A/N: Those of you who know me understand why I wrote this.

She wanted nothing more than to be like Taylor. This wasn't wasn't about looks--though she certainly would not have rejected the body of the blond bombshell--but something deeper. She didn't have a word for this quality. It wasn't quite personality. For she got enough compliments on her own. 'You're so nice, Melissa. You're so sweet, Melissa. You keep everyone strong, Melissa.' It was this essential Taylorness that made her, not Mel, perfect for Jackson. She got inside his head, made him laugh, made him feel comfortable. All without even trying. Meanwhile, Melissa drove herself insane attempting to figure him out. She wanted to say all the right things. To give him the strength he had given her.

She knew so many people would tell her it was crazy. How could he mean anything to her really? After all, she knew next to nothing about him. But he did. He meant a lot. Almost too much. She loved him. She loved his calm demeanor. She loved the way he kept peace. She loved everything there was to love about him. She wanted him to share that love, or at the very least share the same deep sense of trust she felt in him.

But he did not. This hadn't surprised her, though she clung to false hope that they would one day be together. This was highly foolish as she done a lot more harm than good. She said the wrong things, asked the wrong questions, and pushed too hard. Suddenly all she wanted was one real conversation. All she wanted was to be Jackson's perfect girl. All she wanted was to be more like Taylor.