Melinda Gordon stood in the basement of her shop, 'Same as it never was' unpacking boxes of unwanted 'stuff' that countless random people had brought in or donated to the store

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Chapter 1: A Ghostly encounter

Melinda Gordon stood in the basement of her shop, 'Same as it never was' unpacking boxes of unwanted 'stuff' that countless random people had brought in or donated to the store. Some of the items had come from dead relatives and other items were simply things that the owners felt cluttered their houses, but to Melinda they were antiques and she could sell them.

There was something about antiques that always fascinated Melinda. Perhaps it was because they often belonged to someone who had passed away and so in some ways they brought her closer to the spirit world, helping her get a glimpse into the past and into the lives of some of the ghosts she meets.

Working in an antique store kind of makes sense with Melinda having the ability she does. She often meets ghosts who are attached to the objects in some way, or attached to the people who bring in the objects and this allows her to help more spirits move into the light. Even though it makes her life that little bit more hectic she wouldn't trade it for anything.

Melinda had been unpacking boxes for a while and decided that it was time to resurface and see how Delia was doing on the shop floor. For a little antique store they did get a lot of customers, some regulars and some just random passers by.

"Hey Delia, how are things going up here?" Mel said cheerfully as she entered the main shop from the basement.

"Well you see the store now, empty, that's how it's been all day." Delia replied, she had an expression on her face that showed both disappointment and boredom.

Looking around the store Melinda could see that they had indeed not sold a single item, in fact nothing had been touched since she had opened up.

"How odd, I know antiques aren't on most people's list of things to buy, but no customers all day!" The short brunette said inquiringly.

"It was like they were been scared away by something, I saw a few people park cars then suddenly drive off again and there was this one woman who started to open the door to the shop then ran away. It was like she had just seen a g-." Delia didn't finish her sentence and turned to Mel. She didn't even ask her if there was a ghost present, the expression on her face said it all.

Mel walked toward the door, her wavy, brown hair flowing behind her, her hazel eyes fixed on the figure that she saw outside of the window.

"Mel, do we have a ghost?" Delia asked, although she wasn't over enthusiastic about the whole spirit thing she liked to be clued in.

"Hmmmm I think so but he's outside." Mel replied, she was obviously concentrating on the ghost as she sounded pretty distracted. Delia knew that she would have to leave her to it for now and dig for details later so she headed to the basement to finish what Melinda started earlier.

Now outside of the shop Melinda was face to face with the spirit, nothing was between them anymore and Melinda began to feel dizzy as the spirits energy was affecting her.

"Who are you?" Melinda asked holding her head, she wasn't feeling too good.

The spirit didn't even acknowledge that he had heard Melinda's words, instead he stared at her, his eyes fixed causing a piercing pain to form in her temple but she had to find out who this man was and why he wanted to scare people away from her store.

"Listen to me I know you can hear me, who are you?" Melinda said, her voice now raised slightly and people were beginning to notice that Melinda was 'talking to herself', or so they thought.

This time the ghost came straight for Melinda, his dark eyes still fixated on hers. Suddenly a wave of dizziness swept over her and she fell to the floor. When she looked up the ghost was gone and there was a small crowd of people staring in her direction.

"Are you OK Miss?" A small, elderly looking woman in a pink cardigan asked.

"Mmmm, just a little dizzy that's all. Thanks for asking though." Melinda replied, still feeling a little dazed. That spirit was a powerful one she knew that.

"OK well let me help you up." The woman said offering an arm to Melinda who was still slumped against the wall of her shop.

"Thank you." Melinda smiled as she took the woman's hand and slowly got to her feet.

"I don't know what came over me." Mel lied.

"It's all this work you people do, always so stressed. At your age I didn't have a care in the world. Take a break." The elderly woman said.

"I think you might be right there, my husband always tells me I'm working to hard." Melinda replied politely.

"Well I need to be going now, I'm off to visit my grandson. It was nice meeting you…"

"Melinda." She said as the woman began to walk down the street.

"Joyce." The woman called back as she walked on her way.

Soon after Melinda made her way back into the store and leant on the counter. She could hear Delia busy unpacking boxes in the basement but all she could think about was going home and taking a long relaxing bath.

"Delia, do you fancy closing early today." Melinda called down the stairs to her friend.

"Sure I'll come up now. Did it go OK with the ghost then?" Delia asked.

"Well not really, he seemed angry about something." Mel replied.

Delia now at the top of the stairs asked, "Oh, did you not find out his name or anything then?"

"No, nothing. All I know is that he has piercing black eyes and the most powerful energy I have felt on any spirit." Mel finished trying not to sound too fazed about the ghost.

Delia now looked concerned for her friend, "Mel are you OK, did it hurt you."

"No, no just made me a little dizzy and light headed but I'm fine, honestly." Mel replied brushing off Delia's comment.

"OK well you go home and get some rest, I'll lock up and see you tomorrow." Delia said, smiling. It was the least she could do for her friend, lord know she had given her countless days off when Ned needed to be taken to the doctors and various other places.

"If you're sure."

"Of course I am, now go before I throw you out the door," Delia joked.

"Ok, thanks again." Melinda said as she left the shop.

"No problem."

Melinda rifled through her black, woollen bag to retrieve her car keys from the inner depths. She had so much stuff in her bag that she didn't need like empty boxes of gum and old dry cleaning receipts. "I really need to clean out this bag" She thought to herself.

After several minutes of searching she eventually found her keys and unlocked her car door. She climbed into her red 4x4 placed her bag in the passenger seat and the keys in the ignition. Once she was all belted up and settled she started the engine and began the 10 minute drive home where she could soak in a long, relaxing bath and wait for her husband to return home from work.