Monster Cake

Chapter 1: Mung Daal's Challenge

It was quite an average day in Marzipan City, for a certain chef named Mung Daal and his apprentice Chowder as they were in the market area of the city looking for the ingredients of their latest dish they were prepared to create for the customer.

"Come on Chowder, pick up the pace here" said Mung as he threw some random ingredients into the bag poor Chowder was left to carry.

As the two continued to gather ingredients, they heard some construction sounds not far from where they were.

"Say Mung, what's going on?" asked Chowder as he was lifting the heavy bag of ingredients to which he noticed a large billboard being propped up.

"Hmm, looks like the ad suggests which ever chef creates the best Marzipan City Monster Cake Melee Bash gets to win a large sum of money, say, I don't believe it, over half a million?!" cried Mung as he looked at the billboard.

"That's right sir, if you're a chef and create a monster cake that'll face other monster cakes and defeats them, you'll win half a million bucks" said a construction worker as he finished nailing the last nails on the board.

"Oh boy, half a million bucks, just think on how many sort of foods I can buy with that!" cried Chowder with such excitement.

"Well, well, well, look at what trash we have run into here" said a familiar dreadful voice to Mung.

The voice belonged to Mung's arch rival Endive who has always touted she's always the better chef than he'll ever be.

"Hi Chowder!" cried a small female voice which belonged to Panini as she was also carrying a bag of ingredients which Endive had placed into the bag, "Are you doing chores too for your master, we have so much in common."

"I'm not your boyfriend!" shouted Chowder as he barked back right at her.

"So Mung, are you thinking of entering that contest which that billboard openly states?" asked Endive referring to the Monster Cake melee bash contest.

"Oh, and I suppose that you can beat me to the punch woman?" asked Mung.

"I can easily win that half a million bucks with my hands tied behind my back" laughed Endive, "I doubt you'll be able to do it, with either hand at all!"

"Oh, you just have brought on a challenge here woman!" cried Mung as he stood right up to the large woman in front of her.

"Patience, patience folks" said the foreman who setup the billboard as the small man stepped right in the middle of the two to prevent a fight, "all the people of Marzipan City will be able to see you two fight it out with your monster cakes, so don't waste your energy here."

"Fine, have it your way, little man" said Endive as she huffed away with Panini following her closely behind.

"Well, looks like we got ourselves another project to do, come on let's head back to my kitchen" said Mung as the two quickly left the scene.

About several minutes later, the two arrived back in the kitchen which Truffles, Mung's wife, was waiting for them.

"It's about time you two came back" said Truffles as she was busy reading some magazine while sitting at her desk.

"We got another challenge offered by that dreadful Endive woman!" cried Mung.

"So what mess did you get into this time?" asked Truffles.

"We're going to enter Marzipan City's Monster Cake Melee Bash contest" replied Mung, "the chef who can create the best monster cake, and win in the arena against the others, gets half a million bucks!"

"Half a million?!" cried Truffles with quite joy, "Just think what of all the girly stuff I can get with that sort of dough, with that sort of wade of cash, I'll be able to decorate this ugly place!"

"Ugly, you're calling my kitchen ugly?!" cried Mung to Truffles, to which a few seconds switched to Mung's kitchen which wasn't really all that picture perfect and switched back to Mung, Chowder and Truffles, "I stand corrected, alright, maybe if there's still some money left over, we'll redecorate my kitchen, but no girly stuff!"

After the chat with Truffles, Mung and Chowder head back in the kitchen where Shnitzel was quite busy with making other recipes that the customers had ordered.

"Radda, radda, radda" proclaimed Shnitzel as he noticed Mung and Chowder were finally back with the rest of the ingredients.

"Well, we would have gotten here sooner if Mung didn't come across a billboard that had a contest where we would be able to make a monster cake!" cried Chowder still being quite joyful about the experience.

"Radda, radda, radda?" asked Shnitzel as he leaned over to Mung.

"Yes, we're going to enter a contest" replied Mung, "but the best part of it is that we're going to get half a million bucks if we create the best monster cake that'll fight in the arena against the other monster cakes!"

"Radda, radda, radda, radda!" cried Shnitzel with quite joy as he could imagine himself with receiving a better pay.

"Great, than everyone is an agreement, we get to work immediately on this contest, right after you finish your duties Shnitzel with these ingredients here" said Mung as he took the large bag of ingredients from Chowder and poured them right into a large pot for poor Shnitzel to continue to steer with a stick.

"Oh boy, I can't wait to create a monster cake!" cried Chowder with joy, "What sort of a monster cake are we going to make? I bet it'll be big and strong, and very tasty to eat!"

"That it will Chowder, that it will" replied Mung to which he got out his usual large cooking textbook out from the drawers above, "all we need to do is find the right sort of monster cake to create."

"Oh boy, I just can't wait to see what sort of cake we can create" said Chowder as he was very well impatient.