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Axel looked up at the cloudy, blue sky and took a deep breath.

"Yeah, it's always nice to take some time off from that stuffy castle and take a breath of fresh air from a 'real' world," he sighed.

The sun was setting along the horizon when the duo made their way down the cobblestone streets in Twilight Town. Little beige boutiques lined the street, many having flashy signs advertising all sorts of items, all of them mentioning how theirs was the better buy. The place had a homely feel to it, though, welcoming any stranger that came by, maybe even a heartless one.

This quiet little world was the exact opposite of a place like The World That Never Was, which was pelting down thunder storms half the time (courtesy of Larxene) and always felt like it was giving off a bad omen. Twilight Town, however, always seemed to be having fair weather, and, to Roxas and Axel at least, it always felt safe. They never saw many Heartless in Twilight Town, if any at all. The cold creatures seemed to repel away from this tiny world, as if its warmness was too pure for them to handle.

Axel didn't know why this was so, but he didn't find reason to question it. All he knew was that the lack of heartless made it a lot easier to chill with his partner, which was one reason why they always ate ice cream here. The other reason was that this was where Roxas was born, where Axel and he first met on that fateful day. It was also the same place where they first had ice cream together, because Axel wanted to give him a good first memory, even as a nobody. Twilight Town was tainted with a lot of good nostalgia. That made it comforting, and the only sure thing both Roxas and Axel ever had. Why wouldn't they come to visit here? All around, this world was a perfect piece of Heaven.

They strolled pass a few more signs before they spotted the one they wanted. Stacy's Ice Cream Shop, it read in bright, colorful neon letters. Under the sign was the store window, where a young girl was attending to the counter. She seemed to be about a couple years older than Roxas, fifteen or sixteen, maybe, and her blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She seemed to be bored out of mind, drumming her fingers on the countertop and whistling a made-up tune, but the moment she saw the Key of Destiny coming her way, she flashed a warm, cheery smile.

"Well, if it isn't my favorite customer! How's it going, Roxy?" Stacy asked joyfully.

Roxas brought his hand behind his neck, scratching it in embarrassment. Why, oh, why did Axel have to tell her to call him that?! "Uh, pretty good, Stacy!" he blushed.

"Hey, what about me?" Axel smiled, his voice tainted with mock offense.

"Oh, sorry, Axel," Stacy apologized, smiling at the Fury of Dancing Flames, "And how have you been?"

"Pretty great, if I do say so myself," Axel grinned his mischievous grin, "And don't worry about it! I'm used to it. You don't know hard it is to get any attention when you hang out with a girl magnet like Roxas all day!"

Roxas's eyes popped open, even wider than Axel's sly grin (which just grew wider when he saw the shy teen's reaction, thinking his eyes were going to pop right out of his head!). His face turned a deep crimson, shocked by what his supposed 'partner' had just blabbered on to the prettiest ice cream girl in Twilight Town. And it wasn't even true! Was he crazy?! But, behind those innocent, hurt eyes, Roxas was already planning his most likely lethal revenge.

Stacy tried to stifle her giggles with her hand, but failed miserably. "Well, of coarse! We all can clearly see that," she laughed, looking straight at Roxas. He simply gave a small chuckle back, his face redder than ever.

"So, what'll be?" She asked, still giggling from Roxas's strawberry face.

"Oh, the usual," Axel replied.

"Sure thing!" She headed towards the back of the little shop where there was an ice cream freezer holding all types of ice cream flavors from sky sugar to liver pepper. But when she looked through the glass window, she saw that the desired flavor of choice had been completely devoured.

"Oh shoot," she cursed, turning towards the door next to the freezer. "Mom! Do we have anymore Sea-Salt Ice Cream?!"

What happened next wasn't what the duo came to expect. Out of the door came a blonde bombshell, a woman with a body you could see on any red carpet. She wore a red shirt with a neck line low enough to make any teenage boy go crazy, and skintight jeans that hugged around her curvaceous body. Roxas and Axel were awestruck, standing there speechless with their mouths hanging open like hungry, filthy dogs. The poor guys never stood a chance.

