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' ' - thinking

" " saying


One morning, Tohru was siting on her bed. Just staring at the wall. Thinking 'I wonder what I should fix for breakfast?' Then it hit her. " I'll go ask Kyo!" Because they were the only ones home until late at night. Yuki had another student council meeting and had to go to the main house. And Shigure had ran away from his suicidal editor.(At least that's what they said they were going to do)

So she scurried about her room. Changing her clothes and making her bed. As soon as she was done she said, "Okay, Now onward to the kitchen!" But it just so happened that Kyo was facing the other way at the bottom of the stairs. Just then, Tohru decided to surprise him.

So she crept very silently. To the top of the stairs. But tripped! "AHHH!!" She yelled to what seemed like the top of her lungs. And she tumbled all the way down the stairs. But Kyo was distracted by the T.V., so he wasn't able to turn around at the top speed of his cat like reflexes. "Tohru!" He cried. As he just turned round. Her face was all ready in close contact with his.

Then to what seemed like a miracle, their lips connected! And they both fell to the ground from Tohru's fall. And they both just sat there, but they weren't touching enough to make him transform, into his cute little kittie form.

Dazed Kyo thought, 'What the hell, why did it take a fall from my special, clumsy Tohru, to finally get a kiss from her? I mean I've been trying to get one for what seemed forever!!' While on the other hand Tohru was thinking,'Oh, my goodness! I never thought the day would come when I'd finally be able to something like this!'

Then all of a sudden Kyo wrapped his arms around her back to deepen the kiss. And Tohru did the same, only she wrapped her arms around his neck. When they finally came up for air Kyo said," I love you so much Tohru! I 've never had so much love for someone as I do you." Tohru just sat there stunned, but she has never been happier. " Oh Kyo, I love you too! I love you so much!!"

Then when Kyo saw her face, she had tears of joy in her eyes, Kyo let out a satisfied sigh. He new that she meant what she said. They then both started to laugh, and Kyo bonked her on the head. Saying," You dope! I guess we both have never been that good at the whole love thing."

"Hey Kyo"


Um... what's that on the ceiling corner?"

"Umm..WHAT THE HELL! It's a camera! Danm it Shigure! I'm gonna kill that bastard!!"

"So, it's been video taping everything?!" All of a sudden Tohru turned a very, very deep shade of red.

And then we come all the way to shigure's secret base, in who knows where. With T.V. security screens everywhere.

"Muhahaha"he laughed maniacally. " Take that Kyo! You should be wondering by now, how I know almost everything that is going on, even when I'm not in the house!"

" But for once, I think you actually did a pretty good job putting the banana peel right in front of the stairs, for Tohru to trip on. But you did take a very big chance that she would get really hurt. And if she got hurt, I will be forced to hurt you!!" Said Yuki very evilly, who had also watched the whole thing.


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