A/N: I just had to make a twilight AIM story!

Chapter 1

Be11a xo- Bella

Edward AMC- Edward


JaSp3r Ha1e: Jasper

BlondeHottie: Rosalie

Grizzly EMC: Emmet

Da mama: Esme

Doctor C: Carlisle

BigBadWolf: Jacob Black

Mikkkke: Mike

Jess xoxoxo: Jessica

Angela angel- Angela

Embry is s0 c00l: Embry

Quil Pack: Quil

chief CS: Charlie

Be11a xo has signed on

Edward AMC has signed on

Shopping101 has signed on

Be11a xo: Hi Edward!

Edward AMC: Hello, love.

Shopping101: awe u guy's r so cute!

Grizzly EMC has signed on

Grizzly EMC: hey cool u guys finally got AIM!

Be11a xo: I love it! It's so much fun talking to Edward!

Edward AMC: Bella, I'm sitting right next to you. This is silly.

Be11a xo: Just let me have my fun!

Edward AMC: -sigh-

Grizzly EMC: What does AMC stand for, Edward?

Edward AMC:

Be11a xo:

Shopping101: … idiot

Grizzly EMC: Hey!

Edward AMC: Emmet your EMC stands for Emmet McCarty Cullen right?

Grizzly EMC: Yeah but…wait omg got it.

Shopping101: Oh Jasper is coming on in 16 seconds!

Edward AMC: this is stupid

Be11a xo: It's a chat room

Shopping101: 10 seconds

Grizzly EMC:

JaSp3r Ha1e has signed on

Shopping101: Hi Jazzy!

JaSp3r Ha1e: Hi babe!

Be11a xo: Jazzy? …

Edward AMC: Yeah. Alice is the only one who is aloud to call him that. It's weird.

Shopping101: … Bella! U should call Edward Eddie!

Edward AMC: No

Be11a xo: why not Eddie?

Edward AMC:

Grizzly EMC: You guys...i have the best idea instead of omg how about omc?

Be11a xo: omc?

Grizzly EMC: Oh My Cullen

Shopping101: nice

Edward AMC: can we change the subject please?

Shopping101: ooo I like it!

Grizzly EMC: damn seeing future powers

Grizzly EMC: Ow!

Be11a xo: what?

Grizzly EMC: Jasper came out of know where and punched me! And now he's gone!

Shopping101: Thanks Jasper :)

JaSp3r Ha1e: No problem, hunny.

Shopping101: anyway, Bella will-

Be11a xo: Oh crap.

Be11a xo has signed off

Edward AMC has signed off

JaSp3r Ha1e: ?

Shopping101: Charlie

JaSp3r Ha1e: Oh okay

Grizzly EMC: r they coming back?

Shopping101: yup in 4 minutes and 33 seconds

(4 minutes and 33 seconds later)

Be11a xo has signed on

Edward AMC has signed on

Be11a xo: omg! Charlie bought me a cell phone!

Grizzly EMC: Finally

JaSp3r Ha1e: what kind?

Be11a xo: Envy 2

JaSp3r Ha1e: nice

Be11a xo: now I can text Eddie, when he's out hunting :)

Edward AMC: Don't call me Eddie

Be11a xo: Please!

Edward AMC: -sigh- only in the chat room

Be11a xo: love u :)

Edward AMC: I love you too

Shopping101: yeah! Now we can all go in the chartroom in school with our phones!

Be11a xo: We can do that with our phones?

Shopping101: Yes! Jazzy and I do it all the time! We also text!

Edward AMC: -cough- phone sex

Be11a xo: -yells at Edward, hits him on the arm and then tightly grips hand from pain!-

Shopping101: thanks Bella, how's your hand?

Be11a xo: I should just ask u that

Shopping101: Oh it'll be fine. The pain should go away in a few minutes!

JaSp3r Ha1e: Thanks Bella. I'll hit him later, Alice.

Shopping101: Thanks Jazzy, I love u

JaSp3r Ha1e: love u too

Grizzly EMC: I miss Rose!

Be11a xo: where is she?

Grizzly EMC: Hunting w/ Esme and Carlisle

Shopping101: She'll be back later 2nite

Grizzly EMC: good

Grizzly EMC: Damn!

JaSp3r Ha1e: ?

Be11a xo: ?

Edward AMC: -sigh- he thinks the squirrels are out to get him

Shopping101: I see no squirrels in your future Emmet!

Grizzly EMC: But they keep staring at me!

Edward AMC: … moving on

Shopping101: Jasper, where are you?

JaSp3r Ha1e: In the family room, where are you?

Shopping101: our room :)

JaSp3r Ha1e has signed off

Be11a xo: aww

Grizzly EMC: Eww

Shopping101: Grow up Emmet! We r going to go cuddle!

Shopping101: Bye Edward and Bella! Ttyl

Edward AMC: Ttyl?

Grizzly EMC: Talk To You Later

Edward AMC: Oh

Grizzly EMC: Edward? Can't u read the squirrels minds!?

Edward AMC: I'm not superman!

Be11a xo: I think you're superman! ;)

Edward AMC: this is why I love you

Be11a xo: I'm bored! Let's go to the meadow!

Edward AMC: Bella…

Be11a xo: Please?!

Edward AMC: I'll go and get the Volvo

Be11a xo: Yes! I'll be downstairs, waiting

Be11a xo has signed off

Edward AMC has signed off

Grizzly EMC: Am I the only 1 here?

Grizzly EMC: hello?

Grizzly EMC: Urghh

Grizzly EMC has signed off

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