The hot 'babe', as Axel would put it, turned towards Stacy and replied, "Sorry, Sweetheart, I don't know. We're gonna have to check the freezer."

At that moment, Axel was finally able to choke out the first thing he could think of. "That's Stacy's mom?"

"Oh, sorry," The young shop keeper, reminded of her customers, hastily apologized. "You guys haven't met my mom yet! She doesn't usually come by around here, since it's my grandmother who usually helps me run the store, ya know!"

The older, more voluptuous woman nodded. "Yes, and she's sick today, bless her heart! So I decided to help my daughter out with anything she might need," She smiled, "Well, now that you know who I am, I'm kind of wondering who you young men might be! How exactly do you know my daughter?" she asked, startled by the strange, black cloaked pair.

Young Stacy immediately answered her for them. "Oh, mom, these guys are Axel and Roxas!"

Stacy's mom's face lit up, recognizing the names immediately. "Oh, Axel and Roxas! Well, it's nice to finally meet you!" she smiled politely but genuinely.

Axel smiled right back. "Nice to meet you, too, ma'am!" he replied genteelly.

"How polite! I'm guessing you must be Axel?" she asked.

"The one and only!" Axel replied coyly, as if he actually had a chance with the older mother of his best friend's crush.

"And that means you must be Roxas," she turned to the younger one with the biggest grin on her face. "I've heard a lot about you!"

Now it was Stacy's turn to blush. But Roxas didn't notice. He didn't even reply. He just stared with his mouth slightly agape, as if he was hypnotized. It didn't take long for Axel to guess exactly what Roxas was gaping at, his blue orbs focused squarely on the older woman's chest.

Axel swiftly bended his leg back and secretly kicked Roxas's upper thigh with the heel of his foot. Roxas jolted back into the real world with a "Huh?"

Axel eyed the little pervert, nodding sidways towards Mrs. Stacy's Mom, trying to remind him of where he was. Realization hit Roxas's eyes, and once it did, his face, once again, turned dark crimson. Wow. Blushing three times in the last three minutes. The little prodigy must have beaten his own record! Axel thought sarcastically.

"Um…yeah. I would like some ice cream. Two boo-I mean, scoops! Thanks a lot!" Roxas finally spat out, not knowing what question was asked.

Axel noticed Stacy slap her face, and Axel couldn't help but mimic her gesture. Damn that teenage boy's puberty! Why did it have to kick in now?!

"Um, well, we better head on back to that freezer and get that ice cream! Right, mom!" Stacy nudged her mom towards the door in an eager fashion.

"Oh, uh, of coarse," Stacy's mom replied, confused. "Well, we'll only take a few minutes. So, just wait right here, boys!"

"Thank you, Mrs. Hooper," Axel replied politely with a smile.

"Thanks, Mrs. Hooters-No, I mean, uh, hookers! NO! Argh! …Thank you, Mrs. Stacy's mom." Roxas finally answered quietly, after a stumble of words that caused Mrs. Hooper to stare at him as if he had just randomly adorned a banana suit and broke into a chorus of "Peanut Butter Jelly Time!" while shaking maracas.

Stacy immediately yanked her mom's arm and pulled her out of the room, while saying frantically, "Don't worry! This'll only take a second!" The second the mother and daughter duo left, Axel burst out laughing.

"Hahahaha! Hohohoho! Hehehehehe!" Axel roared, seemingly no sight to the end of his laughter.

"You done yet?" Roxas asked in a low, miffed voice, "They might here you!"

"Oh…oh…not yet!" Axel gasped between breaths, "ah…oh…my sides hurt!"

"Good. I hope it still hurts when I stick my keyblade up your-"

"Oi, Roxas, you're not going to resort to violence, are you?" Axel gasped, in false surprise, recovering from his laugh attack, "You won't hurt your own partner, will ya?"

