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-Beginning of the 19th Century-

Yu turned, looking around the large study. There were many people from rich families here, at this get together. He made a noisy sigh. He didn't want to be here. He didn't like these big fancy parties that his parents put on. Yes, his parents had put them on.

He leaned against the wall, holding a wine glass between his fingers. His dark eyes traveled around the room once again, pausing at groups of people talking.

"Yu?" a soft voice asked and he turned to see a young woman.

"What is it?" he asked gruffly. Usually people just ignored him, because everyone knew that the Kanda's son was not to be trifled with. He was quick to anger and swift with a sword if need be. Apparently this young woman didn't know that.

"I was just wondering why you were standing alone," she said, watching him through pretty blue eyes. Her gold hair was almost silver, several curls falling from the neat bun around her lovely cream colored neck. Her blue dress accented her eyes perfectly.

"I always do," Yu told her, taking a small sip from his wine and watched her over the glass.

"But I was wondering why," the silver and blue girl repeated. "You're very popular, but you always push people away. A lot of people I know would love to be able to talk to you."

Yu rolled his eyes, snorting. "I don't care for people all that much," he told her, drinking from his glass again.

But she did not leave him. She just readjusted her silver shawl around her pale shoulders and watched him more carefully. "Yu..." she began. "People just want to get to know you. Why won't you let them?"

"I don't like them," he said simply. "I don't even know your name."

"That is because you never asked," she said matter of factely. "I can see that you don't care for people. A proper gentleman would ask the name of the woman who started talking to him."

Yu made a face from behind his wine glass, which thankfully the young woman missed. "Fine then," he said, sighing. "May I ask what your name is?"

"It is Olivia," she replied, a slight smile on her lips. She looked accomplished.

He looked at her for a moment. He really didn't like people. Or at least these snobs who didn't care about anything but themselves. "...That dress matches your eyes," he commented. His father would be proud that he actually talked to someone.

"Why thank you," she said, curtsying slightly. "My seamstress is very talented, don't you think? She made it from silk, all the way from China."

"That is very far," he commented, rolling his eyes. She wasn't too bright. Silk could be bought cheap here, even if it was from China. But he went with it.

"Yes, it is, isn't it? But I do love silk. Its so beautiful," she told him, smoothing down a silver fold in the blue dress. He sighed. Was this all that they would talk about? Her dress and the silk? "Oh, but I must be boring you! I'm terribly sorry! Talking about silk and dresses while you are the lords son."

Yu turned, slightly surprised. She had noticed? He had to give her some credit then. "No, not at all. Its very interesting," he murmured, cringing inside. "Do you sew, by chance?"

"Me? No, of course not. But I do make lace. Mother says it is very fine lace too!" she said, giggling slightly, maybe at the fact that he suggested that she would sew.

"Of course not. Lace? Isn't that hard?" asked Yu, faining interest. Oh, his father better be proud. He was actually acting interested! But sadly, his father was not here.

"Not at all," Olivia said, waving her hand. "It does take some practice, but I am able to do it rather quickly."

Yu watched her from over his almost empty wine glass. He brought it down, flicking a strand of shining black hair from his face.

"Your hair is most beautiful," said the girl in front of him.

"Is it really?" he asked, sounding bored. He couldn't keep up the act for very much longer. "Its rather bothersome sometimes."

"But its so long," she said. "How do you keep it so perfect?"

"Your hair is rather perfect," Yu said. He was getting tired of acting a gentleman.

"Thank you!" she said, smiling widely. "I am staying here, with my family, for the time being. Would it be alright, maybe, if I were to come see you?"

Yu blinked, somewhat surprised. "Sure," he managed to say. "I'm sorry, but I have to go."

"Yes, of course," Olivia said. "Thank you for talking to me! I'm very glad that you did."

Yu nodded and turned away, setting his empty wine glass on a table as he past then left the study where the party was being held. Once the door was closed, he gave a loud sigh. "I hate parties," he grumbled, turning to walk down the hall.

"Yu, what're you doing?"

Yu jumped then turned. "Mother!" he said, startled. "I was...taking a break."

