Inspired by Kore-of-Myth's prompt of the day at the Harry Potter fanfiction Challenges forum. Very silly...

Upside down

Hermione is turning the room upside down in an attempt to locate the missing item, despite Ron's protests and the increasingly frequent stops she has to make.

"Hermione! We need to go!

"Not yet, Ronald! I know it's here some.." She stops abruptly, bending forward, breathing hard. "I just need to find it, then we'll go."

"That was five minutes. We need to go now, Hermione!"

"When I find it! Don't fuss, Ronald!"

A minute later, she cries out, and Ron steps forward in alarm, but his wife is smiling, a copy of "Hogwarts: A History" held aloft in her hands.

"Now we can…" She stops abruptly, reaching blindly for his hand as another contraction hits. Once it passes, she straightens and smiles at him. "Now I'm ready. Have you got the bag?"