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Chapter 35 A blinding light

It was almost time for Melinda to face her worst nightmare, she knew it was going to be tough, she knew that Tom was going to make it as difficult as possible for her to refrain from using her new found gift but she had to try.

Lillyana had been left with Jim, Ned and Rick in the basement of same as it never was with the storm billowing outside she didn't want to risk taking the baby outside again and she didn't want to risk any of her loved ones attempting to travel home, there were just too many opportunities for accidents and Tom would take full advantage if he could.

Beth Gordon was stood by her daughters side looking about as worried as Melinda felt inside but Mel was keeping a calm expression on her face, it was the only thing she could do to stop her from going insane. Delia was still missing and Melinda knew that it was up to her and her mother to stop Tom and find Delia before it was too late.

"Mom you ready to go?" Melinda asked as they stood at the entrance to the Grandview tunnels.

Beth nodded apprehensively and then followed Melinda into the darkness underground where Tom and his army of evil spirits awaited them. As the pair walked further into the depths of Grandview's hidden town the flashlights in their hands began to dim, and it wasn't because they had flat batteries.

"Melinda this isn't right, we shouldn't be down here." Beth said scared.

"Mom I know but I have to do this to save my friends and my family, he wants me so he's gonna get me." Mel replied with determination.

They proceeded further along until they came to the centre of the old town, the place Melinda had been once before, faced with those horrific red eyes. This was now Tom's place of residence and just the idea that she was going to have to go back into that church was bone tingling.

"OKAY I'M HERE, I'M READY TO TALK!" Melinda shouted openly.

Nothing happened, not even the smallest movement or sound from any of the spirits that Melinda knew were trapped down there.

"TOM I CAME HERE FOR YOU COME OUT!" Melinda cried again she was extremely pissed off.

Still nothing and Melinda's patience was wearing thin, there was also an eerie chill in the air, something wasn't right.

"Melinda maybe we should get out of here." Beth said as a small piece of clay fell from the roof of the church.

Melinda looked at her mother then up at the roof and then back at her mother again.

"RUN!" She called and set off from the church as the roof began to crumble and fall.

The pair ran as fast as they could out of the church and then the rest of the tunnels seemed to crumble behind them, this had been Tom's plan all along but he couldn't kill her, he couldn't use her gift if she was dead right?

"Mom you gotta get out of here it's me Tom wants and I have to face him." Mel stated as Tom flashed in front of them both, a devilish smile on his face.

"No Melinda I'm not leaving you, not now, not again." She stated passionately, seriously, but fear was evident in her voice.

"You have to, he won't kill me, not until he gets what he wants please go, and tell Jim that I love him." Mel said emotionally but seriously at her mother.

"Okay Melinda but please be careful." She said then turned to walk away leaving her daughter standing in the midst of the underground awaiting to face a being of pure evil.

It took a few minutes for Melinda's mother to completely vacate the tunnels and then the crumbling stopped, followed by the appearance of a much stronger looking Tom.

"What the hell do you want from me?" Melinda spat.

"I told you I want you to use your gift to bring me back to life, I want to use your gift so that the dead can truly walk amongst the living once more." Tom said eerily.

"I'm not going to do that, I won't bring you back and I won't put myself in danger to do it, not this time." She replied.

"Well let's see if this changes your mind." Tom said simply and then began to laugh as the spirits of both Delia and Andrea appeared beside Tom, it was as if they were bound to him.

"Oh my gosh." Melinda gasped as she saw her friends, her two best friends stood beside her worst enemy, trapped under his power and it was her fault.

"You know what I want, bring me to life and they will be free or I could just take everyone else you love too." Tom laughed.

Melinda paused for a moment to collect her thoughts, if her gift truly could bring spirits back from the dead then why would she bring back Tom, she could use her gift to bring back those that she loved, Andrea and Delia, the people who were taken too early because they knew her. She knew that Andrea had warned her not to use her gift, she had been told that it could weaken her but she had to try.

Melinda pulled herself from her thoughts and lifted her head to stare directly into Tom's dark, empty eyes.

"Well." He said expectantly.

Melinda started to laugh now, "Tom there is one flaw in this perfectly calculated plan, you see you didn't account for the possibility that I might not bring you back from the dead, that I might be willing to take a risk, you see I thought about it and why would I bring you back when I could save my friends" Mel said then shut her eyes tight.

This was it, the moment she would use her new found gift for the first and only time. Her eyes were closed tightly as she envisioned her friends stood right next to her, talking to her, actually been able to make physical contact with them, then she focused on the memories the times they spent together before they were taken from her. Then in a flash something started to happen.

Tom disappeared, the only sound that could be heard was the sound of his scream of defeat. Melinda's eyes began to flicker as the lives of her two friends began to play out in front of her eyes, she could see everything, the tears, the laughter, the fear. Everything.

She fell to the ground as beams of light came from her body and encircled Andrea and Delia pulling their spirits to the ground and then everything went dark.


(At the hospital)

"Jim I'm so fine honestly." Melinda said as she sat on the end of the hospital bed pleading with her husband to take her home.

"I know you say you're fine Mel but the doctor said you should stay one more night, just to make sure." Jim replied sweetly.

"You know I'm fine I've been here for three days, I miss Lilly and I want to see Andrea and Delia, I can't believe it worked." She said excitedly.

"Okay but any sign of dizziness or an-" Jim was cut of mid-sentence by Melinda diving at him and placing a soft, sensual kiss on his lips.

"I love you Jim, so much." She said sweetly.

"I love you too now let's get you home." He replied then helped her off the bed so he could drive her home.

In the days that passed Melinda explained everything to Andrea, how she had been dead, how the plane accident killed her and how no one had any recollection of her dying except Jim, Beth, Rick and Ned, all the people that were in the store when the gift was used.

Delia didn't remember dying either but didn't want to know anything, she was quite happy being in the dark as long as she was alive and well now to spend time with her son.

Everyone was fine, and for the first time in a while Melinda was truly happy, she had a fantastic husband, a beautiful daughter and her relationship with her mother was better than it had ever been and the best part, no evil spirits were lingering around, Melinda could enjoy the little things in life in peace. Well almost...


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