Yay! I finally updated! Gasp This is sort of a filler chapter and a response to mT who wanted for me to include Azula in it, somehow.

The woman slowly made her way down the empty prison hallways, flanked by two guards. Her metal shoes made dull clanks whenever it made contact with the metal flooring, (Why? I don't know…to heighten the drama?) signaling her arrival to the prison inmates who trembled at the sound, knowing it meant only one thing.

Azula smirked, her lips twisting upwards in a cruel smile. She loved the feeling of power. She loved the thrill of dominance. She loved watching all the prisoners shrink away from her, hearing their whimpers of utter fear. But most of all, she loved knowing that she was the one who could break even the toughest warrior, that she did break him. It gave her a twisted feeling of pride in her chest. On impulse, she let out a small chuckle, which made the two guards behind her shirk back in fear.

Cell Block A9-C6.

Currently in the cell were two battered looking females, one with large, innocent eyes and long brown hair sticky with blood and long since yanked out of its braid. The other was a solemn looking young woman who's expression was currently a grimace of distaste at the rat which was sniffing their food. Not that they were going to eat the slop anyways.

"Say, Mai. Azula's a bit late for her daily torture sessions. What dya' think might have held her up?" The younger woman asked, wincing when the words aggravated her sore jaw.

"I wouldn't know." Mai replied, tersely. She was currently engaged with rubbing her black eye and trying to make the pain subside.

"Maybe she's listening in on our conversation! Oooh, Mai, come on, let's say something!"

"What." The word was not a question as more of a statement.

"AZULA!! YOU SUCK!! I WANT TO KICK YOU!!" The girl bellowed out, obviously forgetting that her jaw was supposed to be sprained by a bruising slap Azula had given her only a day ago. She winced and her hands flew to her jaw, massaging it gently, to no avail. Mai rolled her eyes, well she tried as well as one could with one black eye and the other cut. Both women were too engaged to notice the cell door opening and only looked up when the words rang out.

"Thank you, Ty Lee." A calm-looking woman dead-panned, closing the cell door behind her with a solid thunk.

"Azula!" Both girls hiss at the smirking woman.

"Ready for this session?"

Mai and Ty Lee ached all over. In fact, they ached in places they didn't know could ache. Azula had been tougher on then in this session, no doubt from overhearing Ty Lee's spirited words. Although now, Ty Lee doubted that she would have the energy and strength to kick Azula even if she was unchained and Azula knelt right in front of her. Mai didn't seem to be faring much better, as she was already unconscious. Azula had been especially harsh on her, though it was true. Mai really didn't know anything about Zuko's private life. It had all been one big mystery to her. He hardly talked about his uncle or his ties with the Avatar until her ditched them for the Avatar.

And then they were arrested for trying to cover up for Zuko and his little gang and then…yeah. The rest is all history as they say.

Looking up, she managed to mutter out, "I hope you're doing some good Zuko, otherwise I'll have to kick you…", before passing out herself.

Zuko was bored.

Which was actually a rarity in the 'Team Avatar' group since there were always entertaining and stupid things to watch, usually performed by Sokka with Katara and Aang as unwilling accomplices and Toph as the cheering spectator that usually helped to worsen the situation.

And there, Hakoda would roll his eyes and try not to laugh while chiding Sokka's antics as an enraged Zuko or Haru (they took turns being the pranked) stalked around clutching pink hair or holding up 'Kick Me' signs.

But now, he had nothing to do, since Katara, Sokka, and Toph were engaged in a three-way argument about one of Sokka's stupidities. In this case, it was reading the map upside down. How he managed, Zuko would never know.

And now, Teo was trying to promote the peace, despite the fact that under Sokka's leadership, the group had gone 25 miles south, instead of north. They only realized their mistake when Haru, a sharp observer, noticed that the landscape seemed similar somehow and that's how it was discovered. Zuko shuddered to know what would have happened had Haru not noticed. Bad things.

And now, Aang was blowing spitballs at his toes and using air bending to manipulate the spitballs that missed.

Wait, he still had to have a sex-ed talk with the kid and that spitball thing was just gross.

I hope this is funny, even if it starts out not funny. This is to get my creative juices flowing back into this story. Let me know what you think!