OK, I posted a story here called 'Fatal Meeting' a few months ago, and this is it! I named it under a different title, but I named the first chap after Fatal Meeting. Anyway, I'm sorry if anybody thought if this is a whole adventure story! For some reason, though, I just really wanted to start this off with a battle! But don't expect too much fighting in this. Honestly, I'm going to put it under comedy/friendship, but I don't really trust my comedy too much, but hopefully I'll be able to put a smile on someone's face. Also, this chap was originally longer, but I decided to post it in three parts, cuz I know when I see a story that's 25 pages long on the first chap, sometimes I get lazy and decide not to read it (or at least try to skim over it)! I know, I'm a hypocrite! But I always tend to get carried away with writing stories, and always make them longer than I intended them to be. Anyways, hope you guys like the story, cuz this is the first KH fanfic I've ever wrote, (I'm hoping this will start me off on writing my own original stories, but just for fun! I'm not looking forward to being an author or anything. -) and I really don't have any idea if it's any good or not! I know the first chap is kind of serious, but it should lighten up in later chaps! Woah, I just realized I wrote a pretty long paragraph explaining my story! Ah, well, most people probably won't read this part, anyway! -

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It was raining hard at Memory's Skyscraper that evening. There were little puddles all across the street, collecting more drops as the rain refused to stop. The city buildings around the area all had their large neon signs flickering on and off, adding irritating zapping noises to the already obnoxious sounds of the thundering and pitter pattering of the storm. Besides the neon lights, the place was pretty much dark.

Yes, it was a dark place. The tall, black, ominous building, known as Memory Skyscraper itself, stood high in the darkness in an eerie way. Its jumbo TV screens, perched all the way on the top of the gloomy architecture, displayed random images of past events about people nobody could even hope to know. Perhaps it showed all the bad that happened to these individuals, or even all the good fortune. Maybe, it was a video that, if you stayed to watch the whole thing, would cause your death in seven days. Who knows? Who cares? There were better things to do than analyzing random images on a television screen. But, still, it just added on to the eeriness you could feel in this area.

Come to think of it, this whole place, with the ill-boding, monumental skyscraper and the dark, gloomy buildings surrounding it, screamed horror movie. You know, the bloodcurdling, spine-chilling, hair-rising, heart stopping, you-better-close-your-eyes-before-you're-scarred-for-life movies we've all come to know and love! Yeah, you know those movies. Well, this place SCREAMED it! And the boisterous thunder, pouring rain, and once thought annoying neon light zapping noise brought even more of the creepiness to this abandoned street corner from hell. Yep, this was the perfect place for a fatal meeting between two random figures for the fight to the death.

Almost as if on cue, the first shadowy figure came in, striding to one side of the capacious street in front of the looming building. The figure appeared to be a beanstalk; he was tall and lanky. Yet, surprisingly, he moved with a certain grace and agility that told you he was used to his angular frame. There was also a little sense of arrogance about him, but just a little. He wore a long black trench coat; he also wore black gloves and boots to match. His black hood shrouded his face, covering him from head to toe, which wasn't a bad idea, considering the amount of rain that was gushing into this place. He strode to his spot, waiting for his opponent to step into the ring.

Sure enough, out came a second figure, who trudged off to the other side of the pavement, opposite the black string bean. This individual also sported a black trench coat, just like his opponent, but other than that, they were complete opposites. He seemed to be a very small individual. Some might assume him to be a child, or at least a young teenager. He didn't move with the same grace and agility as his adversary. He also didn't have the same sense of arrogance, either. More of a sense of nervousness, actually. It wasn't the most obvious thing in the world, but you could see it in the way his hands shook, his fingers looking like they itched for something to get a hold of. He ambled to his spot, putting on a brave front.

They both stood there for a moment, gazing at each other from opposite sides of the pavement. Then, the taller being seemed to raise his arms to the skies, in a much exaggerated manner. After this embellished approach, he crouched down to the floor, this time throwing his skinny arms to the sides. He appeared to be trying to summon something, his whole body quaking with self exertion. Sure enough, black shadows danced across his toned arms, and, in a burst of flames, a spinning chakram appeared in each hand with a dazzling display. In fact, the whole place seemed to be on fire, licks of flames spreading everywhere across the floor. At a certain point, the flames stopped, and rose, causing an inescapable wall of fire. All the while, the dark figure seemed to enjoy the turmoil he was causing. You could see the playful smirk under the shadows of his hood.

