We started as friends,

But see how it ends,

My heart is broken,

Many words yet unspoken.

I can't hide my feelings any longer

It just makes my pain much stronger.

My soul is crying

And my heart dying

I just wanted to tell you

That I love you true.

I know that you don't feel that way

And that I can't make you stay

But at least you know

What I couldn't show.

My heart will still be broken

But now all words are spoken.

I should have told you all the time

And see that's the crime.

It's like a curse

And it couldn't be worse

There's nothing I won

And you'll still be gone.

My tears will be running down the cheeks

For hours, days and weeks

You've changed my life so much

With every little touch.

Whom can I blame?

Life will not be the same

When you disappear

My dear

It's only me, who made the mistake,

But finally I'm awake

And now it's too late.