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This is the last chapter before we get back to Hogwarts… and that of course is where the fun really begins.

"No one except a fish knows a fish's heart, no one except a bird follows a bird's trace"

Ancient Saying

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The Council convened in Sanctuary, a large magically hidden cave inside Sherwood Forest. It had been expanded underground to hold a large meeting room, pack sleeping rooms, a large kitchen, and training rooms. The meeting room was the biggest room of all, built farthest from the opening, and protected by guards 24/7. It was a circular room with eleven pack boxes lining the walls. There was a Crest that hung above the current Masters of Ceremony box, and depending on the phase of the moon either held a picture of a large man or an even more powerful wolf. The Council usually came together twice a year with one pack as the Masters of Ceremony presiding over the meetings for two years. Every two years the Crest moved one box to the left, skipping only one box, the Eleventh. The Eleventh box was added a little over ten years ago, to give a seat to Ministry of Magic, or in other words, Lord Voldemort. Even though Remus attended every meeting, because they were not a werewolf pack, they could not preside over the events of the Council.

The door to the room rotated as the Crest did, so that the door and Crest were always on opposite sides of the room. Currently, the Eleventh box sat directly on top of the door, and across the room sat the current pack in power. Their Alpha was Kasten, and they were currently the second largest pack in Europe under Raden's pack. From the Crest going left sat the packs of Kasten, Logan, Raden, Wolf, and Stryker. To the right, Ransom, Ash, Harrison, Jaden and the one female leader Risa.

The council had been in their favor so far. The debates had been… civil, or at least as civil as a room full of werewolves could be. They were currently on their last point of contention, which seemed to be the most important.

"A potion master in France has figured out that if you add two hairs from the tail of a thestral to wolvesbane after it has been completely brewed, it causes the drinker to be permanently stuck as a docile wolf." Kasten stated. "It adds no taste and no color difference, and only has a very minute difference in smell for the first twenty four hours after the addition. Let me stress that it not only holds the drinker in a wolf state forever, but as a docile wolf, one that will not fight, or be able to defend itself if attacked."

The entire room erupted into yelling, packs screaming over the indecency of it, the unfairness. Remus' face turned pale and his entire body froze. Danica, who appeared as a small brown wolf, leaped from Draco's lap and into Remus' attempting to comfort him. But contrary to Draco and Remus' shocked and silent postures, Harry stood. Dark brown slacks clung to his body, and matching cape billowed around his otherwise bare body. The clothing was basically the same for all those in attendance with the exception of the women who wore leather tops in addition.

"If the Council would please take their seats, we can come to an agreement on how we should stop this practice as quick as possible." Harry spoke, loudly and with just a hint of hidden power, commanding the attention of the entire council. The wolves quieted immediately, staring directly at their box, but remained standing.

"And what exactly do you propose for our problem?" Risa asked from the box to his right, crossing her arms in front of her chest and tossing her long brown locks over her shoulder.

Harry didn't hesitate, or even look back to the others in his box. Instead he spoke once again in a clear and concise voice. "I see a few clear plans of action. Firstly let us recognize that we cannot make an official law banning the addition." Harry paused as a few members screamed their "whys". He raised a hand to quite them, and both Draco and Remus were shocked at the ease he took control of the room. "Because if we put a law on the books, we tell the greater public the knowledge that it will harm werewolves. While officially the governments of most of the European countries are sympathetic to werewolves, unfortunately there still remains a great quantity of people who are not."

Most of the room had taken their seats by now, deciding to listen to a man who had only been introduced as "The Heir."

"Starting from this basic assumption we can progress a couple of ways. Firstly we can begin teaching members of packs how to brew the potions themselves. While brewing the potion is relatively difficult, under the proper training and supervision, as well as the repetition of making it every month, brewing it will become easier over time. Another option is to make the brewing of wolvesbane regulated, and managed by trustworthy people, such as the members of the Department of Magical Creatures." Harry finished and took his seat next to Draco, who grinned.

Ash stood to speak, "What you say makes sense, provided the training can be done by a trusted potions master, and as quick as possible."

Draco stood then. "Myself included, I know of three people proficient in the making of wolvesbane correctly who would be willing to teach it to those who wish to learn. Let me just say: It can be arranged.


"It has come to our attention through specific channels, that Dumbledore is recruiting children. He is using the school in order to find children willing to fight for him." Galen stated.

Tom swirled the wine in his goblet; "Unfortunately this fails to surprise me."

"I take it you are not one to make the same mistake?"

"Our children may not take their mark until they are sixteen. Once they reach that age they must go through battle training, which can only be done during the breaks from school. It usually takes between two to three years before they are allowed into battle, with the exception of my heir and his mate."

"And they are prepared for fighting?"