Other bystanders would've thought that this man was some sort of dark entity. A very 'flamboyant' dark entity. It seemed like this mysterious 'demon' was putting on a show for an invisible audience that no one could see. Perhaps, he really was just arrogant. The demon looked up, arms still out, waiting to see what his opponent's response was to his grand performance.

At first, the shorter individual seemed frightened, maybe even petrified. But then, he remembered the most crucial detail that one needed to win a battle: his weapon. He stuck his hand out, and the weapon emerged in a flash of light.

It was a key. A giant, silver key. If there was an invisible audience out there, said audience might be betting their money on the flaming flagpole standing opposite him on the street. Still, a sense of panic seemed to be lifted from the figure's shoulders. His fingers also seemed to have found their fix, for now they had stopped shaking and were clasped firmly over the golden key handle. The key seemed to have given him the boost of confidence he needed, and he even seemed to glow. Light appeared to be emitting from the key, which in turn, made the tiny warrior emit the same glow. Others would've mistaken him for an angel, if it wasn't for the lack of wings. The little angel stood crouched, key in both hands. He glared at his enemy, waiting to see what he had in store for him.

The cocky demon merely smirked at the brilliant, black-clad angel. Tired of the formalities, he finally brought his arm back and flung his weapons at his opponent. The chakrams whizzed through the air, chopping through raindrops and threatening to end the life of anything that approached it. The angel seemed frozen with fear, but, at the last possible moment, successfully dodged the oncoming discs, shifting around clumsily like a drunken ballerina. It was a miracle he was able to dodge the first disc. He ended in a twirl, the second chackram almost slicing his hip, and landed promptly on his butt. You could just imagine the invisible audience from before in frenzy now, all of them betting their money on the cocksure pyro. Of course, this also caused a fit of laughter from the pyro himself, but the determined little angel got back up, rubbing his sore behind, and stood firm with his key before the spinning frisbees of doom returned to their beloved master.

Right after the demon retrieved his weapons (and got over his intense giggle fit), he charged up to the angel with a full frontal attack, whacking his chakrams with intense force. He was bored with the fun and games. The angel brought his key up in defense, blocking each attempted attack. Clash! Cling! Clang! You could hear their weapons clash a mile way! After the third strike, the demon was able to overpower his challenger, and the little angel cried out in agony. He looked at his left arm where the stinging pain was coming from, and there, under his torn sleeve, was a long, skinny, horizontal gash. Surprisingly, though, this gash had no blood oozing from it, like most injuries would. It was just a clean cut. He still looked away, not wanting to get sick to his stomach, and swung a low swing at the demon before the angel could get another bloodless wound. When he did, though, he found he hit nothing but air and the cold drops coming down from the sky. The stealthy demon had already snuck behind him in a flash of flaming red.

Before the angel even had time to look behind his back, he was bombarded with a barrage of flames. The angel almost panicked, but thankfully the rain was enough to put the flames out before they could cause any colossal damage. The demon didn't give him time to revel in his blessings; he already started throwing his now flaming chakrams back and forth at the injured angel. The angel tried to avoid every attack, but the fourth chakram (which was really the second chakram coming in for its second try) grazed his leg, and he let out a strained gasp. The demon, eying his chance at a quick win, pounced near the angel and raised his chakram high, getting ready for the kill.

Right when the demon was about to strike, the angel dodged rolled to the right, so that the demon's weapon struck the rugged pavement. The angel then leaped up and struck his own weapon with the demon's soft flesh. The infernal creature grabbed his side and made his own loud cry of pain. The angel, about to make another attack, found he hit nothing again. The demon, sneaky as ever, was gone. The angel looked behind his back in anticipation, but found nothing. There was only one place the demon could've gone, the angel knew. He had slithered into the wall of fire, the flames concealing his slender figure.

The angel stayed alert, his head snapping back and forth in random directions, searching for the pyro. He was breathing heavily, exhausted from the struggle. By the time he had his breathe back and was giving up on the demon, said demon emerged from the fire wall. Only, this time, he was riding on a wave of flames. The wave struck the angel, taking him all the way to the other side of the battle field. He recovered as quickly as he could, but by then, the demon pounced on him with a flurry of attacks. The angel tried to block the attacks as best as he could, but the demon was persistent. The little angel still persevered, finding an opening in the demon's aggressive attacks and swinging his key with as much force as he could. He struck the demon's chest, knocking the wind out of the creature and causing him to fall to the ground, wheezing heavily.