"Want to test me?" Roxas retorted with a new hint of rebellion in his eyes. Roxas might have been the timid type, but he was no push over. Axel knew he would act on his threat if he was angry enough, even if he stood no chance against the fire wielder. Roxas was hard headed that way. Kind of reminded Axel of himself, actually. Maybe the kid did hang out with him too much…

"Aw, Roxas, calm down," Axel pacified, still smiling cheekily. "You were cute," He added, knowing how Roxas loathed that word. "Mrs. Stacy's Mom. He."

Roxas rolled his eyes. "Yeah, just shut up."

"Fine, then."

They stood there for a while, waiting patiently for their hostesses to bring them their treats. Axel resorted to leaning against the counter, drumming his fingers on the surface. Roxas did the same, but instead of drumming, his thoughts had lead him to his own little world again, his eyes just staring off into space somewhere.

Axel soon started whistling. It took a while for Roxas to realize what the tune sounded like, and even longer to realize why Axel would whistle such a song, but when he did, he went stiff. "Axel…" Roxas started, cautiously.

"Stacy's mom has got it going on…" the crazy pyro sang under his breathe.

"Axel." Roxas muttered again, this time with lethal warning.

Said pyro stopped singing, leaving silence to fill the area once more. Roxas sighed, and resumed to his peaceful thoughts. He was about to get comfortable in his own little world when…

"She's all Roxas wants, and he's waited for so long…"

"Axel…shut up!" Roxas whispered gruffly.

Again, silence. Roxas held his breathe, but nothing came. Finally, when he figured the annoying Fury of Flames had given up, he got back to daydreaming. But, of course, that was way too soon.

"Stacy, can't you see, you're not the girl for Roxy…"

"Axel! If you don't shut up and let it stay that way, I'll castrate you!"

Instantly, everything was quiet again. Roxas glanced at Axel, who simply stopped leaning and stared at some ants on the floor, bored out of his mind. The youth knew he was bored, but didn't care. It didn't mean he had to act like a jerk. The stressed teen went back to his daydreams. He sighed, happy to be back in his comfort zone.

"I just might be wrong, but Roxas's in love with Stacy's-OH!"

Axel, daring enough to test Roxas's threat, had received it all right. …Well, maybe not exactly. Roxas really just elbowed Axel very roughly, but since Roxas was so much shorter than his mentor, his elbow had inadvertantly hit him right where it really hurts, causing Axel to keel over in pain. Just on cue, the ladies came in, Stacy holding two blue popsicles and her mom carrying a box labeled in large print Sea Salt Ice Cream. The women's faces were immediately alert when they saw the pyro hunching in pain.

"Are you alright?" Mrs. Hooper asked, concerned.

"Oh, yeah, yeah! Of course I'm alright!" Axel assured the older woman, when in reality he was suffering with the worse possible pain that could ever be inflicted on a man. He looked up, surprised at what he saw: the older woman had now covered her before revealing, body hugging shirt with a large jacket, which was strange for the mild climate Twilight Town always had. She had also replaced her tight jeans with old sweats.

"Well, here's your ice cream, guys," Stacy said nervously, handing each of them their own popsicles.

"Thanks, Stacy! Thank you, Mrs. Hooper," Roxas answered politely with a sweet smile, which was really caused by the also sweet revenge it had just witnessed.

Well, the change in wardrobe helped his speech impediment, at least, Axel thought, sarcastically.

"Your welcome, Roxas!" Mrs. Hooper answered warmly.

"Yes, thanks ma'am!" Axel piped up, still thinking of the stinging pain in the lower half of his body.

Mrs. Hooper turned her backs to them, refilling the freezer with ice cream popsicles. Stacy suddenly leaned towards Roxas, gesturing him to come closer. Roxas, now nervous, obeyed, unsure what Stacy had in mind.

"You don't have to pay for this, you know," Stacy whispered with a friendly smile, "It's on the house!"

"A-are you sure?" Roxas questioned, taken aback. "I don't mind paying."

"Yeah, especially since it's me paying," Axel, who had leaned in to see what was the big secret, reminded him.

"Well, yeah, Axel doesn't mind paying," Roxas corrected innocently, unaware of Axel's eye roll.

"No! We made you guys wait and everything," Stacy assured, "It wouldn't be right to make you guys pay after all that trouble! Come on, just say yes!"

