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Tyson hung up the phone and looked at Kai with a grin.

"Well, looks like Maxie had a good night."

Kai smiled slightly.

"Good to hear. Now I don't have to listen to Rei whining all the time."

Tyson laughed and Kai stretched out his arms to him.

"Come here."

Tyson's grin widened and he got up from his arm chair and walked over to settle himself in Kai's arms.

Kai wrapped his arms around Tyson as the younger boy rested his head on his chest.

"I'm glad you came to me tonight, Tyson." Kai said softly. "You're a lot braver than me. I never would have been able to say anything."

Tyson smiled happily.

"Yea, well...I almost didn't do it. But in the end I figured if I didn't do it then, then I never would."

Kai gave Tyson a gentle squeeze.

"Like I said, you're a lot braver than me... you always were."

Tyson smiled again and closed his eyes as he remembered how wonderful the last two days had been.

Tyson watched Kai long after Max and Rei had disappeared. What was it about mowing the lawn that was so... interesting anyway? After thinking about it for a while, Tyson knew that it wasn't actually the lawn mowing that was interesting, it was the person mowing it and the state in which he was doing so.

Eventually, Kai stopped the lawnmower and looked over the lawn, observing his work. He nodded in satisfaction, then headed towards the house and disappeared from Tyson's view.

Tyson continued to stare out the window in confusion until he heard the front door open and jumped up in a panic. After scrambling around the room looking for the remote control to the television, he finally found it and clicked it on just as Kai came into the living room.

"You know, there's something wrong with this picture." Kai said tonelessly.

Tyson looked at him.

"Oh, hey Kai.. what do you mean?" He asked a little nervously. Did his Captain know the blunette had been watching him? Tyson gulped.

"I mean, here you are, watching TV inside your air conditioned house, while I'm outside mowing your grass under the blistering heat. Something about that just doesn't seem right."

Tyson starred at Kai for a minute, then finally rolled his eyes.

"I didn't ask you to mow the lawn." He replied in annoyance. "And I brought you a glass of lemonade and offered to turn on the sprinklers for you. I even told you you didn't have to do it and that you could come in whenever you wanted. You-"

"Tyson, relax." Kai said, sounding amused. "I was just kidding."

Tyson starred at the dual-haired blader for a minute, then rolled his eyes again and looked at the TV, but this time there was a smile on his face.

"Anyway," Kai added. "at least I got a tan out of it."

Tyson looked back at Kai and looked him up and down. He didn't know what Kai saw, but he himself didn't notice a shade of difference in the older boy's color.

"Um.. yea, you really darkened up buddy." The blunette replied in amusement.

Kai looked down at himself, then back up at Tyson in surprise.

"You don't see it?" He asked. Tyson shook his head with a smile.

Kai looked down at himself again, then walked up to Tyson.

The younger teen nearly fainted when the older blader pulled his shorts down over his hips on one side revealing more of himself then Tyson ever expected to see from the older boy.

"See the difference?" Kai asked.

Tyson's face heated up and he turned away from Kai, trying his best to force back the crimson flush he knew had painted his cheeks.

"Uh.. yea, yea I see it now. Yep, you really tanned Kai. Um-hm."

Kai pulled his denim shorts back up again.

"See, I told you." He said smugly, turning around then and walking out of the living room.

Tyson starred at the TV without blinking, not paying attention in the slightest to what was on it. He couldn't believe it. He couldn't believe what he'd just seen! It was so uncharacteristic of Kai to do something like that. Had the heat gotten to him? Was he sick? He had to be.

Tyson's thoughts then wandered to what he'd actually seen. Creamy, pale, flawless flesh. Kai's slim hips, giving way to fine lines that lead further down, which eventually lead to-


Tyson's head snapped to the archway of the living room to see Kai standing there looking at him. He nearly fell over again when he noticed Kai was wearing only a towel draped over his hips - draped very, very low on his hips.

Tyson shook his head and forced his eyes to lift up to Kai's face, trying once again to force back the flush he felt burning his cheeks.

"Uh..? Yea?"

"I'm getting in the shower."

Tyson starred at him blankly.


