Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Yuya and the ballet recital

"I love you too, Otohata" she had said. She remembered that day even though it was 2 months ago.

In those two months a lot had changed. She and Otohata had been dating for two months nine days and 45 minutes, 3 hours, and 29 seconds but who was counting?

Today the GALS were meeting in Shibuya for a quadruple date. When Yuya and Mami arrived they were arguing.

"Bur why Yuya"? She whined. "Because people will think I'm gay for dancing in a ballet recital"! Yuya barked.

"Yeah they will" Rei muttered. "Hahahahah! 2nd place in a ballet recital? It's too classic! Laugh But I'll go and watch you fall"! Ran cracked up.

"Miyu thinks you can do it". "Please Yuya"? Mami pleaded. "Oh alright"!

Aya giggled into Rei's shoulder. "You're such a tard". "Hoshino- ppe" he sneezed. "Whatever' Aya said out loud.

"Rei- kun" she coughed. "Since when is the great Rei Otohata lovey dovey with anyone a passing girl sneered.

"Since he met me"! Aya called after her causing laughter.

"Aw man you beat me again Ran- pyon" Chichi whined. He and Ran were arm wrestling while Yuya watched jealously.

He made faces at Chichi and turned to Rei and Aya. He parted the curtain so he could see the rest of the raven – haired heartthrob.

Rei had whispered something to Aya who blushed and whispered back. "Please give a round of applause to couple one Mami Honda and Yuya Aso" the announcer said.

Mami was perfect but Yuya……. Sucked. "What is that"? Miyu asked her fiancé' Yamato. "I don't know" he said confused.

Rei was trying to surpress his laughter but Aya was howling into his shoulder her favorite place to hide her face.

Yuya tripped over Mami's foot and fell. Ran was howling in laughter.

Rei couldn't howl it anymore he burst out laughing. His face was buried in her silky black hair.

"What the hell is wrong with you Yuya"? Mami growled. For the finale Yuya had to catch her.

She lept toward him and he crashed to the floor. The audience was howling in laughter too. They bowed and walked offstage.

"You know you want an encore Otohata- kun" Aya said cracking him up. But Ran was worse.

"Hahaha you suck" she yelled at the backstage area.

They all cracked up, it was true Yuya…. Sucked.


"Miyu is so happy that she can marry Yamato"!

"It's about time" Ran said Para- Para dancing harder. "Miyu we're only freshmen' Aya said stepping up her game also.

"Oh please Aya you and Otohata act like you married already"! Ran snorted. "Miyu notices that too"!

"But I love him and I'm really getting to know the real Rei" Aya said defensively. "Do you want to marry him"? Ran teased.

"You do Miyu see's you blushing"! Aya lost.

"Yes I beat you" Ran cried happily. "Step down Mrs. Otohata" Miyu said switching places with her.

"Not for long Mrs. Otohata" Ran teased. Aya's phone rang. Miyu and Ran laughed at her ringtone.

"Answer me! Answer me! Hoshino you are so childish! Pick me up! Hoshino- ppe! Rei- Kun! Hey don't call me that-""Hello"? Aya said. "Hey". "Hey Rei- kun how are you"?

"I'm fine Hoshino- ppe but I'm lonely. I miss you". "Me too. The girls keep calling me Mrs. Otohata". Rei laughed. "Who knows? You might be someday". Aya blushed. "I want to see you". "Come to the Reco shop and maybe I can escape".

"To Palm tree for lunch"? "Yeah that sounds good". "I got to go Mrs. Otohata". "Bye Mr. Hoshino, I love you" she whispered.

"I love you too, Mrs. Otohata" he said then he hung up. "Told you" Ran and Miyu taunted.

"Shut up Ran- pyon and Miyu- Miyu" Aya sneered. "Whatever Hoshino- ppe"! they said back.

"So where are we going for lunch I heard Otohata say something about lunch at Palm tree" Ran said.

"Yeah he wants eat lunch there" Aya said sighing dreamily. "Were going too"! Ran said pulling out her phone.

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