"Well, um, okay…,"Roxas reluctantly gave in.

"See, that wasn't so hard, was it?" she winked and smiled, causing Roxas to blush a hundredth time today. Axel couldn't help but grin, too, at Roxas's embarrasement.

Mrs. Hooper turned around, warm smile back on her face. "Well, I hope you young men will enjoy your ice cream!" she said warmly.

"Oh, we will, Ma'am!" Roxas smiled enthusiastically, still guilty for what he felt was thievery.

"Yes, we will. But we better be going," Axel stated, already sampling his ice cream, "Bye, Ladies!"

"Bye, gentlemen," Mrs. Hooper said good naturedly.

"We'll see you again tomorrow, right, Roxas?" Stacy asked, another playful smile on her lips.

"Yeah, of coarse!" Roxas replied almost instantly.

After they said their farewells, the odd pair left to their next destination. They went though Station Heights, where the elevation of the street started to slant upward, as it seemed they were making their way up a small hill. They took a right at a garage, leading them all the way up to Station Plaza, where an old train station stood.

The building might have seen many years, but it was really quite lovely. Its brick steps lead to wide, clear glass doors that allowed you to have a glimpse of the train station inside. Each door had a purple insignia that resembled a cute, little bell, and the stair case was lined with small, healthy looking bushes that were obviously well cared for. And, over all this was a brick terrace held up by golden columns. Imprinted on the front side of the terrace was CENTRAL STATION, with another picture of a bell right over it, only this one adorned golden wings.

But our strange duo didn't come all the way from The World That Never Was just to see an old train station. What they came for was what was over the station. Settled on top of the building was a grand clock tower, easily the tallest structure in all of Twilight Town. Its golden hands ticked slowly around the clock, telling the duo that it was 9:00 pm, Twilight Town time. The clock's beauty was embellished with two bronze bells on either side, held up by bell holders.

The twosome stood in front of the tall structure, admiring its beauty.

"So, should we take the stairway, or take our chances with portaling and pray that nobody sees us?" Axel inquired of his little friend, still gazing at the intricate clockwork. No response. He turned his head toward the boy to see what had had Roxas tongue-tied now.

Roxas was blushing furiously, scratching the back of his head in a way that only confirmed how self-conscious he was at the moment. He wasn't even paying attention to the fact that his beloved sea salt ice cream was melting away into a blue puddle on the floor. The flustered youth also seemed to be making nervous side-glances at something, and Axel made his own glance at what Roxas was peeking at.

Of course! Why didn't Axel realize this before? Across from where they were, sitting on top of the tan brick wall that kept passer-bys from falling off the edge of the plaza, was a group of three teenage girls, probably fourteen year olds, the same age as Roxas. They were all giggling, gossiping and, most importantly, looking straight towards the awestruck Roxas.

Axel decided it was time to wake up the dreaming Key of Destiny. "So I guess we're taking the stairs, then?" Axel snickered, taking the distracted teen's arm and leading him inside the central train station and towards the door leading to the stairway.

"Huh?" Roxas muttered, confused.

"Don't worry, Roxas. You don't have to think hard or anything. Just keep licking that ice cream before it melts, and follow me," Axel advised sarcastically, still pulling him up the stairs.

Watching the radiant blends of reds, oranges, purples, and any other warm colors you could think of, Axel couldn't help but admire the breathtaking sunset. Although you would think his thoughts would be on more important things, since at the moment both his and Roxas's feet were dangling from the edge of the top of the colossal Twilight Town's clock tower. But, no, both Axel and Roxas have eaten ice cream here since the first day they met each other, so neither was bothered by the high death risk.

If anything, Axel was trying to save his ice cream. He licked at the bottom of the popsicle, trying to keep it from melting into the depths below. Ick, he thought.

Axel was never much of an ice cream lover, but sea-salt ice cream must have been the strangest flavor he tried yet! He wasn't big on the whole salty and sweet combination it had going on. To him, salty and sweet were both better off standing alone. But, for some strange reason Axel couldn't ever comprehend, Roxas lived on the stuff! Axel would always swear if Roxas was ever stuck on a desert island and he had to choose between an all you can eat buffet or a ridiculous amount of sea-salt ice cream, the sea-salt addict would pick the ice cream.