Kai raised an eyebrow.

"Do you need the bathroom before I do?"

"Huh...? Oh! No... go ahead."

Kai starred at him for a moment, then shook his head.

"A nice... cold shower to cool me off." He said happily to himself as he walked away.

Tyson's mind wandered again as Kai's words rang in his head.

"A nice... cold shower to cool me off."

A nice, cold shower... hm, it wouldn't cool him down very much if-

"OK, no! That's enough!" Tyson scolded himself.

"Man, what is wrong with me today!" He said aloud.

Tyson shook his head and looked at the TV, forcing himself to pay attention to what was on it instead of the embarrassing thoughts in his head.

Tyson looked around as he and Max entered the building the party was being held in. They'd barely gotten through the door when they were immediately surrounded by people on all sides. The blunette grinned to himself.

"Heh. That's what happens when you're well-loved I guess." He thought playfully.

The two boys entertained and talked to the people around them for a very long time, and soon, Tyson felt his patience beginning to waver.

"OK, seriously, this is starting to bug me! If it was any other night, this would totally be flattering, but right now, I wanna find Kai before I loose my nerve!"

Just then Tyson saw his two older teammates walking towards them and grinned wide.

"There they are! We didn't even have to go looking!"

Tyson leaned over and gently nudged Max's ribs, making the blonde turn towards him questioningly.

"Looks like we don't need to go looking for Kai and Rei." He said with a grin.

Max gave him a confused look.


"Don't look now, but they're coming directly towards us."

Max turned away from Tyson then and casually scanned over the crowd. Tyson had to admire the blonde's casual coolness. Max looked back to him with a smile.

"Shall we?" He asked playfully.

"Need you ask?" Tyson thought, giving him a grin that said it all.

Tyson and Max excused themselves from the crowd and made their way over to their older teammates.

The walk to meet up with Kai and Rei seemed to take forever, while in reality, it couldn't have been more than a few seconds. Tyson nearly jumped Kai however when he was finally in front of him.

"Man! Why does he have to look so hott?" Tyson thought with a inward groan. "Now it's gonna be even harder to tell him how I feel... Geeze Kai! Why do you always have to make things so complicated!"

After a short greeting for their friends, Tyson and Max decided it was time to mingle. They spent a while bugging Kai and Rei to dance, but once they realized the two older boys were resolved not to do any dancing that night, they retreated to dancing with a few friends for a while instead. Might as well have some fun before their nights went up in flames.

Tyson watched Max and Rei walk away and followed them with his eyes until they were gone. Once they were, he turned back to Kai. The Dranzer-wielder was starring past Tyson's shoulder with a set look on his face. He no longer looked overly angry or irritated, but he did look a little annoyed.

Tyson gave Kai a mischevious grin.

"So, now that we're alone..." He said playfully. Kai looked at him with a bored expression.

"We're not alone." He replied pointedly. Tyson resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

"No. Would you rather be?" He asked, trying to get a smile from his Captain. Kai's response surprised him greatly.

"Yes." He said simply. Tyson's mouth dropped slightly, but before he could respond, Kai spoke again.

"All these people and this racket is starting to get on my nerves."

Tyson laughed lightly.

"Yea OK, that one was more Kai-like." He thought with a grin.

"Well, why don't we go out on the balcony for a while?" Tyson suggested.

Without a word, Kai stood up and headed out to the balcony. Tyson watched for a minute, then smiled and shook his head before following his Captain outside.

Once outside, Tyson walked up to Kai, who was leaning against the railing looking out over the scene before him.

"You're really not a people person are you?" Tyson asked rhetorically.

Kai snorted beside him but said nothing. Tyson turned around and put his hands on the railing, then hoisted himself up on it and dangled his feet back and forth. There was a pleasant silence between the two for a while and the music from inside, now no more than a faint whisper from their current position, created a nice background to rival the dead-silence.

Eventually, Tyson turned his head and looked down at Kai.

"So Kai, I've never seen you dressed up like this before." Tyson teased playfully. "Someone you trying to impress?"

Kai shifted his position but still remained in the same place; leaning against the rail with his arms dangling casually over the outer side.

