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"" - speech

'' - thought

In the middle of thinking about how to expand the Fire and Lightning fic so this is a sort of mini break inbetween to vent the creativity!

The story may jump around different perspectives a little bit, but it should be reasonably clear :)

A little bit of Sigmal as its been codenamed on the AS Thread, even though i prefer the other name for it - Shagnum XD




"Will you please stop fussing I'm telling you I'm fine!" would be the voice heard by anyone walking past Hayate's apartment in section six. Luckily though it was the only room on the top floor. Home to Hayate, and of course her knights.

In the apartment was a fairly comical scene. A battle torn Signum, still in her barrier jacket was currently standing in front of the sofa in the living area avoiding a scowling Shamal holding up a medical kit.

"Signum, it's my duty as medical officer to ensure everyone on this base is at full capacity" the blonde doctor reprimanded.

"I'm telling you Shamal, I am fine, I just need to rest." Signum crossed her arms across her ample chest to try and get her point across.

Shamal inwardly sighed, she was always like this. After any duel with Fate, she would refuse any medical treatment rather than accept Fate was a good match and caused injuries to her. It was especially worse today as she had in face lost this little bout and so was hurt more than usual. Apparently pride had got the better of her and she had not given up until she could no longer move. She had stubbornly managed to get back to their room. How she was standing now Shamal didn't know.

'Seems like I have to use that new security feature I asked Hayate to install, I thought I'd have to use it on Fate or Nanoha first, seems Signum gets to be the guinea pig' Shamal thought to herself.

"Laevatein, power down, medical officer Shamal override code SH974, linker core lock down."

Signum suddenly found her barrier jacket replaced by her uniform.

"Shamal, what did you just do?" Signum asked sternly.

"I've sealed your magical power, and your device from activation until I say so, now sit down so I can sort you out."

Signum was flabbergasted, how could Shamal do this?

"Return Laevatein right now Shamal" Signum's voice had a malicious edge to it. She did not like to feel powerless, let alone beaten.

Shamal figured this wasn't going to go down well, but at least she can now heal her, whether Signum wanted her to or not.

"Klarer Wind..." Shamal's intelligent device glowed green slightly before four distinct rings shot out and pinned Signum down.

"Shamal!! What are yo-"

"Since some noble warrior is not going to let me treat her, I'm not going to give her a choice." Said the blonde woman, rather smugly, Signum would add.

Signum was mad, she was angry, oh boy was Shamal going to get it when she got out of this one, but above all she was embarrassed like never before.

She, Signum, the leader of Wolkenritter, most powerful knight equal in strength to the aces of the TSAB, was pinned spread eagle to the sofa. If anyone saw her now, she would not live this down. Shamal didn't miss the prominent blush on Signum's face.

"Finally I can get you to do what I tell you to do" voice full of mirth.

"Shamal, Ok I'll stay still, just please, let me out of this...this..." Signum struggled against her bonds to no avail.

"Ara? I quite like seeing you in this position Signum, you had better stay still, anymore and well, you might reveal a little too much ne?"

Signum realised that she had managed to squirm her way to the edge of the couch, feet on the floor, knees pointing high and outwards, It was like she was slouching had it not been for her arms pinned high above her head. The fact was, her skirt had ridden up quite high up her thigh, revealing the end of her stockings, and the beginning of her garter belt. If she wasn't mistaken Shamal could see her...

"White eh?"

Signum's ears turned red.

"Surprisingly innocent are we? Although I suppose that suits you Signum."

Signum was at a loss for words, she was completely helpless to this woman in front of her. Green eyes containing all the mischief she seemed to be getting out of this situation.

Shamal was having fun right now, she knew she shouldn't but it was only on those very rare occasions that she could even tease their leader, let alone embarrass her. This was for medical reasons that she had to be restrained; the fun was just a bonus.

The fact of the matter was, Shamal felt more than just friendship for the currently restrained knight. She was just very good at keeping secrets, being the most mature of the Wolkenritter she had made sure no one had cottoned on.

Though memories of their past were not retained, fragments came back from time to time, as well as in their dreams. Shamal wasn't sure how she knew they were real, she could just feel it. Including all the time spent with Hayate, the feelings she had initially questioned had only begun to grow.

Thinking she could push her luck a little more with her secret crush in front of her, she slowly walks up to Signum and straddles her waist, slowly unbuttoning her uniform blouse.

"Shamal, what are you doing??"

"Removing your clothes so I can clean your wounds" Shamal replied simply, relishing the look on Signum's face.