At first the angel just stood there, shocked by the turn of events that just happened. He, a little neophyte, had just knocked down a tremendous, self-arrogant giant. Well, wasn't this a David and Goliath story for ya! The angel soon snapped out of it, realizing he still had to finish Goliath off. He bolted straight to the wounded monster, who was still gasping for air. The angel raised his key back, sprung to the air, and struck his weapon down with immense power. But, at the most crucial moment, the demon brought his chakram up, clashing his weapon with the angel's. The noise of the collision was earsplitting, roaring over the sound of the rain, which had started to grow into a brutal storm.

The hoods of both the mystifying spirits flew back in the force of the collision, revealing their faces. The first thing you would've noticed about the pyro was his shockingly bright, flaming hair. Sure, it should have been no surprise that his hair was red, but it was just so vividly scarlet and styled back in such ridiculously long, gravity defying spikes that one had to wonder what strenuous labor he had to go through to get it that way. His brushed back spikes helped in accentuating his narrow face. He had slender, light green eyes, which properly mirrored his cockiness. Now, though, they were locked on the angel, showing a mix of both determination and fear, refusing and also dreading the fact that he might be overcome by a little boy and his oversized key. He also had short, skinny red eyebrows, and under each eye was a little dark tattoo, which resembled permanent black tears. His whole face was strained, trying to keep his breath and hold off the celestial being at the same time.

The celestial being himself, though, resembled that of a young teenage boy. The angel had a very youthful, heart-shaped face. His cheeks were a bit rounded, not having grown out all of his baby fat yet. His dirty blonde hair swept in spikes to the side, looking like he had fallen asleep next to a fan the night before and didn't bother to look in a mirror after he woke up. Peering out of his face was a pair of deep blue orbs, gazing back at the demon's own eyes with desperation and anger, wanting more than anything for his insignificant self to defeat the crafty dark spirit, for David to demolish Goliath, for good to conquer over evil.

The two hostile combatants struggled against each other, both trying to outdo the other's strength. The rain was beating hard now, causing both their peculiar hair styles to go flat, sticking to their cheeks. The angel pressed his weapon against the demon's chakram with more power, causing the demon to gradually pull back. The demon grunted against the immense pressure, but the angel merely grunted back, applying more force. Soon, the angel would overpower the demon, bringing an end to the creature's performance. The angel could just now taste the victory he was about to receive. Never to be pestered again. Finally gaining the respect of the others…

Suddenly, a spark flew out of the demon's chakram. The angel realized that in his premature self-gloating, the sneaky devil's abnormal breathing had returned to normal, and the angel knew exactly what that spark meant. He was doomed.

Sure enough, more sparks flew, the demon groaning with great self-exertion. The sparks got larger and larger, until finally, the angel's untimely doom shot out of the chakram. A rather large fire ball, maybe the size of a small fridge (which, coincidentally, was the size of the angel), flared out, consuming the angel and knocking him to the floor. He knew it was over, knew that his dreams would never come true, as he almost started to black out. The ill-fated youth laid there, waiting for the demon to finish his tasteless deed.

The demon got on his feet, dusting himself off of all the dirt and other unknown microorganisms he managed to get himself into. Then, he suddenly began to clap.

"Roxas. All right. Fight fight fight," the demon smirked, but with a hint of warm friendliness.

While he sauntered over to the angel, the somber scene around him began to crumble in on itself. Everything from the jumbo neon lights to the tall and ominous skyscraper had formed into little cubes of green, dropping straight down to nowhere and vanishing. It was as if somebody took an etch-a-sketch and shook away the wonderful portrait they worked so hard on. But the tiny green cubes revealed another picture underneath it, one not so imaginative. It was a spacious 4-sided room, covered in nothing but white.

The angel looked up at his name being called. A few stray cubes were just making their final drop into oblivion when he saw the demon, who seemed to have magically dried off and was now sporting headgear that appeared to be big, glossy black goggles, halt in front of him and reach his hand out to him, in a helpful gesture.

"You actually almost scratched me that time!" the demon snickered, a sly grin on his face.