"Something like that." He said eventually.

Tyson felt his heart do a hopeful little leap.

"Really?" He asked, trying to pull a Max and sound casual and indifferent. "Any chance of you telling me who?"

Kai snorted in amusement and smirked.

"Not a one." He replied flatly.

Tyson sighed and looked up at the sky, smiling a little in spite of himself.

"I didn't think so." He replied honestly.

Tyson starred up at the stars for a while, until something caught his eye. A shooting star flashed across his field of view which caused him to notice an odd star formation. This particular formation happened to resemble a dragon, which in turn made Tyson's eyes widen. He placed his hand in his pocket and fingered the beyblade inside, which, of course was not his beloved Dragoon, but Max's precious Draciel.

Tyson sighed quietly and removed his hand from his pocket. He had made a pact with Max, one that needed to be met. Everything he had, everything dear to him depended on this - including his sanity.

Tyson looked back at Kai once again.

"It's now or never." He thought bravely.

Gathering up all his courage, Tyson finally decided on the best approach.

"Can I ask you something Kai?"

"Sure." Kai replied.

Tyson hesitated for a moment before continuing.

"What do you think about a guy liking another guy? I mean... do you think there's anything wrong with it?"

Kai turned his head and looked up at Tyson, starring at him thoughtfully for a moment. After a while, he looked back ahead of him again.

"No." He replied simply. "You can't help who you have feelings for. No matter who the person is."

Tyson relaxed a little. OK, so far so good.

"Hm." He said thoughtfully. "OK well, hypothetically of course, what would you say if one of your friends told you they liked you?"

Kai gave a small shrug but continued to stare ahead of him.

"Depends on who it was I guess."

Tyson swallowed, his heart beat beginning to race hopefully.

"What do you mean?" He asked, trying to sound casual.

"I mean," Kai began. "chances are, the person who told me they liked me, wouldn't be the person I wanted to hear it from. So, I'd end up turning them down... I'm not really good with that kinda stuff so it would probably be painful for them, but I wouldn't be an ass on purpose."

Tyson swallowed.

"So... if a friend of yours told you they liked you, even if you didn't like them back, you wouldn't stop being friends with them because of it?"

Kai looked back at Tyson again, this time looking a little stung.

"How big of an ass do you think I am Tyson?" He asked.

Tyson immediately felt guilty.

"I don't!" He said hurriedly. "It's just.. well, you wouldn't would you?"

"No." Kai replied with a frown. "I already told you, you can't help who you have feelings for. Why would I break off a friendship over something like that? Give me a little credit, will you."

Kai then gave Tyson a lopsided smile.

"I can't afford to loose any friends, I don't have that many as it is."

Tyson couldn't help but wonder if this was sad, funny, or pathetic. Due to a mix of all three, he couldn't help but laugh; which, of course, was what Kai had intended.

"OK." Tyson said thoughtfully, gathering up all his remaining courage to ask his next question.

He looked away from Kai again, this time at his feet dangling below him.

"What if..." Tyson hesitated for a moment, then decided it was too late to turn back now, so it'd be better to outright and say it. "What if I said I liked you?"

Kai's mouth dropped open a little and he starred at the blunette without a blink.

Tyson looked up at Kai and immediately felt all the blood drain from his face. The elder boy was starring at him with his mouth hanging open and eyes wide. However, despite this, his expression was unreadable.

"I-I-I mean... Never mind!" Tyson spat hurriedly, moving to jump down from the railing. "Forget I said anything!"

Kai's hand on Tyson's chest stopped his escape and the blunette looked up at him with a deep, uncharacteristic frown. His stomach was in knots and he felt himself getting choked up with emotion. Here goes, the beginning of the one thing he feared most, the one reason he'd never told Kai about his feelings sooner - rejection. Sure, Kai had said he wouldn't break off their friendship, but what good was that? After humiliating himself the way he had, Tyson knew he'd never be able to be in the same room as Kai again, much less look at him.

"This was such a stupid idea!" Tyson thought in a panic. "Why did I ever make this deal? How am I suppose to be on a team with someone I can't even look at? I screwed up everything!"

