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"Violet Turned Red"

Chapter One

Death and the Undead

"Day, this is Night. Respond. Over."

"This is Day, over."

"I'm in the third level basement," Duo said, pressed against the wall as he listened for movement from the room beyond the door. "They have some sort of lab down here."

The chilly room had a series of corpse covered tables, the bodies left uncovered, and their grayish skin beginning to rot. There was something decidedly off about them.

"There are a couple of bodies, probably failed experiments," he informed his partner over the radio. "No sign of anyone alive- wait, I just spotted movement. Night out."

There had been a flash of blue and yellow past the opposite door, accompanied by a glint of metal in the low light.

Removing the safety on his gun, he crept across the room, trigger at the ready. Pausing to listen, he frowned. No sound of breathing. Just how far ahead had the guy gotten already? Jumping the door, he found himself face to… Cannon.

He froze, cross-eyed as he stared down the wide barrel. When his head wasn't blown off, he risked moving it an inch to see past to his attacker.

And blinked.

The cannon, probably weighing over eighty pounds, was held by a petite blonde in a short-skirted blue uniform. Red eyes blinked back at him.

"Hi, mind putting the cannon down?" he asked, slapping a grin onto his face.

She yelped after noticing his uniform, nearly dropping the thing in her haste to lower it. "Sorry! Seras Victoria, Hellsing."

"Duo Maxwell, Preventers," Duo said, relaxing. They shook hands. He recognized the Hellsing name. It was one of the groups left over from the British government before the world government formed. He couldn't remember what they did, but they sounded like the good guys. "You hunting the same jerks we're hunting?"

"Probably not, but they're likely to be working together," Seras said.

"Why don't we hunt together, then?" he suggested, grinning playfully. He may have had a boyfriend already, but that didn't mean he couldn't play.

Her eyes widened, and the woman quickly shook her head. "No! Er - wouldn't we cover more ground separate?"

Duo's eyes narrowed. "What does Hellsing do that they don't want the Preventers to see, Miss Victoria?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," she said, shoulders slumping. "But I only have permission to work with my partner, who's still up a floor. Where's yours?"

"Clearing the upstairs," Duo said, shaking his head. It was irritating, but he of all people understood clearance. "How about you circle around left, I go right, and we meet at the north end stairs. Not technically working together then, right?"

"Er, I guess," Seras said, voice uncertain. "Nice meeting you, Agent Maxwell. Don't get killed. Sir Hellsing expects us to write reports on any casualties."

Duo laughed. "Une's the same, so you'd better stay alive too, babe."

The two split ways, Seras staring after Duo for a moment. They didn't look alike, but the Preventer's mannerisms were very much like Pip's. His features did remind her of someone, but she couldn't place just who. Catching the scent of undead carrion, she pushed the thought of the odd agent from her mind. There was hunting to do.


Duo didn't blink, cold sweat running down his back. He had a ton of appreciation for classics, but seeing the traditional digital clock count down was not what he wanted to see while in a raid.

"Day, this is Night. Respond, over," he said, trying to wet his dry mouth.

"This is Day," Heero's voice said though his earpiece, concerned. "Night, what's wrong?"

"Pull everyone out of the building, now," Duo said, leaving no room for argument. "We've got a triggered countdown bomb. Looks like one of those good old fashioned Hollywood boys, but I'm not about to go cutting the red or the green wires and hoping that I remembered my action flicks right, you know?"

There was a sharp intake of breath. "Duo, get out of there!"

"Heero, buddy, I'm three floors down and we've got thirty seconds," Duo said, sounding a lot calmer than he felt. "Get out and give my love to Fei, okay? Shinigami out."


With that, he disconnected his radio. There was no need for anyone to hear his death screams.


"Agent Maxwell!"

He spun around, eyes wide in horror. How could he have forgotten the Hellsing agents? Seras ran toward him, her earlier clean uniform partially covered in blood.


"Babe, you need to get out of here," he yelled, grabbing for his knife. Maybe he could at least lessen the blast by cutting some of the connections to the other bunches, where the wires trailing away from the main device had to be going. Maybe she and her partner at least could make it. "This bomb's about to go off!"

"Why aren't you running then?" she insisted, grabbing his arm. Her grip was stronger than one would have suspected with her size. "Come on!"


"Can't," he said, freeing his arm with a good wiggle. Crouching down, he picked through the wires. "Gotta see if I can separate some of the sections."


"Seras, we need to get out!" a man's voice shouted down the stairs. Duo's hands paused. That voice - It was with a wrench of willpower that he kept going.

"Stay up there!" the woman called back. "There's a bomb!"


Wires frayed and snapped under Duo's blade. So far, so good; he hadn't triggered the thing early. Silently, he prayed for the others to get out of there on time.


Duo wiped the sweat out of his eyes, focusing on his task. At least he knew that there'd be someone to mourn him. He just wished that he could hug Wufei one last time.


Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…

Strong arms hugged him to the woman's amble bodice, swinging them both around to put her back to the timer. Duo only had a moment to wonder about the lack of a heart beating in his ear before his world was blown apart.