Danks recording. I am making this recording just in case we never make it back to our century. Maybe someday, our story will be told across the galaxy. In any case, I must record our journey across space and time. It is not only logical, but it is also the 'human' thing to do."

"Human. I have almost forgotten what it was like to be one of them, back on old Earth. Yes, I was human once. A human genetically, mentally, and of course emotionally. That is why it is so hard to explain now why I am Vulcan in the same respect."

"That is why I am recording this tape. The story of my friends and I, and how our adventure began. It all started in the twenty-first century..."

Chapter One - It All Started In The Twenty-First Century...
"Jessie! Aren't you ready yet? We're supposed to have left five minutes ago!"

"I can't find my Klingon mask, Allison! I can't go to the convention without it!" the reply came from the other side of the door.

"Jess, it doesn't matter if we don't get there! Besides, you can buy a real one there," Allison called, brushing a strand of hair behind her fake Vulcan ears.

"So says Miss Vulcan out there," Jessie grumbled, opening the door. "All right, let's go then. But if I find out you took it..."

Allison raised one eyebrow (it had taken months of practicing in the mirror to figure out how), and gave up trying to convince her friend. "Come on. My brother's waiting in the van to drive us there. Indianapolis is fairly far away, so we'll need to use Warp Speed. Oh, and by the way..." She tossed Jessie's Klingon mask at her, and she barely caught it. "You left this at my house last time you were over." Then, laughing, she sprinted out the front door and practically dived into the front seat of the van.

"Allison, you are SO dead!"

"Mister Sulu, Warp Nine! There's a hostile alien on the loose and it's headed on an intercept course for the Enterprise!" Allison chuckled as she buckled her seatbelt. Jessie plunked down in a seat, looking pointedly angry at the back of her friend's head.

"You're gonna get it one of these days. You know that, right?"

Allison put on a neutral expression before turning around and deadpanning, "Revenge is not logical. And your anger is typical of Klingons, emotional and irrational. May I suggest you repress these feelings of hostile actions toward me, for it would be most unfortunate if you were injured."

All three laughed the whole way to the convention.


"Quite a fascinating place to visit, wouldn't you agree?" Allison asked Jessie as the two "aliens" walked between rows of red uniforms and Spock action figures.

"Allison, you HAVE to act in character all the time? I miss your old, very obnoxious self," Jessie complained. Then she paused. "Wait a minute, I take it all back."

Allison somehow managed to keep a straight face during all this, succeeding in looking VERY Vulcan. Her eyes fell upon a certain plastic weapon and she picked it up, holding it out to Jessie. "Happy Birthday, have a bat'leth," she said, twirling the Klingon weapon slightly. In a sudden flash of micheviousness, she whirled it around with shocking speed, hurled it up a few feet, and then caught it by the center handle and placed it back on the display table.

"Show off," Jessie accused. "And here I thought you couldn't do that sort of thing."

"I learn quickly," Allison said innocently. She looked around, finally spotting what she was looking for. "Come on, I want to look at the old Trek uniforms and see if they have blue in my size."

Jessie shook her head as she followed her friend across the aisle. "Allison, you are WAY too obsessed with Spock. And Vulcans in general."

Allison raised an eyebrow. "What makes you say that?" she asked, touching the tips of her fake Vulcan ears. "Besides, I am not the one who has dressed as a Klingon."

Jessie grinned and made a fist. "Qapla'!" she shouted at the top of her lungs, making Allison and other nearby Trekkies flinch. A few Romulan wanna-be's glared at her, but she merely whistled innocently and fingered her plastic d'k tahg knife.

Allison glanced over at Jessie, rolled her eyes, and said something in a melodious alien language. Jessie stared at her for a moment, not comprehending whatever language had just been spoken. Allison raised an eyebrow and said in English, "I assume you do not speak Ancient Vulcan."

"Hey, if qapla' is the only Klingon word I know, do you REALLY think I would know Vulcan?" Jessie asked, a little frustrated. "Where did you learn that anyway?"

"Simple logic," Allison responded, then supressed a snicker at Jessie's expression. "Okay, so I'm a REALLY devoted Trekkie. They DO speak Vulcan on occasion in that show, you know, and since they add subtitles it wasn't so hard to figure out. I don't really know much of the language, though. After all, I'm only human. Though I wish I wasn't."

"Be careful what you wish for," Jessie warned. "You may get it."

Allison laughed, finally dropping out of character. "Puh-leeze. Like THAT could ever happen."


Darkness. The power had gone out, but not naturally. A bright beam of blue light, preceded by a yellow glow, had blown a hole in the ceiling, sending terrified Trekkies cowering for safety under tables. Jessie grabbed Allison's arm, trying to pull her to safety.

Allison resisted with all her strength, trying to see what had caused that light. She abruptly found herself staring down the barrel of what was undoubtably a phaser. And it was unarguably real.

She raised her eyes up to the weilder of the weapon, and in the dim light she saw-

And then nothing. Allison hit the floor hard, and Jessie soon afterward. The mysterious assailant pulled out a small square device and spoke into it, and then the three vanished in a yellow sparkly glow.

Author's Notes: Yep, that's chapter one. Next chapter introduces the other five characters, and then the REALLY weird stuff starts happening...