Signum now found herself in a very awkward position. She couldn't move, and Shamal, was currently straddling her and had just done away with her shirt after some adept transportation magic. Leaving her in her matching white bra with lacy patterns across the front of the cup, leading into a bow where the two met. The blush was still as prominent as ever, she thought she might die from blood haemorrhaging.

Having said that, Signum thought, it is kind of nice being doted on for once... Signum noted Shamal's careful ministrations and soothing hands working her injuries as the pain and fatigue started to wear away.

She would never admit it, but Shamal was the only one she would ever appear weak in front of. That, and she usually forced her to let her heal her injuries. Even when she came back from missions, secretly bandaged herself, she still knew. She couldn't get away with anything when this woman was around. Even when she resolved herself to not let her do anything and that she was fine, a sad look made her defences crumble instantly. Shamal was the only one who had this effect on her, why was that?

Signum unconsciously let out a content sigh, which didn't go unnoticed by the doctor currently working on her. Shamal didn't say anything, just enjoying the fact that Signum had finally let her defence down, letting her in that little bit more. She couldn't help the smile from sneaking across her face.

Shamal noticed that Signum's eyes were finally drifting closed, the fight having caught up with her, just finishing up her spells, she undid her bindings and proceeded to carry Signum bridal style to her room. She was surprisingly light, without her armor, she was what many other people failed to see, just a woman.

Shamal knew she shouldn't, but well what could it hurt, Signum did need to sleep, and it wouldn't do for her to sleep in her uniform. Shamal blushed heavily as she rested Signum on the double bed and slowly undid the zip of her skit. Gently pulling it down to her ankles and off completely.

'Ok Shamal, stay calm, you're not a pervert, you're a medical officer, seeing Signum in innocent white sexy lingerie is NOT going to make you lose your professionalism'

Shamal couldn't help but stare in awe at the lean body in front of her. Slender legs to die for, curves in all the right places, a well endowed cleavage, emphasized by her slow and steady breathing. Shamal's gaze finally landed on Signum's face, her hair now splayed behind her having undone the ribbon that kept it in place. Shamal's heart skipped a beat.

She shouldn't be doing this, she's a doctor, she's her friend, this is taking advantage, the guilt was slowly kicking in. Shamal allowed herself one last pleasure before leaving Signum, not knowing when she may get to see her like this or let down her defences again.

Bending down slowly, pushing some stray hair behind her ear, she gently touched her lips to Signum's cheek. "Rest well, my proud knight" was whispered as she pulled away and slowly pulled the covers up and over Signum.

Quietly Shamal left the room, closing the door behind her. Just as it shut, there was a slight movement in the bed.

Signum slowly brought her hand up to where Shamal had kissed her. Cheeks rosy red from the intimacy. "A knight exists to protect what is precious to them" she whispered. A twinge of a smile evident on her face, but as soon as it came it was gone as Signum turned onto her side in the bed to get more comfortable.

She learned something about Shamal today, and she wasn't about to let this piece of knowledge go to waste. She would get her back for the little stunt she just pulled, her pride demanded it. However something else had begun to awaken within the pink haired mage. An emotion she thought she had abandoned long ago when her oath as a knight had been made. Somehow Shamal had woven her way through all her barriers and lodged herself in the deepest part of her. Without Signum even realizing it, Shamal had claimed this knight's heart.


Authors Notes:

Well, what did you think? i was originally going to leave it as a oneshot and finish with a kiss, but as i wrote more it seemed that it would just be rushing it too much. I'm quite happy to leave it as it is or continue if enough reviews think it should.

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"Surprisingly innocent are we? Although I suppose that suits you Signum, i wonder if you have the matching set.."


Shamal slowly straddled Signum's waist. With a flick and some deft transportation magic Signum was left in nothing but her lingerie.

"Sha--mal, what are you ahhhhhhh"

"fufu Signum, so soft, you never give that reaction when Hayate does it, do you secretly like being restrained..."

"What are you talking about let me--aaah"

Shamal's knee was in an incredibly sensitive spot as far as Signum was concerned, she was losing the ability to think coherently.

"Sensitive are we Signum? not used to being touched in these areas are you fufu..."

Signum's eyes were rolling back in her head, she couldn't take this, whats wrong with her, why was she enjoying it, she was, she was being Dominated for crying out loud, and by Shamal no less!

Suddenly the door whooshed open and in walks Zafira with Vivio on his back.

"Zaffy, there doing what Fate-mama and Nanoha-mama do, is it fun?"

Zafira was frozen, he was screwed, if he wasn't nailed by Shamal and Signum for interrupting their little fun, He's going to be breaker'd by Nanoha when Vivio asks them about this.

He promptly turned around and left for the nearest club, if he was going to go down, he was going to go down bringin' sexy back.

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