Final entry from the personal log of Admiral Aken Bosch

Final entry from the personal log of Admiral Aken Bosch.

It has been done. I have activated ETAC and made contact with the Shivans. My officers are setting the charges aboard this ship now, and the Shivans are coming for us. I have told them of Capella, and the millions of people clustered around it. I have fulfilled my life's work. But now, as I gaze into the nebula, see the red armor of the Shivan ships, I wonder. Has everything I done been right? Will I stop the Shivans? Or will all I have done just be a stepping stone to them for the death of humanity? The Shivan shuttle docked a moment ago. I will go down to meet them persona- wait a second. What's that noise? Oh god, it's-

When the Psamtik got back to realspace, Talon hit his afterburners and rocketed away from the Psamtik. The group searching for the Iceni consisted of the Colossus, the Psamtik, and three Deimos-class corvettes, the Actium, the Hawkwood, and Cato. After twenty minutes of searching, they found the Iceni. The Colossus hailed it.

GTVA Colossus: "Admiral Bosch, surrender the Iceni, or be destroyed."

NTD Iceni: "GTVA ships, we need transport of the Iceni now!"

GTVA Colossus: "Identify yourself."

NTD Iceni: "This is Ensign Gatterweld. The Shivans killed them all!"

GTVA Colossus: "What happened?"

NTD Iceni: "The Shivans came, and they killed everyone! Bosch, bridge officers, every one. There's only about seventy of us left! Get us out of here! Bosch set thermite charges all over the ship!"

Command: "All ships get away from the Iceni!"

Talon had drifted close to the Iceni. When he heard the call, he fired his thrusters and leapt away from the Iceni. Just then a huge sphere of white light left from the Iceni, vaporizing not only itself but also several fighters that had ventured too close to the Iceni.

Command: "The Iceni has self destructed. Admiral Bosch is dead; the Neo-Terran Front is finished. Return to-"

At that moment, a small blip representing a single fighter appeared on Talon's sensor.

Kappa 1: "Help, oh no, help!"

Alpha 1: "Incoming fighter, identify yourself."

Kappa 1: "This is Kappa 1, GTD Aquitaine. You've got to get out of here!"

Alpha 1: "Command, that's one of the missing fighters from the Trinity incident!"

Command: "Roger that. Kappa 1, what happened to you and your flight?"

Kappa 1: "The're all dead! It was too big, we couldn't stop it. Get everyone out of the nebula, destroy the jump node! Do it while you still can!"

Command: "What was too big?"

Kappa 1: "You got to go now it's coming! It's-"

A huge subspace rift opened up, and a colossal warship with claws tipped with beam cannons. It was over twelve kilometers long and wasted no time in firing. Three beams sprang out and speared the Psamtik, blasting it into oblivion.

The Actium and the Cato were completely swallowed up by the giant beam cannons, leaving no sign that they had ever been there.

Command: "All ships get out of there! Get back through the Knossos. Go!"

Talon jumped out of the area. His base ship was destroyed and there was not enough room for him in the Colossus' fighter bay. He used his magnetic clamps to attach to the hull of the colossus, and rode it like a parasite into subspace. He received a transmission.

"To all GTVA ships. The Shivan juggernaught we encountered has been named Sathanas and is currently heading out of the nebula. We have to destroy the Knossos and prevent the Sathanas from getting to GTVA space. Good luck."

The Colossus got to the other side of the Knossos; Talon dettached his magnetic clamps and looked at the Knossos. It had to be destroyed. The Hawkwood arrived from the Knossos, badly damaged from the escape.

Hawkwood: "All ships stand clear of the Knossos."

The Hawkwood fired its beam cannons, severing the supports that kept the massive device together. The Knossos simply fell apart.

Command: "Well done. The Sathanas was only half a minute away when you destroyed the Knossos. It would have entered about no-"

The Sathanas pushed itself through the place where the Knossos had been, a tearing site.

Command: "The Sathanas had gotten through the node without the Knossos. The Knossos must have healed the jump node."

GTVA Colossus: "Command, the Sathanas is heading for the Capella jump node."

Command: "What! There are millions of civilians there. Send a message to evacuate them!"

All ships pull back, jump to Capella, we will hold them there. Go!"

As talon again used his magnetic clamps to ride the Colossus, he oriented his craft towards the jump node and the Sathanas.

Alpha 1: "Command, Another Sathanas just came through the portal! And another! Six of them, ten, seventeen, twenty two- We don't stand a chance!"

Command: "We don't have a choice. Hold them of at Capella!"

2 hours later, the colossus came back to realspace. It was near the sun of Capella, a star that provided light and heat for over a dozen worlds that were heavily colonized. Capella was also the base for the GTVA leadership. Thousands of civilian transports flooded space, all tying to get to the jump node that leads out of the system. All kinds of warships were there, from top line new warships to personal transports with guns strapped to them to Great War leftovers. There was even ancient space shuttle called the discovery, with a pair of large missiles bolted underneath it. Talon shook his head. It belonged in a museum, and would only add to the number of targets the Shivans had. He formed up on a pair of Triton transports and began to escort them. He was halfway to the jump node out of Capella when the Shivans started to come in. Hundreds of destroyers, corvettes, cruisers, and fighters filled the void of space. But most of the jugernaughts appeared hundred f kilometers away from the transports, setting course for Capella, the bright, burning star in the center of the system. Only one started after the convoy, torching ships with its giant beam canons. The Colossus angled toward the jugernaght, powering power into its engines.

GTVA Colossus: "That jugernaght will tear the convoys apart! Intercepting."

Command: "Colossus, you have no beam canons. Break away from the jugernaught now!"

GTVA Colossus: "Negative. We will stop the jugernaught. All ships, use the opportunity we give you well."

Command: "Colossus, what-"

The Colossus dumped all of its fuel into its engines, accelerating past the speed it was ever meant to go. Its hull plates were buckling from the stress, but it continued on course, straight to the jugernaght. It rammed into the Sathanas, Breaking of the mounts of its forward beam cannons. The Colossus and the Sathanas exploded simultaneity, in spectacular explosion. Talon could only stare at the deaths of over thirty thousand soldiers. He then began to weave through the convoy, destroying fighters and bombers. And then he saw the fighter. The same one as from years before, with the gold and black stripes.

Meanwhile, the other Sathanas circled around the sun, pointing their claws at Capella. Energy began to course through the tips of the claws, opening subspace, and forcing the flow of it directly into the star. Capella collapsed inward on itself, and then exploded out in a supernova. It incinerated the jugernaughts, and continued outward, frying planets and heading for the battle. Talons computer gave twenty seconds until the force of the nebula would hit. He was unsure of what to do. Go to the jump node and survive the explosion? Destroy the fighter that was now lining up for a jump to subspace? Or destroy a squadron of bombers that was closing in on a transport desperately trying to get out the jump node? He thought of his parents, of what they would want him to do. Suddenly for him, the choice was clear.

To the Pilots of the 107th Ravens.

We do not know the why the Shivans destroyed the star Capella, and we probably never will. The Shivan attack has been defeated, but at terrible price. Thousand died at Capella, but it would have been millions if not for the efforts of the fleet. Your commander, Talon Star, decided to protect a transport that was under attack instead of escaping form the nebula. The transport he saved made it away safely, but he was still in the system when the supernova hit. He was a hero, and you should all be proud of that.

This is Admiral Petrarch, signing off.