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Kanda watched the slim figure walk before him down the street. He couldn't keep his eyes from wandering down his body, looking at every little curve, at every little movement. How he held himself, how he walked, how he smiled and laughed, how he spoke...Allen was perfect. Kanda smiled slightly.

"Come on Yu, you're slow," the boy said, glancing behind him. In his daydreaming, he had lagged behind the silver haired vampire by several feet. He stopped walking, turning around to face him. "What're you looking at?"

"You," he said. "I was admiring. Continue walking, I was enjoying where I was."

Allen stuck his tongue out at him then turned around. He walked for a minute then called "Race you back to the house!" and went into a full sprint. Caught by surprise, Kanda grunted then followed. Damn he was fast. He was already at the end of the block.

As he tried to catch up to him, he thought back to when Road had cast that spell. He had been chasing after Allen then too. And for a human, he had gotten far. He was no match for a vampire but he had been fast. Now he was even faster.

It turned out that the boy had had too much of a head start. He was already in the house when Kanda arrived. "You're fast," he said as he went over to him. He had sat down on the couch.

"Well, you're fast too. And you weren't paying attention. You were paying attention to my hips more then what I was saying," he said looking up at Kanda.

"Yes," he said. "Why wouldn't I want to pay attention to your hips? I like your hips." He sat down beside Allen and grabbed his hip, dragging him closer. "I like everything about you."

Allen looked at him, eyes wide. There was still an innocent light about them, even though he had been through so much. Kanda tipped his chin up a bit with his thumb. "You're adorable..." Allen smiled slightly, looking content.

He leaned down and kissed him gently. Allen's eyes slid closed and he pressed into the kiss. "Nnh..." he breathed, lips parting slightly. Kanda slid his tongue into his mouth, exploring. He still tasted just as good. Brushing the roof of his mouth, he got what he wanted when Allen let out a small gasping moan.

"I love you..." Kanda breathed, breaking the kiss for a moment but staying close.

Allen let out a small happy noise. "...I love you too...so much..." he said, pressing close to him. Their lips met again and Kanda pressed him back against the couch.

Allen kept his eyes closed. He was half feeling like all of this was a dream. It was too good. He could spend eternity with Kanda.

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A small sneak peek to the Sequel: Kanda's suspicions about Allen not being a normal vampire are growing every night. And the prospect of new troubles brewing only increases his worry of how things will turn out.