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Ok Ever wonder what would happen if fate intervened? So Jacob was the natural path Bella was supposed to go, so what if fate still intended it to be that way? I think it would be cool if this is how it it played out. So we all know Bella's special, but just how special is she. What happens when she goes all Doggy. lol I had to say that any way, here's my story. Picking up after the wedding to Edward. I will be updating as much as possible.


I am sitting on the bed waiting for Edward to return. He has gone with Carlisle to hunt so when he changes me he doesn't have to worry about killing me. But I am not worried about that. I can't get my mind off of Jake. What's he doing, where's he at? He took off when he got my wedding invite. Edward sent it even though I told him not too. I can see why I guess, I know Edward would want the option if it had gone the other way.

I look at the clock, 5 more min. My heart is racing as I think about everything I'm gonna miss. My parents, growing old, going to collage, having kids, and most of all Jacob. I am not afraid of the pain when I change, I am afraid of regret. I made up my mind and married Edward yesterday. But I know deep in my heart that I would have went to Jake if he had imprinted on me. That was the deciding factor. If I had married Jake and somewhere down the line he imprinted on someone I would be heart broken. So against my better judgement I agreed to marry Edward and in return he agreed to change me, to condemn me to walk this earth forever, forever thirsting for blood, forever being a vampire, forever not being able to see my family, forever losing my best friend, my love, my Jacob. You see Jacob is a werewolf, the only mortal enemy of werewolf's is the vampire, and as much as I denied it, I am in love with Jacob just as much as Edward. But I can't handle another heartbreak, so I chose Edward, cause if Jake ever left me that would be the end of it.

I hear the door opening and I look up. Edward is looking at me, his eye's full of concern. I know he can hear my heart racing. "Are you alright? You know we don't have to do this, we can wait."

I look at him remembering the look on Jake's face when I told him I couldn't see him again and said, "No, I am ready let's get this over with"

Carlisle entered the room and leaned against the wall. Edward sighed and nodded, then looked at me. He layed me on the bed, and kissed me with such passion that I couldn't think. His eye's locked with mine and he moved his kisses down my neck. The last thing I heard was him whispering "I am so sorry, I love you." Then I felt his teeth sink into my neck, I screamed and passed out.


"Why is she still unconscious! This isn't right! She is supposed to be in pain, not unconscious." I am going crazy and my families thoughts aren't helping. I hear them

Jasper thinking"I have seen transformations before, but I have never seen one like this."

Alice "Why isn't she screaming from the fire, she is acting like she is cold."

Carlisle"This can't be, I should have realised, the smell of her blood, but I can't smell blood anymore, but the smell is defiantly changing and not to one of us. I don't believe it, I thought it was a legend. Edward is not going to be pleased!"

With that last thought I turned to Carlisle "Why won't I be pleased!" Just then Rosalie walked in and said "Ugh, what is that smell, it almost smells like one of them!"

Carlisle's head snapped up and a look of horror shown on his face. I immediately started panicking and yelled "What Carlisle, what is going on!"

Carlisle got up quickly and ran from the room saying something about having to make a phone call.

15 min later he walked into the room with none other than the Alfa werewolf, Sam.

I growled "What is he doing here?" Carlisle looked at me with a sad face and said in a very calm voice."Edward. I am so sorry." my heart dropped, the room was suddenly very quiet except for Bella's moan's about being so cold."What are you sorry for" knowing the answer was something I didn't want to hear.

Carlisle began, "I have heard of this but never in my life thought I would see this. Edward you know how her blood was so irresistible not only to you but every vampire she met. I should have seen it, I still can't believe that it's true. Sam and I have come to the realization that Bella as you all know is very special. No vampire power work on her, and I believe I now know why. There is an old werewolf prophecy, but I am going to let Sam take over from here," Everyone turned their gaze to Sam, and he sat on the bed and started.

"I have heard that there is a prophecy that a girl with a certain blood type, not like normal blood but with a certain gene in it passed down from the original werewolf, The Great Wolf, will one day rule the world of vampire's and werewolf's and here it is" Sam pulls out a notebook and opens it and begins reading,

It has been seen

That a girl will be born quite human,

She will be drawn to a world beyond humans

She will fall in love with a Vampire

She will also fall in love with a werewolf

She will marry the vampire

But with a sacrifice

To lose her other love,

To lose her life,

To want to walk the world

in darkness with out her Sun.

But it is not to be

Her blood holds a secret

That will one day

Cause her to rule the world

The world that humans can't see

The world full of vampires and werewolf's

With one bite from her vampire

Her world will turn upside down

She will not turn into a vampire

Instead because of her blood

The blood that goes back for so long

The blood of the creator of both vampire and werewolf

She will turn into a werewolf

With the power to love

With the power to heal

With the power to rid the world

Of all Evil

Ever one just stood there with their mouths open. Carlisle spoke first."Sam she can't stay here, when she wakes up, she most likely will attack us and we don't want to hurt her." Sam nodded and said to me."Edward, I know you love her, but this is her destiny, you have to let her go. I will take good care of her. When she gets control then you can see her. Carlisle I will call in a week or so to work out a new treaty."

And with that my world was turned upside down. Sam picked up my Bella, my beautiful wife, and left with her. I just sat down, and my head in my hands and started to sob, wishing that I could have tears. I heard everyone leave. I knew that I should be happy for her, but I can't. She now gets to live her life. I just wish she wouldn't have to go to them. I lay back on my bed and wish for the end.