My name is Chrystal Rylee Slara, and I am a historian and writer

FIRST OFF! I AM NOT J.K. ROWLING, and own none of the Harry Potter realm, and have no intention to profit off of any thing I write about the HP realm. During the story, the narrator expresses contempt for Ms. Rowling, and I would like to say that it in no way reflects my own feelings for that amazing lady, but is simply another character in this odd story.

Secondly, this is a "re-write" I am changing the entire story. Because of this I needed to write a preface that set up the universe the way it needs to be for this story, as well as thrown a lot of interesting tidbits of information in. The writing style of this chapter is not in anyway reflecting of how the rest of the story is going to be written. The rest of the story will be written in present time and flash backs, with dialogue and in third person, this chapter is only to set up the story.

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I do hope you enjoy my foray into a slightly darker realm of magic.



My name is Chrystal Rylee Slara, and I am a historian and writer. You may know me from my time at the Daily Prophet as the Ministry Correspondent, or from my previous book, Inside the Ministry: A Look at the Ministers of Magic Through History. Whether you know me or not, my own history speaks towards my credibility as a writer and a historian.

It has recently come to my attention that a muggle by the name of Joanne Rowling has published a set of books supposedly based on the life of one Harry James Potter. Unfortunately Ms. Rowling got quite a few details incorrect about the life of Harry Potter, and as a historian I find that it is my duty and honor, to correct the wrongs of Ms. Rowling, and write the true story of Mr. Harry Potter, and those persons that lived during his time.

In the following pages of this book I will be taking you deep into the life of Harry James Potter, his family, his friends and his enemies. All facts in this story come from my own personal experience with those involved, letters from or about them, as well as sworn statements taken by ministry officials. I will discuss the history in comparison to Ms. Rowling's story, as well as information never before known to the general public.

And now… on to the true story of Harry James Potter.


What is known of the Marauders from the books written by Ms. Rowling is mostly correct. The four were great friends, three animagi, one a werewolf. As a muggle Ms. Rowling was of course pre-disposed to label most people involved as straight. It, of course, is not Ms. Rowling's fault that in the muggle world, being "straight" is the "normal" thing to be, but as we know, through out the wizarding world it is much more common for witches and wizards to be bisexual. Also due to our ability to eradicate sexually transmitted diseases hundreds of years ago, being monogamous, is again not the norm in wizarding society.

In truth, James, Sirius, and Remus were all bisexual, and had been lovers since their fifth year. Peter would forever claim to be straight, but there have been no known reports of Peter ever claiming an attraction to anyone, boy or girl, throughout his short life. When Lily Evans entered James Potter's life in their seventh year, Lily found herself a regular part of the Marauders' threesome. According to many reports, when Lily joined the three teen boys, Peter slowly began drifting away from the group. As most wizards know, a woman can only conceive a child with her soul mate, or her legally bonded husband, so it was of course not an issue for Lily to be a part of the three's sexual practices, as her soul mate was James Potter, who would become her legally bonded husband just a few short weeks after graduation.

Harry James Potter was born to Lily and James on the 31st of July, 1980. He was a happy baby, full of life and energy. He was also very powerful. In fact, he was only a week old when Lily came in to check on him in the middle of night. Much to her surprise, he was hovering above his crib. The colors of the room he was in would always change upon his mood, and he was never caught in clothing he didn't like. His magic would change it.

Harry loved playing with his godfathers: Remus and Sirius. Their names were very hard for him to say, so once he started talking, Moony, and Pads or Padfoot, was how they were normally referred to. They lived with James and Lily, of course, having their own, shared room that connected to the proud parents'. Peter had all but disappeared from the picture and only came over every now and then. No one really minded that Peter hadn't made himself part of their lives… something had always been a little bit off about the Rat.

Halloween night 1981 would mark an important death, but it would not be the death, or the deaths of Harry's parents, but the death of the Rat. You see, Peter was not only a rat in the literal sense of the word, but also figuratively. He was a low ranking Death Eater, who was found leaving the Castellum in order to meet up with Frank and Alice Longbottom. Their son Neville, was one of two children who had potential for greatness according to a prophecy that had been stated years ago. Peter had somehow gotten it into his head, that if he destroyed both children, he would be in the Dark Lord's favor. Stupid rat got killed by Dumbledore himself who had been at the Longbottom's house that night discussing the potential for greatness that Neville had. You see, if Peter had succeeded that night, he would have started a war that had yet to begun.