His mother walked up to him, chuckling slightly. "You don't fool me," she told him. "I know you hate parties. But just don't let your father hear you say that or you might be in trouble. You may leave. If anyone asks, you may tell them I told you it was alright for you to leave."

"Thank you mother," he said, bowing slightly to the lovely woman with the long black hair, so much like his, and then hurried down the hall, away from the study. He smiled slightly, glad that his mother was so kind, as he left the house and walked down the steps, into the street.

He started walking, not going anywhere in particular, when he heard a snippet of conversation and slowed.

"Been another attack," a man was murmured to another. "Down in the Whalers district. Another killing."

Yu froze, listening more intently. Killing? Why've I never heard of attacks? He said another attack...

"There was?" the other man asked nervously. "Its been getting closer and closer to here! First the Silver Star district then the Cunnington district and now the Whalers district?"

The man nodded. "Yes. It seems like its going in a line. How many people have died, do you know?"

The second shook his head. "Ten, maybe fifteen? I know that the up-tops don't even know about it though. They're so sheltered, leaving us common folk to deal with this killer."

"Tell me what's happening!" Yu ordered. He'd come over hurriedly. "Why haven't we heard anything about it?"

The two men looked startled, taking in Yu's appearance. They could tell he was an up-top by his clothes. Why would an up-top be talking to them?

"Tell me!" Yu repeated.

"T-the attacks! You all don't hear about it because the station, t-the police station is keeping it quiet! T-they don't want you all to be alarmed!" the first man said quickly.

"Attacks? I heard you saying killings too!" Yu said.

"Y-yes!" the second said. "There's been killings all throughout the town! They seem to b-be moving here, through Silver star then Cunnington then--"

"Whalers, I heard," Yu said. "But that means..."

"I-if this killer keeps up the direction then they'll be here," one of the men said.

"Thank you," Yu said, handing each a coin then rushing back, walking swiftly through the street back to his house.

The two men looked bemused, glancing at each other then at the coins that the young man had given them.

Yu reached his house, almost running inside and through the hall. He past the study where the party was still going on. He had only been gone for ten minutes or so.

"Yu? What's the matter? I thought you retired!" the voice of Olivia said from behind as he walked past the study.

"Not now," he grunted, not looking back. He headed for his father's study. Pushing the door open, he strode in.


"Yu? What is it? You know not to disturb me when I--"

"Do you know about the killings and attacks?" Yu asked, cutting his father off. The elder man turned slowly to face his son.

"How did you hear about that?" he asked, narrowing his eyes to look his son up and down carefully.

"I heard some common folk speaking about it!" said Yu, straightening his jacket. "Why have you not told us? You knew?"

"Yes, I knew," his father snapped. "It was none of your concern. It is the common folks concern, and the police station. You do not have to worry about it."

"But people are--"

"It is nothing that you have to worry about," his father told him, softer than before. He placed his hands on Yu's shoulders. "It will be over soon. Do not worry."

"Father!" Yu said. "The killer's going through districts. The men I spoke to told me that! Whoever the killer is, he's going to reach this district next if he continues!"

"Yu!" his father said sharply and gave a short squeeze to his son's shoulders. Yu winced. "Do not listen to the common folk. They do not concern you."

Yu blinked, staring at his father. Slowly, he drew away, out of his fathers grip. "I never knew my father was so heartless as to not care about the welfare of the towns people, even if they are common folk."

His father drew his hand back and brought it across his face. Yu's eyes widened and he stumbled back, a hand going to his cheek.

"Do not speak to me in that way," his father said dangerously.

Yu looked up, his eyes flashing, but he kept his silence. "Yes father," he said. "I'm sorry."

"Now, go to your room," his father ordered. Yu walked backwards from the room. Once he was safely out of view of his father, the door closing with a snap, he ran through the house, to his room. Slamming the door once he was in, he leaned against the wall.

"Stupid father," he growled. "Why didn't he tell us? We have a right to know..."

Sighing, he pushed himself from the wall and walked over to a chair, collapsing onto it. He slouched for a moment then pulled his jacket and shoes off and pulled his feet onto the chair, underneath him. He would calm down, thats what he would do, then he would try to figure something out. Closing his eyes, he settled his hands on his knees and fell silent.