Tyson sniffled subtly and looked down, blinking back a few tears he was too proud to cry.

"Just say it." He said quietly, his voice cracking slightly. "Just get it over with."

Kai stepped in front of Tyson and removed his hand from his chest.

"Is that still a hypothetical question?" He asked softly.

Tyson looked up and blinked at the older boy a few times.


Kai stepped closer to him.

"Well, hypothetically, if you said you liked me, I'd probably tell you that I liked you too. I'd probably say that I have feelings for you that, coincidentally, I only allowed myself to admit to having recently. And I'd probably admit that those feelings have been driving my crazy lately, and I've even found myself doing and saying a lot of things that I never would have imagined before. But of course, that's only hypothetical."

Tyson starred at Kai dumbfounded.

"You... Y-you... What?"

Kai smiled a little.

"How about you tell me that again, only for real this time."

Tyson starred at Kai for a long time, but eventually took a deep breath.

"I...I like you Kai." He whispered softly. "I really like you... a lot."

Kai smiled and placed his hands on the railing, one on either side of Tyson.

"I like you too Tyson. A lot. And well, my hypothetical answer is pretty much the same as my... real one. So I don't need to repeat that do I?"

Tyson starred at Kai again, then finally smiled.

"Nah. Once is enough, I guess."

"Good." Kai replied with a small smile. "I think I've bruised my ego enough for one night."

Tyson smiled.

"So, what would you say if I asked to kiss you?"

Kai leaned up into Tyson's face and starred at him through half-mast lids.

"Why don't you grow a backbone and take the risk?" He whispered back.

Tyson grinned.

"Fine." He whispered back. "Maybe I will. But don't blame me when you realize I'm too much to handle!"

Kai smirked.

"I think I can handle it."

Tyson smiled a little nervously and bit the side of his cheek, then lowered his head to meet Kai's. He hesitated for a moment only, then pressed his lips to his Captain's.

Kai responded to Tyson's kiss deeply. His hands sought out Tyson's and intertwined them with his own. He pressed his lips more firmly against the younger blunette's and deepened the kiss hungrily.

Tyson moaned lightly as Kai licked and nibbled his lower lip. He parted his lips and Kai's tongue slipped inside, caressing his own.

In a matter of minutes, Tyson's world had, quite literally, been turned upside down. Yes, he had liked Kai - a lot - for a long time, but Kai was the one who seemed to be craving him. That is, assuming he meant his current actions and everything he said of course. But hey, Tyson wasn't about to complain.

Also, here he was thinking that he'd confess his feelings to Kai and receive a guarantee of continued friendship - if he was lucky. But as it turned out, he'd gotten a lot more than that.

Tyson slipped his hands from Kai's and wrapped them instead around the older boy's shoulders, pulling him as close as their bodies would allow.

Kai's hands rested on Tyson's hips and slowly massaged and kneaded with gentle fingers, emitting another soft moan from said blader. When the strong hands slid down to treat sensitive thighs, the deep-bellied moan the older teen recieved sent his senses into over-drive. Soon enough, four hands began to roam curiously and things began to get a little out of hand.

Kai pulled reluctantly away from Tyson and rested his forehead against his, panting ever-so-slightly.

"Tyson, you're the only person in my life that means to me what you do, and for as long as I can remember, there has never been anything I wanted more than this right now... but this is hardly the place for us to explore.. our options."

Tyson starred into Kai's crimson eyes for a few moments, panting slightly as well, and eventually smiled.

"Then we find the place for it." He replied cheekily. Kai smirked and pressed another kiss to Tyson's lips.

"Home?" He questioned when he pulled away.

"Home." Tyson confirmed.

Kai pulled away from the blunette, his blunette, to allow him to jump down from the railing. He then intertwined his fingers with Tyson's and followed him back inside.

Once the two had said goodbye to their friends, and received many positive comments and congratulations from spectators who noticed their linked hands, the two left the party and headed home.

Tyson had to laugh as he thought of the select few excited squeals they had received from certain girl friends - none of which pleased Kai the slightest. But not that it mattered, he had Tyson now to cheer him up. Of course, he'd always had Tyson, he just didn't know it until now.