Axel guessed that maybe the reason why he couldn't understand Roxas's sea-salt addiction had to do with the fact that he himself was more into hot treats, for example: hot heads, hot cheetos, and habenero tobasco sauce straight from the bottle. You know, the normal stuff. Of coarse, Axel would offer his bottles of hot sauce to Roxas any time, but the shy youth always declined for some odd reason.

Culinary likes was just one of the many things that both of them seemed to be complete opposites on, but Axel didn't mind. Sea-salt ice cream was one of the cheaper substances in Twilight Town, and if it made Roxas happy, or at least gave him the memory of happiness, then it gave the pyro that memory, too.

"Axel…I have a question to ask…" Roxas said, unsure. The teen had been snacking on his ice cream and thinking quietly, like he always had, and his sudden request snapped Axel out of his own rambling thoughts.

"Huh? Oh, well, okay, shoot." Axel replied.

"Well…um," the timid youth hesitated.

"What? What is it? C'mon, Roxas, you can tell me," Axel encouraged, getting alert, "You know I won't tell anybody."

"Well…I was just wondering," Roxas started, looking for words to state his question, "The Organization...what would they think…I mean, do they have any…'rules' about…'conversing' with people who…are from other worlds?"

Axel blinked, confused by this question. "Uh…well, I guess not. I mean, we were just talking with Stacy and her mom now, and we're not going to get in trouble for that. We've talked to other people on our missions before, Roxas, you know that. Sometimes we need it to get more info."

"No, I mean, like," Roxas denied his answer, looking for a different way to sort his question, "if I were to say, go to Twilight Town, and just…'hang out' with other normal kids, will the Organization say I was…'fooling around'. Not doing my job, I mean. Would it be weird for a nobody to make friends? Can nobodies have friends?"

Axel mulled over this odd question for a moment. Most of the Organization would've said that there was no point to making friends without a heart to care for them with, and that Roxas was being silly and naïve, but Axel didn't want to put his partner down. He figured Roxas just wanted to hang out with kids his own age, instead of an organization full of older men (and a woman) who probably couldn't really relate with him. After all, the closest person to his age was Zexion, who wasn't exactly the easiest to get along with. Axel himself was twenty-two, but he liked to think of himself as somebody 'witty', 'handsome', and just down right 'amazing' that Roxas could look up to. He also wondered if Xemnas would approve with Roxas, a nobody, hanging out with some 'somebodies'.

"Well, Roxas, you can't have real friends without a heart," Axel said thoughtfully, "You know, a friend is somebody that you care for, and we kind of lack in the feelings department." Roxas's eyes went downcast as he said this. "But, I can't see why you can't go chill with some other kids your own age. It'll probably get rid of a lot of your stress, too, and who knows? Maybe that'll help you become a better fighter!" Axel grinned. This would be what he would tell Xemnas later if he disliked the idea.

"Really?" Roxas replied, enthusiastic.

"Yeah, just don't tell these kids what you are or where're you're from," he grinned, "Doesn't help if they think you're mentally insane!"

"Of coarse not!" Roxas promised, and then a big smile grew on his face without him even realizing it. Axel was happy (or at least, feigned happiness) to put that smile on Roxas's face; the poor kid didn't do it enough. Guess it had to do with being a nobody and all, but still, he could at least fake it better, like the rest of them did.

"Hey, now I have a question to ask," Axel grinned, reciting what Roxas had said before.

"Okay. Shoot." Roxas grinned, repeating what the pyro had said before, too.

"Does this have anything to do with those giggling girls from before?" Axel asked snidely.

Roxas face dropped, cheeks tingeing red again. The sneaky pyro burst out laughing.

"Aha! I knew it!"

"No! No! It has nothing to do with that! Nothing at all!"

"Calm down, Roxas! It's no surprise! Of course girls are looking at you! You're actually a pretty good-looking kid." Axel laughed.