But Joanne didn't get it all wrong about that night. Lord Voldemort did pay the Potter's a visit, although his intentions were quite different. He knew that Harry Potter was the child that the prophecy spoke of, but had no intention of killing him. Instead he wanted a hand in raising him, teaching the child his view of the world, making the boy strong and loyal to his cause. He came to the Potter's with a proposition. Move into the Castellum, let Harry be taught by his tutors, and socialize with his followers. In return he would make James the Minister of Magic, as well as give Lily, Sirius, and Remus, any position they desired in the Ministry.

You may be thinking to yourself that as loyal Gryffindors, that the four would never accept the offer of one in direct opposition to the great Albus Dumbledore. You of course would be wrong, as the four were quite tired of Dumbledore's tiresome meddling, and did not agree what so ever with his vision of the future. The four agreed, moved into the protected walls of the Castellum, and within six months took up important roles in the Ministry of Magic. James took the lead as Minister, with his wife as his undersecretary. Remus took over in the Department of Magical Creatures, and Sirius moved from Hit Auror to Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

Harry flourished. He lived a very happy childhood, running around with his best friend Draco Malfoy. From the day the two children set eyes on each other they were joined at the hip. They might as well have been brothers, except for the stark contrast in their looks. Anyone who lived within the stone walls of the Castellum, knew that there was trouble coming whenever the glint of Draco's ice blue eyes, met its match inside of Harry's Avada green ones.

Both boys had an arsenal of adults around, to teach them anything they ever wished, and they soaked up knowledge like a sponge. They learned to fight with and without magic, how to brew potions, how to enter minds, how to intimidate without a word, and most of all, how to use everything in their power to get exactly what they wanted. Now if you were to pay very close attention you would notice one striking thing about the boys. While both were "leader of the pack" types, very much "type a" personalities, both knew that Harry was more powerful, both in magic, and in how others looked at him. It had nothing to do with their parents, but more to do with Lord Voldemort's favor. Harry was able to get away with a lot more than Draco ever was, even going so far as calling Lord Voldemort by his given name, Tom.

In the world these two grew up in, power and status was everything. If you were in a position of power, you did something for it. No one held rank without an identifiable reason. And for Harry to be the most favored of the children in the Castellum, meant that he had an important role to play in the future. Everyone's rank was etched on to the skin of his or her forearm. A tattoo, resembling a crest of sorts, detailed where you stood, what circle of power, who you were bonded to, if you were an heir, a numerus, or a partner. For example, Lucius Malfoy, was a second numerus to Snape, a third to Lord Voldemort, a partner of Narcissa, and he stood in the inner most circle of Death Eaters. Partner simply meant that the two were married. As Snape's second, he was required to submit to Snape whenever the dark haired man wished, and did so gladly. He was also third to the Dark Lord, and again submitted to his will.

Voldemort was a very busy man. He controlled a majority of the Ministry, was trying to change the world he lived in, and was spending a lot of time making sure that one Harry Potter grew up the way he needed to. He did, however enjoy the pleasures that his life had to offer. Severus was his left hand, so to speak, and did whatever he bade. Voldemort and Snape regularly used their toy, Lucius, for their more carnal pleasures, much to Lucius' delight, as he was much more interested in them than his own wife.

Every Death Eater was a numerus to Voldemort, meaning anyone of them had to submit at any time, in anyway. Even Draco had a crest that reflected his numerus, his circle, and that he was the heir of Lucius and Narcissa. Harry's crest was a little different. It had the snake in it, that symbolized being a follower of Lord Voldemort, but there was no ranking in his. His crest only signified him as a follower, and the heir of the Potter line. No matter how many times he asked Tom, he was always told the same thing, "You will find out what it means on your 16th birthday."

And so the boys grew up, making friends and enemies along the way, but forever each other's ally.


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