Tyson smiled as he cuddled closer to Kai. His ears were still ringing a little from the party, but that was a small price to pay for the prize he had received that night. Admittedly, he had fibbed a little when talking to Max. He'd told his blonde friend that he and Kai had just came through the door when they called. But of course, that wasn't quite true. They'd been home for a while before he'd called Max and Rei. Tyson hadn't called straight away because he wanted some alone time with Kai for a while. Some alone time to, as Kai put it, 'explore their options'. Besides, he knew his two friends wouldn't mind.

"Hey Kai?" Tyson questioned softly, looking up at his new lover.

"Hm?" Kai questioned sleepily, eyes closed in content.

"I just remembered something, something I forgot to tell you."

"What's that?" Kai mumbled, eyes still closed.

Tyson starred at him for a moment before continuing.

"I love you." He whispered softly.

Kai opened his eyes and starred down at Tyson for a long time. Eventually he placed a finger under his chin and lifted it for a sweet kiss.

Tyson sighed in content and smiled into the kiss. He wouldn't have changed a damn thing, even if he could.

After a long time, Kai finally pulled away and placed a kiss on the top of Tyson's head as the blunette rested it back on his chest again. There was a long silence but eventually Kai spoke.

"I love you too Tyson." He whispered finally, the statement barely audible as if it were a huge secret. Tyson smiled to himself and wrapped his arms around Kai.

"I know you do." He said happily, closing his eyes.

Kai placed another kiss on the top of Tyson's head and closed his own eyes as well in a second attempt to sleep.

But, it just wasn't meant to be.

Tyson's left eye opened as he heard the front door open, making Kai groan quietly in disappointment.

"Hey guys, we're home." He heard Max call.

"In the living room." Tyson replied, just loud enough for his friends to hear.

He closed his eye again and heard shuffling, followed by soft footsteps, as his teammates approached them.

"Awww." Cooed Max's voice playfully. "Well, looks like you two had a good night!"

Tyson grinned with still closed eyes.

"Yep." He replied simply. "And you guys too?"

"Yep." Max mimicked.

Tyson opened both his eyes this time and looked at Max, noting the wide grin on his face. He watched as Rei sat on the opposite couch and Max positioned himself between his legs. The white tiger wrapped his arms around the blonde and both got comfortable on the over-stuffed piece of furniture. Tyson smiled again and closed his eyes.

"Hey Kai?" Rei questioned after a long silence.

"Hm?" Kai responded for a second time that night.

"You said you were talking to Tala earlier right?"

"Yea?" Kai replied, still not opening his eyes.

"Did you see him since then?"

"No." Kai finally opened his eyes and looked at Rei. He usually wasn't nosy or curious, but this time it got the better of him. "Why?

Rei smiled mysteriously and looked at a random spot on the ceiling as he laid his head back against the couch.

"No, it's just, I had an... interesting, conversation with him and Brian a while ago, the last time they came to visit, and I think he would have been really interested to know that Max and I finally got together."

Kai starred at his best friend for a minute, then closed his eyes again.

"They probably slipped out long before either of us did. You know them."

Rei snickered.

"Yea. All too well."

The words were barely out of Rei's mouth when the phone rang.

Kai sighed in frustration.

"Damn it!" He growled angrily "What is wrong with you people? It's almost five in the morning!"

Tyson laughed lightly and reached past Kai's head to answer the phone.

"Hello?" He spoke into it.

"Are Rei and Max home yet?"

Tyson smiled as he heard the voice.

"Well speak of the devil." He teased playfully.

"I'll admit, that defines me perfectly." Tala said bluntly. "But you were talking about me?"

"Yea, something like that." Tyson responed. There was short silence from the other end before Tala spoke again.

"Hm... how sweet." He replied sarcastically. "Flattered. Anyway, you didn't answer my question."

"Oh yea." Tyson replied, forgetting about the previous question. "Yea, they're home."

There was a snicker from the other end of the phone.

"Good! Put me on speaker."

Tyson pulled the phone away from his ear and gave it an odd look before replacing it again.

"Huh? Why?"

"Just do it." Tala insisted bluntly.