Roxas stopped rambling, mouth just hanging there, surprised by what Axel just said. "Seriously?" was all he could choke out.

"Yes, seriously!" Axel retorted, still snickering.

Roxas blushed and went back to licking his ice cream, not quite sure how to answer that accusation.

Axel rolled his eyes. This kid really needed a boost in his self-esteem. Little did the key-bearer know, though, he was much more important than he could ever hope to imagine. In fact, he was the most valuable member in the Organization. Why? Because of his jumbo key. You see, that hunk of metal he was swinging before wasn't just any mere key. It was the Keyblade. What is a keyblade, you ask? Legend says it is a weapon known for saving the universe from the darkness that constantly threatened it. IF it were in the right hands. If in the wrong hands, it could also be known as a weapon wreaking havoc and bringing mass destruction to the worlds. The keyblade has the power to unlock hearts and to defeat the heartless, liberating the hearts ensnared inside their wretched bodies, and therefore holds a lot of power.

There was no need to worry, though; the recent keybearer was trying his best to vanquish every evil and save the worlds with his mighty weapon. But, a month ago, he lost his heart. He had struck his chest with his own weapon, and faded away to Oblivion. Why would the keybearer do this? Who knows? Maybe he couldn't handle the responsibility that came with being a hero, or at least that's what Axel thinks. Anyway, being strong in heart, as all keybearers should be, he not only got to change into a heartless, his body and soul combined to make a nobody, too. That nobody's name was Roxas. Roxas, being the keybearer's nobody, also had access to the Keyblade, of course, making him very important to the world's fate.

This also made Roxas very important to the Organization. Remember the Organization's goal to capture the hearts trapped by the heartless, so they could regain their own hearts? Well, the little keybearer was the heart of that plan, no pun intended. His job in the Organization was to destroy as many heartless as he could, freeing thier hearts so the they could steal these little treasures, keeping the hearts from returning to their old bodies. They stored these stolen hearts in Kingdom Hearts, where one day, when they've gathered enough, its doors would open and grant them their hearts back. Only then would they truly feel. Or, at least, that's what Xemnas always promised.

Roxas wasn't aware of any of this, though. Roxas, unlike the other members of the Organization, had somehow lost his memory from when he was a somebody, not remembering anything from his past. He had no clue what the keyblade was, or who he was in his past life.

Xemnas, in fact the whole Organization, kept his past and their plan a secret from him. Don't get me wrong, Roxas did know the goal of the Organization, but he didn't know anything about his true importance. Xemnas didn't want him aware of how valuable he was, afraid the kid would get a big head, and even try to overthrow him as head of the Organization (which, was silly, considering Roxas's character, but you could never be too careful.)

They also didn't want him aware that his somebody was, in fact, still alive. Somehow, the original keybearer (Sora, to be exact) had miraculously gained his heart back, which was an enormous feat. They couldn't let Roxas know anything about Sora, though, since that could cause a big mess, maybe even prompting Roxas to leave the Organization and try to find his somebody. That would spoil the plan completely, especially since the original keybearer didn't even know the Organizaton existed, and they weren't strong enough to show themselves just yet. They needed to steal more hearts first.

That was why Axel was hired to watch over Roxas. Xemnas wanted to make sure his prized possession was kept safe and stayed ignorant about his past, and Axel was the man to make sure this happened. At first, the pyro despised his new job, saying, "Why do I have to baby sit the new kid?" But, after a while, he warmed up to the key-bearer. He didn't know why, but he felt somehow…different around Roxas. No, that's impossible, because he couldn't feel. But, he just…something was strange when he was around him, but he just couldn't put his finger on it.

Roxas was a lot different then the other Organization members, anyway. Even without his memories, it didn't take him long to learn how to 'act' like he had emotions. But that was just because he was a quick learner, right?

Maybe the reason why something was different when Axel was around Roxas was because the youthful member just brought out a lot of good memories. Yeah, that's it! The good feeling was just a memory, not a feeling, because a nobody can't feel, right?