A smirk appeared upon Tom's face. "In all honesty, those two are more prepared for war than many of the adults in my compound. Their power astounds and impresses just about everyone. Currently they are taking my seat at the Werewolf Council, and I have no doubt they are conducting themselves just as well as I would if not better."

Galen nodded, swirling his own goblet before sipping. "Slightly more specific information has also come to us. A close friend of your heir has joined Dumbledore. He and his sister, who also joined, have already completed their training and have been sent on missions."

"Hum… an interesting turn of events. I will have to wait and see how Harry takes the news. Your resources are always well informed and have served us both well over the years, is there anything I can do for you or your clan in order to repay the debt?"

Sean pulled a leather bound book from his robes and laid it upon the table in front of Tom. "A family came to us just recently. The husband had been killed, and his wife raped, and then turned, the children were hurt but not changed. Her name is Kyista, and she has asked us for our help, and our protection. As you know anyone who resides inside of Galen Manor has taken an oath. The oath that they may never harm a child, only kill as a last defense, and only turn the willing, or unjustly dying. Because of this oath, Kyista felt this was the only place she could go. She feels the need to make some money in order to give her children an education, and because of that has began writing…

"And you want me to find her a publisher, and get the book out there, right?"

"Yes." Sean gave a short reply, knowing it is all that is needed.

Tom stood and picked the book up. "Consider it done."

Sean stood as well, "Just out of curiosity, are you going to tell him?"

"No. I won't need to. Harry will figure it out himself."


Draco fell asleep on the way home. His head rested on Harry's lap, and his cloak covered him. Across from them sat Remus going over his notes and Danica who still rested beside him in wolf form, with her head resting on his lap.

"You did really well tonight." Remus said looking at his godson. "I am very proud of the way you took charge."

"Thank you Moony."

The car pulled into the Castellum, driving directly towards the Manor. "You two go to bed, I'll let our Lord know what happened."

Harry shook his head, "It is my responsibility, Go home to Padfoot, I'm sure he's worried."

Remus smiled and handed Harry the pieces of parchment he had taken notes on. When the car stopped Remus stepped out, "Thanks. Good night, Heir."

Harry laughed, "Night Moony."

Draco sat up when the door closed, "Are we back yet."

"Yes we are, Take Danica and go to bed, I'll be there in a little while."

Draco stretched before leaning over and giving Harry a quick peck on the lips. "Yes your highness."


There were three days left of their summer vacation. Harry spent the entire morning working one on one with Tom. They had been discussed recruiting in Hogwarts, threats such as Dumbledore, and aligning themselves with other sects of the wizarding world. Once their meeting was over Harry had sent one of the younger death eaters, one that had not grown up in the Castellum but had just recently joined, out to get his and Draco's supplies for school. He didn't want to have to deal with anyone out side the walls until he reached the train.

He headed back to the room. Each step growing more excited at what await him behind the large oak door. He expected to find one, blond haired, half naked Cosaint lounging around on the bed or the couch, reading or napping or something in which Harry could rouse him from. When he opened the door however, he found a surprise awaiting for him.

Inside was not one, but two, completely naked male bodies upon a bed. The first was a dark haired man, probably about twenty-five years old with a tan muscular frame. While the larger of the two, he found himself on all fours, hands digging into the bed sheets, legs spread, and head thrown backwards. Behind him was Draco, sliding in and out of him in a painstakingly slow way, keeping the dark haired man on the verge of orgasm, as they had been going at it for quite a while.

Harry leaned back against the door, crossing his arms over his chest, and with a smirk on his face asked, "So, what do we have here?"

The dark haired beauty whipped his head around and a look of panic crossed his features. He attempted to get off the bed, but Draco held his hips in place. "Heir…" he stammered, "I'm sorry, I didn't know…"

Harry recognized the man to be Darius Barbour. With a chuckle he resounded, "Don't feed me that bullshit, you were at the ceremony, just like everyone else…" he pushed himself off the wall and walked to the bed, running a hand down Draco's spine. "You sure picked a pretty one…"

Draco grinned, seating Darius completely on his cock effectively stopping his struggling, before he leaned back and kissed Harry. "You know how I like muscles…"

Harry grinned, "I do." He waved his hand and in a moment was completely naked. His cock was already hard and standing tall for the two men on the bed. He moved around to the side of the bed and caressed Darius' side. "It's your lucky day Darius. I think I'll let this infraction slide with only, minimal punishment." He raised his left hand and the chest on the other side of the room opened and out flew two things. Harry caught them both in his hand and brought them down to Darius' eye level. In his hand sat a silver gleaming cock ring, and a pair of nasty looking nipple clamps, chained together with silver.

In a dark, nearly sadistic voice Harry said, "This is going to be fun."


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