Tyson gave the phone an odd look before reaching past Kai again. Pushing the speaker button, he then placing the phone back on it's stand.

"Hello Rei." Tala said mysteriously. "I'm disappointed you didn't come say hello tonight."

Rei smiled and shook his head.

"Yea, sorry. I was a little... preoccupied."

Rei looked down at Max and gave him a playful wink.

"Yes, I know."

Rei looked at the phone in confusion.

"You do?"

"I do." Tala replied with a tone everyone knew meant he was smirking. "You- Hey! Knock it off, I'm on the phone!"

"So get off the phone." This second voice could be recognised as none other then Brian.

There was a frustrated huff from Tala's end and the Bladebreakers all had to bite their tongues to keep from laughing.

"Do I look like I'm finished?" He snapped irritably.

"Well, hang up and you'll be finished."

Tala growled in annoyance before speaking to the people on the phone again.

"I- hang on!" Tala growled into the phone. This was followed by a faint click, then muffled, yet still audible, voices from the other line.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Can't you-"

A muffled moan that could only be Tala's emitted from the speaker.

"I... said.. stop! Damn it you're instatiable! FIVE minutes! You can wait that long!"

At this, the Bladebreakers all burst into laughter and there was a long pause from the other end of the phone.

"I think you missed the hold button." Came Brian's smug voice.

The Bladebreakers bit their cheeks to smother their laughter. Each one of them could picture Tala's face as crimson as his hair.

An angry snarl was soon heard followed by loud footsteps.

"You stay!" Tala growled angrily. "Don't move a damn muscle!"

A loud bang was heard followed by more foot steps. The others reasonably deduced that Tala had left Brian alone in the room they'd been in while he went elsewhere to finish his conversation.

Moments later, Tala cleared his throat and spoke again.

"Where was I?-"

"Aw, poor Brian." Max interrupted playfully.

"Yea." Tyson added. "All he wanted was to show you some lovin'. And here you are driving him away. Don't you have a conscience?"

Tala sighed.

"Look." Tala said in what he clearly thought was a calm tone. "I've given him more then enough to satisfy any normal being in the past few hours! The least he can do is wait a few damn minutes for me to finish a conversation!"

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, there was another pause as Tala no doubt realized what he'd said. The red-head cleared his throat again and immediately moved on, ignoring the snickers and giggles coming from the end opposite him.

"Moving on!" Tala said rather loudly and very irritably. "This isn't about us! This is about you, kitty. Seems you and blondie are finally an item."

Rei frowned a little in confusion.

"Yea, but... how did you know that?"

Tala's voice was the definition of smug when he spoke again.

"You should really pay attention to where you decide to show PDA, amateurs. Do you have any idea what millions of people would pay to get a picture of the view I had?"

Rei raised an eyebrow.


Max however seemed to catch on right away.

"Oh! That hotel we were in front of, that was your hotel wasn't it?"

"Bingo. Give the boy a cookie."

Tyson looked over at Rei and noted a pink tinge on his cheeks. This he had to laugh at.

"So. What'd ya see Tala?" Tyson asked playfully.

"Nothing." Rei spoke, the same time Tala spoke.


The Redhead snickered.

"Anyway. It was nothing compared to all the new tricks Rei will have in store for you tonight Maxie. If he hasn't shown them to you already that is."

Tyson raised an eyebrow at this and looked at Rei again. Even Kai seemed greatly interested. The White Tiger was blushing horribly. Tyson opened his mouth to ask a question, but Kai beat him to it.

"What tricks?" He asked in amusement, obviously making a great effort to hold back a huge grin.

"Nothing!" Rei spat again.

"Well that answers that question." Tala replied in amusement. "Obvioulsy you didn't show your little koi your new tricks yet after-all, did you Rei?"

Kai sat up now, causing Tyson to sit up too. The blunette grinned wide.

"This is getting interesting."

Max sat up a little now too, looking at Rei questioningly.

"What tricks Rei?" He asked curiously.

Rei looked like he was going to die.

"Nothing, Max." Rei groaned out heatedly.

"Tut, tut Rei. When your lover asks you to explain something, especially something so... sensual, you do it!"