Yu's eyes flew open as a scream echoed through the house. He jumped to his feet as more screams drifted through.

"What the hell?" he muttered, looking around then running from his room, not bothering to put shoes on. He dashed down the hallway, then down the stairs, where the screams where coming from.

"What's happening?" he yelled at one of the servants, running the other way.

"The killer!" she yelped, continuing to run. "They're here!"

The maid knew about the killer. The maid did. And he didn't. He cursed his father. Who had the killer gotten? He continued running, skidding to a halt in front of the study where the party had been taking place. He didn't know how long he had been sitting on that chair, but it didn't seem long if there were still people in the study.

Looking inside, his blood ran cold.

Bodies lay everywhere. Blood was seeping into the carpet and into the chairs as people lay dying. And in the center of the room, standing tall but bent slightly because his victim was shorter than he was, was the killer.

He looked up, eyes flashing gold, as Yu entered. "Ah, you must be Yu," he said, an devilish smirk spreading across his face. There was blood on his lips and as he smiled, Yu could see the silver flash of fangs.

"Vampire..." Yu whispered, frozen to the spot. He'd heard legends about vampires, demons who sucked the blood of humans to gain strength. But they had been just legends. They weren't real. But here was one, standing before him.

The man raised a slender dark eyebrow, letting his prey fall from his arms. Yu looked down and blanched. It was his mother. Death white and still. She was dead. He'd killed her.

"You...bastard!" he yelled at the creature, who had straightened and wiped his mouth on his sleeve, ridding his lips of the blood.

"Oh, am I?" the man asked.

Yu spun around as he heard a high pitched cackle. "Brother...I don't think you should provoke him, he looks pretty scary."

Yu's eyes widened. A young girl was perched on one of the tables, holding the figure of another person up. She drew back, smiling widely. Her fangs glinted in the light as well and she let the person fall to the ground just as her 'brother' had done.

Yu took a step backwards, eyes wide. The girl jumped from the table gracefully and walked over to her brother.

"Tyki," she whined. "Can I have him?"

The man looked at the girl. "Lets share..." he said, the demonic smile spreading across his face again. And then he lunged forward with a deep growl.

Yu let out a startled yell and ran from the room, slamming the door shut. He ran down the hall, making it halfway down when he heard the door give way and splinter to pieces at the force of the two vampires. He continued running, out of the door and into the street.

The two were right behind him, faster than he was. They called out playful and teasing comments as they chased him.

Yu could barely breath as he tried to run faster, slipping into a cemetery. The grass was soft on his cut up feet as he ran swiftly around the crypts. Maybe he could hide...get away from them.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are!" the girl sang as he crouched behind an older crypt. "Oh, hide and seek is so much fun!"

"Where are you?" the man called.

Yu stayed silent, trying to regain his breath and stop his heart from beating so loudly. If they really were vampires, and Yu had strong evidence to prove that they were, then they would be able to hear him easily.

But the voices seemed to be getting farther away. Carefully he straightened up and peered around the stone. Even though it was dark, shadows everywhere, the moon was full and cast a strong light, strong enough for him to see. He didn't see anything. Taking a step backwards, he kept his eyes where they were around the crypt.

He continued to step backwards, his steps getting quicker.

Yu turned swiftly, aiming to run.

And almost ran into the tall man who had managed to get right behind him. He wore a large smirk on his thin face as he looked down at Yu.

"Yu, I don't think you'll be getting away," the man said. "So, stop running and lets have some fun."

Yu backed up quickly, too close to the man. "Get away from me," he hissed. "Haven't you killed enough? You killed the whole party!"

"We didn't eat the whole party though. Only two or three," he told Yu, grinning.

"And we want you as dessert!" the singsong voice of the young girl said. He looked around and saw her sitting on top of the crypt, legs swinging childishly.

"You...killed all those people and didn't even eat them?" Yu asked, disgusted. He felt really sick. He continued to back up slowly, eyes traveling around and stopping on a long stick.

"Yes," the girl said. "It was rather fun, wasn't it, Tyki?"

The man, Tyki, grinned widely. "Yes, of course. Would you stop trying to get away?" he said, lunging forward.