Roxas gazed at the gloved hand being offered to him, and then looked up to the demon's smile. He then smiled back his own crafty grin and took the demon's hand, which helped him up.

"If I remember correctly, Axel, not only did I club you at the side, but didn't I also knock the wind out of you?" Roxas challenged, arms folded, trying to play it cool, but secretly he was excited about his almost victory.

Axel, formerly known as 'the demon', merely smirked again while taking off his headgear, walking past his little challenger and heading towards the door. "Like I said, barely scratched me!" he lied, as if it was nothing.

Roxas doubled back in shock. "Barely scra- You could barely breathe!" Roxas retorted, his voice cracking, partly from surprise and partly because of puberty.

Axel shrugged, still heading for the exit. "Hm…I've been through worse," he simply stated.

Roxas gawked at him, not sure he was hearing okay. "…And here I thought I was actually making some progress," he finally said, taking off his own chunky goggles. He tried to hide the dismay in his voice with friendly sarcasm, but Axel caught it.

Axel stopped at the door, turned around, and looked to his partner, pity filling his eyes. Roxas really did come close to defeating him, even if Axel couldn't admit it himself. "Hey, don't get me wrong," Axel tried to reassure him in his cool voice, "You're getting a lot better. I mean, a few weeks ago, you could barely lift that keyblade, but look at you now! Swinging that thing around like it was just a pillow case or something! Look, Roxas, you have a lot of potential, and with this new training simulation room we opted to get, you'll get stronger in no time at all! You'll become a great asset to the

Organization XIII. Got it memorized?"

The Organization XIII. Axel and Roxas knew the name well. It was an alliance made out of thirteen members, hence the name, Organization XIII. Most of the members had elemental powers that defied the laws of physics, like Axel with his fire and Roxas with his…power to glow in the dark like a night light. Their primary goal was to capture hearts from the heartless, dark creatures that were actually once human. Heartless were created when an individual's heart was corrupted by the darkness, an evil entity that swallowed all the light in one's heart, transforming them into horrid, mindless monsters, whose only reasons to live was to thrive on the darkness in other hearts, usually corrupting those hearts, too. The Organization took pride in their goal, and allowed only the best of the best into the Organization.

Roxas joined the Organization just about a month ago, when Axel was given the orders to watch over him, show him around, and train him a bit. The unlikely pair got along fast, and Roxas was truly thankful for having someone like Axel help him get used to his new surroundings. However, Roxas couldn't understand why he was allowed in such an Ivy League type of group in the first place. Even so, he plastered a fake smile on his face and chuckled, "Yeah, Ax, I got it memorized."

That sorry excuse for a smile didn't fool Axel for a second, but he decided to ignore it. He wasn't exactly a pro at cheering people up, anyway. "Good. Oh, and, by the way, loved the simulation environment you picked out!" Axel smirked, a sense of sarcasm in his voice, "Last time I let you choose the place…"

Roxas blushed. "Yeah, well, I sort of figured the cold, hard rain will put a strain on your powers…," he mentioned modestly.

"Yeah, but it didn't help you win at the end, now did it," Axel scolded in good humor "Teaches you to play dirty."

"Well, it wasn't just that, though. I kind of always thought that Memories Skyscraper would make a good place for an all-out two man battle. You know, with the dark feel to it and all!" Roxas explained, starting to get worked up, venturing out of his reserved state, "And it would be cool, you gotta admit, if heartless came out of nowhere, causing the enemies to have to work together, taking them all out, then turning on each other right when they're dead, like nothing happened! And they'll be really skilled, you know, and it would be amazing if one guy started to scale the building-"

"And, let me guess, that person is you?" Axel cocked an eyebrow, an all-knowing smirk on his face.

Roxas stopped and blinked, surprised by his insinuation. "Uh, no! I mean, well, I, never really, um, thought of anybody in particular," he replied hesitantly, fleeing back to his safe, reserved place.

"Yeah, sure, Roxas." Axel replied, elongating the 'u' in sure to make a point. "Now, I don't know about you, but I'm starving, so I'm just gonna head up to the dining hall…"

"Loser gets the rotten egg. Literally," Roxas deadpanned, now comfortable in his reserved zone.

"You can always read me like a book, Roxy!"

The younger member instinctively stuck his tongue out, disgusted by the silly nickname that his mentor occasionally pestered him with, but quickly shook it off and broke into a sprint, with Axel following hastily behind.

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