Rei glared at the phone now.

"Tala, shut-up!"

"Tisk, Tisk. Poor Maxie. Since Rei obviously isn't going to fil you in, I suppose that leaves it up to me. See, the last time Brian and I came for a visit, Rei and I sat down and had a little... talk."

Rei's eyes widened as he starred at the phone in horror.

"During this, talk, Rei there asked us for advice about you - he really does care about you you know - and of course, being the sweet, kind, knowledgeable and down-right sexy guy I am, I agreed to help him."

Kai snorted his opinion of this but Tala continued nonetheless.

"He asked us what should he do to tell you how he felt, what should he say and do when he did, blah, blah, blah. But the most interesting of all the questions had to be-"

Rei jumped up so quick in his haste to get to the phone that he dislodged Max from his lap, causing him to be thrown to the floor. Thus, Tala was cut off as Rei hastily hung up the phone.

Tyson starred at Rei for a while, then burst into laughter, this was soon followed by Kai. But Rei and Max didn't laugh.

"Ow, Rei!" Max complained, rubbing his backside from his new place on the floor. "What'd ya do that for? You know Tala, he was only playing."

Rei, whose entire face was crimson red, looked at Max with a mix of sympathy, horror and mortification.

"I'm sorry Max, I didn't mean to push you on the floor." He said before hastily moving on. "But for the record, I did not ask Tala or Brian anything! They came to me, blabbering about how obvious my feelings towards you were, how pathetic I was for not saying anything and trying to give me advice on what I should do! And none of it was worth repeating, trust me!"

On this note, Kai smirked.

"Uh-huh." He said in amusement. "Shame on you, Rei. I didn't know you had such a one-track mind. Poor Maxie. I wonder if he even realizes he's being used."

Max looked at Rei with a hurt look.

"What?" He asked, obviously stung.

Rei groaned and ran his hands over his face.

"Shut-up Kai!" He groaned angrily. "Geeze! You're just as bad as Tala!"

"What do you mean used?" Max asked, still hung up on the comment.

"He's kidding Max." Rei replied, sounding a little desperate. He then turned to Kai. "Tell him you're kidding Kai!"

Kai looked at Rei's distressed face, then at Max's hurt one and grinned.

"I'm kidding Max." He repeated truthfully. "If anyone's ever gonna use you, it won't be Rei."

Rei relaxed noticeably and gave Max a lopsided smile. Max smiled back.

"Yea, OK. I believe you." He said with a laugh.

Tyson then spoke up again.

"So Rei, about those tricks..."

Rei's face immediately heated up again and Max turned back to him.

"Yea Rei, what was that all about?"

"Later Max..." Rei muttered in embarrassment. "Much later..."

Max starred at the raven-haired teen for a moment, then smiled mischievously. He got up form his spot on the ground and took Rei's hands in his own.

"OK, later then. But for now..."

Max leaned in and whispered something in Rei's ear, causing the white tiger to blush harder than he ever had in his life.

When Max pulled away, he smied at Rei's expression and tugged him out of the living room.

"Night guys!" He called cheerily over his shoulder. Rei was speechless as he silently followed.

When his two friends were gone, Tyson turned back to Kai with a grin, who was looking after the other pair in amusement.

"Someones not getting any sleep tonight." Kai said with a smirk.

Tyson laughed and shook his head. He then thought of something and grinned mischievously.

"So Kai, you got any tricks to show me?"

Kai looked at Tyson in surprise, then smirked again.

"Maybe. Care to find out?"

"Depends." Tyson replied, leaning in until his lips barely brushed Kai's. "Will I like 'em?"

Kai's fingers snagged the loops of Tyson's jeans and pulled him close.

"Oh, you will definitely like 'em." Kai purred seductively, his lips a breaths distance from the other teen's.

Tyson grinned and pulled away from Kai. He then stood up and took Kai's hand, pulling him away like Max had done with Rei, only Kai was much more alert when he followed.

Tyson lead Kai to his bedroom and shut the door behind them. Rei wasn't the only one who wasn't going to get any sleep that night, Tyson would make sure of that.

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