Yu grabbed the stick swiftly and brought it to meet the vampire. It hit him in the chest, but he just grabbed it from Yu's hands and pulled it away with a strong jerk. Then without so much as breaking his movement, he grabbed the young man.

"Don't struggle, it'll only make it hurt more," he purred into Yu's ear.

Yu wasn't about to go out with a fight. He pulled away with as much strength as he had, almost getting away from Tyki, but tripping on a crumbled gravestone and falling.

"See, you can't get away," the vampire said, pulling him up once more, his lips by Yu's ear again. "I like you...you know how to fight..."

And then he slid his lips down, grazing them across Yu's neck until he reached the spot he wanted. He slipped around Yu, standing behind him. "It won't hurt...for long," he murmured.

Yu struggled. "Let go of me!" he said, trying to get away.

Tyki just let out a deep growl and lunged forward, fangs meeting Yu's neck. The young man let out a startled yell of pain as the sharp teeth cut deep into him. He felt his blood spill over, into the vampire's mouth as he began to feed.

It wasn't painful. Not really. Just at the beginning. But the pain was soon replaced by a dull numbness that soon enveloped his whole being. His vision blurred. He was no longer holding himself up, the vampire Tyki was. At one point he felt a small twinge as another pair of teeth joined. So the girl had joined in as well.

And then there was nothing...just sweet blackness.


Yu's eyes flashed open and he sat up. What had happened? He didn't know...He looked around, very confused, to see that he had been lying on a couch in a very fancy looking study.

"Oh...Tyki, he's finally 'woken' up," a soft voice called from across the room and he looked around.

He saw a girl lounging in a chair, licking a large, brightly colored lollipop. Something stirred in his memory. He knew her...from where though?

"Good," a deeper, male voice said and again Yu turned to see an older, tall man walk into the room. "I was beginning to worry."

"What's going on? Who are you?" Yu asked.

"You just 'woke' up," the man, Tyki told him. "I remember when I 'woke' up...I was very disorientated as well. It'll pass."

"'Woke' up?" he asked.

"Yes, you were dead," the girl said. "I'm Road by the way."

"Dead?" Yu repeated stupidly.

The man nodded. "Yes. And I'm Tyki."

"You killed me," Yu said after a moment. Then his face split into a wide grin. "Oh, I remember now..."

"That was fast," Tyki commented, leaning against a wall.

"I'm a vampire, aren't I?" he asked, looking at his hands for a moment, then reaching up and checking his neck for a pulse. There was none. "My heart isn't beating."

"Yes, you are now. And no it isn't. We don't need one," Tyki said, smiling slightly. "Would you like to stay with us, or would you like to go out on your own?"

He motioned to Road. So they went together. Yu paused, thinking. "I might...hang out for a little as I get adjusted," he said. "But...there is something I must do."

"'Course," Road said. "Both of us had people we wanted to kill when we first 'woke' up. Just be back before the sun is up, or you'll be a fried shrimp!"

Yu glanced at her. "...The sun?"

"Yes," Tyki said. "Along with wooden stakes, fire, and beheading. Holy water just hurts like hell, but it won't kill you."

Yu nodded slowly then stood. He made a face as he did and stretched. "Sore," he muttered.

Tyki nodded. "Yeah, I remember that as well," he said, grinning widely. "Have fun."

Yu glanced at him as he headed from the room. He headed down the hall towards the door that looked to be the front door and opened it, looking out. He found himself in a district close to his own and he smirked to himself, heading out.

He reached his house and opened the door, slipping inside. It seemed rather empty. Curious, he walked through, pausing at the study where he had first seen Tyki and Road killing off the guests. He smirked to himself once again as he remembered. He didn't know why, but he understood now. He got why they killed everyone and not just a couple.

Then he closed the door carefully – someone had cleaned the bodies – and headed to his fathers study. Yu wondered how many days it had been since he died. He reached his fathers study quickly and opened the door slowly, looking inside.

His father was sitting at his desk, head in his hands. When he heard the door open, he looked up, and his eyes widened, then narrowed, anger flaring.

"Why do you even bother coming back?" he spat, standing. "Your mother and the whole party was killed and you run off like a child!"