It even pained him now that he couldn't tell his little friend the truth. No, not a friend. It's impossible for nobodies to feel that care for someone. He's just his partner. But, it did still pain him, or at least grant him that memory of pain, to not tell Roxas the truth. He couldn't bring himself to say it, though. If he did, the Organization would destroy him for treason, or even turn him into a dusk, which is not a pretty fate.

And, secretly, he didn't want to tell Roxas the truth. What if he did leave to find out more about his past life? Axel couldn't have that. He didn't know why, but he didn't want to be left alone in the Organization. He liked that difference there seemed to be around Roxas, and didn't want that ripped away from him. Anyway, if Roxas did leave, he'll meet the same consequences for treason, and Axel couldn't do that to him. So he was actually doing Roxas a favor by not telling the truth, and he wasn't being selfish at all. No, if anything, he was helping Roxas.

So Roxas was left like a sheep, doing the Organization's bidding mindlessly until they had no use for him anymore, slaying heartless for their Kingdom Hearts. And that, not knowing anything about his true potential, made him feel like truly nothing, thinking that if anything, he was the weakest and least valuable member in the Organization. And that's exactly what the Organization wanted. But, as long as everything stayed the way it was, Axel couldn't care less. He couldn't really care without a heart anyway, right?

"So, you have no problem with me hanging out with the normal kids in Twilight Town, right?" Roxas asked, snapping Axel once again out of his thoughts.

"Huh? Oh, of coarse not! Go have fun sometime!"

There was a short pause as both of them resumed to eating their ice creams. Then Roxas piped up, "And, those girls…were they really giggling at me because…they thought I was…'good-looking'?"

Axel smirked, "Yeah, unbelievable, I know! Then, again, maybe they were just laughing at how incredibly short you are!"

Roxas blushed. "Axel, shut up!"

"No, really! How tall are you, anyway? 4'10"?"

"Five foot!" Roxas retorted, still blushing.

"Wow, that's an improvement to 4'10"!" Axel smirked, "But, seriously, you look so young! You sure you're fourteen?"

"As sure as I'm sure that that paper airplane I found in my hair earlier was from you!" Roxas retorted, "What was with that, anyway?"

Axel grinned. "So the 'Great Roxas' finally got the gist that little, old me was trying to catch his so sought for attention?" he exaggerated.

"You could've just asked for it. I've would've given you it," Roxas promised.

"I did. You were day-dreaming again, and you didn't pay attention to a thing I did. Remember?" Axel reminded him.

Roxas blushed and looked back to his ice cream, only to realize that it had already melted away into nothing. "Oh, uh, sorry about that," he said meekly.

"Hey, no problem. Just stay a little alert next time," Axel advised him, "Hate for you to lose your head on a mission. Literally."

Roxas nodded, making another mental note in his head.

"So, you ready to go home?" Axel said, getting up and casting a dark, swirly portal, one of the few things all nobodies can do.

Roxas looked up. "Ready when you are." He got up, and both of them passed through the portal leading them to the cold, dreary place they called home.

Well, hope ya guys liked the chap! Again, I did a lot of explaining of things people already know (if ur reading this, I work hard for you, sis! Next time, just play the game urself - ) By next chap, tho, I shouldn't have to do that anymore! Also, by next chap, I should finally get to the point of this story! Yay! I got kind of confused when trying to explain the Org's plan, tho. Please inform me if I anything wrong. I usually would have looked it up on the internet, but, like I said, I can't do that now. Oh, and just to let ya guys know, Stacy is that blonde girl at the beginning of KH2. Her name's not really Stacy, I made that up obviously-. Just play the game again, and you should know what I mean Oh, and The peanut butter jelly time thing…yeah, I don't know if that was too random (actually, I find a lot of things in this story random) but it was my sib's idea, and it was either that or the dancing berries and cream guy thing (which I hate!:P) I felt couldn't say deny them their idea, tho, so I picked the one that made me laugh I also wonder if Rox's question was weird, or not really understandable, in any way. I had trouble stating it, which I guess isn't bad, since Rox obviously had trouble with it too! - Well, hope somebody reviews, and if ya do, please, be brutally honest! :D God bless you all! )