Yu watched him with cold eyes.

"Why didn't they get you? Those killers..." his father muttered, walking over to him. "You didn't even try to stop them. If you had been down there, you might've been able to help them!"

"Why didn't you help them?" Yu asked coldly. His father stared at him, standing in front of him, eyes cold as well.

"You know I was at a business meeting. I can't do everything!" his father said angrily. He drew his hand back and hit his son. "Useless..."

"I was just waiting for you to do that," Yu growled then hit his father hard, causing him to stumble back. "You see, I didn't just run off. I was being chased. And they caught up with me. I didn't get away. They killed me. I'm dead."

His father stared at him, eyes wide. "W-what?" he stuttered, covering his cheek with his hand. Yu reached out and touched his father on the face gently. "You're ice cold!"

"Told you," Yu said, then lunged forward with a growl. "And yet you didn't believe me when I said we should worry about the killers." And he sank his fangs – coming into being of their own accord – into his fathers neck.

-Beginning of the 20th Century-

Kanda looked at the body of the young man over the hand that he had been examining. This guy was taking forever to wake up. He tched, lounging on the chair and poking the body with his foot. He'd have to wake up sometime.

The redhead had practically asked to get bitten. Well, not really. But in Kanda's mind, he had. He hadn't left the dark eyed vampire alone and pushed him over the edge, getting himself killed. But Kanda was merciful enough to turn him. Plus, he needed someone to hang out with.

As he stared at the body, he felt a twinge of regret. The guy would follow him around, wouldn't he? Damn. Aw well...he could deal with a fledgling vampire easily enough if he really needed too. But he would just have to wait and see.

Glancing back at the body again, he was relieved to see him twitch. "Oi, wake up!"he called.

The young man made a small moan, eye flickering open. For a moment he blinked, then sat up slowly, looking around. "What happened?" he mumbled.

"You took your time," Kanda said grumpily. "Makin' me wait."

"What're you talking about?" the redhead said, staring at him with a lone green eye.

"You didn't wake up for the longest time," Kanda drawled, watching him. "You're dead, by the way."

The other blinked several times, trying to figure out what Kanda had said. "Wait...I remember you. I was bugging you because I had nothing to do...wait...dead?"

Kanda rolled his eyes and nodded. "Yes, dead. What's your name? Can't just call you dead man."

"Lavi," he said. "...Dead?" He was silent for a moment before his face cracked into a wide smile. "This is neat! What am I?"

The dark haired vampire stared at him, his mouth opening slightly as he gaped. "You...have issues," he grumbled. "And you're a vampire."

"A vampire?! That is so cool!" he said. "I thought they were just legends..."

Kanda turned away from him. "As did I," he said. "Until I met one."

"Huh. What's your name? I don't remember you saying it when I was...not dead," said Lavi.

"Its Kanda," the vampire replied. "And I didn't say it before. You were bugging me. So I killed you."

"But you turned me into one as well," Lavi said, getting to his feet.

"And now I'm wishing I didn't," Kanda grumbled. He felt like he wasn't going to be able to get away from this guy, even if he did try to kill him. "Don't you have someone that you'd want to kill or something?"

Lavi raised his one visible eyebrow. "Um, no," he said.

"What kind of a vampire are you?" Kanda scoffed, eyeing him with distaste.

"What do you mean?" the redhead asked.

"I mean...you don't want to kill anyone? Softy," the dark eyed man said.

Lavi was silent for a moment. "I never said I didn't want to kill anyone. I just said that I didn't have anyone I wanted to kill, as in, know anyone I wanted to kill," he said, coming over to Kanda. "Are you always like this?"

"Like what?" Kanda said, turning to look at Lavi. He jumped slightly as he saw the other closer than he had thought and moved back.

"Paranoid?" Lavi asked, giving a short laugh. "You're all...grumpy. You need to loosen up."

Kanda glared at him sharply before turning and heading for the door. "The sun's just gone down. We can go out now..." he said, glancing back at Lavi. The newly made vampire, Lavi, hurried after him, looking excited. His vampire blood would kick in soon and he would need no help from Kanda. Not that he would give any.

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