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There they stood, with the gates of Konoha within sight. The travel had taken a month's time when all the rest stops and training sessions added up. Sasuke was sketchy on the attack, unsure if the entire group was prepared to take on the task ahead of them. However, they had planned out the attacks perfectly. Taza and Ino were to lead the main water attacks while Jugo and Neji followed up with the defense. That proved to be enough while Tenten, Sasuke, Itachi, and Karin searched out the spots to perform limelight. The group began to separate into their battle pairs.

"You're sure they won't be waiting?" Tenten inquired to Rin, wiping sweaty palms on her cloak as they flew through the trees.

"If Konoha is anything like it was when I was growing up, then they will." Rin replied gravely, her straw hat shielding her eyes from Tenten's view. Under her cloak she kept medic-nin equipment. Karin, obviously, needed none, but Ino was equipped with a kit as well. Strong leather knuckle gloves armored her fingers.

On the way to Konoha, Rin had deserted the team for a few weeks for her own mission. One she hadn't intended in sharing. She'd shed six different kinds of blood on her hands to ensure the win against Konoha. She closed her eyes as she and Tenten leapt towards the eastern gates. All around Konoha, her Six Paths of Pein were laid out. Absolute control over them had been making her weary, especially after all the rituals and hand signs necessary to conceive the bodies. All bodies had snow white skin, jet black hair, and multiple body and facial piercings, and bars placed into their ears.

Rin halted on the branch she'd landed on, causing Tenten to loose momentum as she continued to the next branch before stopping.
"What are you doing?" Tenten hissed. "We gotta hurry and get to the gate so we can hear the call!"

'The call' was a high pitched whistle Deidara was going to start from the Northen Gate which would go counter clockwise to the Western Gate where Neji and Suigetsu would be. They would then whistle loud enough for the Southern Gate to hear, where Kisame would be. Kisame would then whistle for Rin, and Rin would whistle to Deidara. After the circuit completed Itachi and Kisame would secure the front border, and they would begin the invasion.

"I can hear it from here." Rin muttered, holding her hands into the dog position. She was locating the Animal path, which she had knowingly ordered watch on near the Southern gate.

"But how?" Tenten demanded. "We're far from the gates."

"Just trust me." Rin broke concentration, raising her head to stare at Tenten. "I know what I'm doing."

Tenten nodded, crouching down on the branch.

Rin closed her eyes, lowering her head for maximum concentration. Her lips touched her thumb. "I hope." She whispered, inaudible for Tenten's ears.

An electric shock struck every nerve of Rin's body, causing her to gasp in shock. She almost opened her eyes wide, had it not been for the fact that she felt frozen solid. She felt Tenten getting farther and farther away as she flew through Konoha, through vendors, building, even people. All of the acceleration suddenly stopped as if she'd hit a brick wall. She felt the wind knocked out of her as she stared out at the world from different eyes.

Well they were clearly her Rin'negan eyes, but she seemed shorter. She blinked, dust filling her nostrils. She glanced down at the chalky dirt pavement. It took her a moment to realize exactly where she was before she discovered she had projected herself into Animal Path's body. She slowly turned in the new and uncomfortable environment, feeling significantly shorter. The strong gates of Konoha stood triumphantly and prideful before her, almost testing her power and will. She frowned. They would be gone within the hour. A minor pitch whistle was faintly heard through the gates. She noticed a few people look up. She felt herself move her hands up, but yet, hear hands weren't moving. And back she went, feeling the wind slide right through her as she flew backwards into her own body.

Rin recoiled back little, eyes wide and shocked. She brought two fingers to her lips, sending out her whistle. She noticed Tenten give her an incredulous look out of her peripheral vision.

"I didn't hear the whistle yet." Tenten stated softly, in a confused state.

Rin removed her fingers from her lips, grinning a little. "I did." She closed her eyes, calling Asura and Preta Path back to hide in the tree with her. "You go in when Itachi sounds the final, I'm going to monitor from here."

"Do you remember what I taught you?" Taza asked firmly. She and Ino stood concealed in a branch. Taza adorned a straw hat and Akatsuki robe, though that was her only form of affiliation to the new found team. "The stripping of water?"

"Of course." Ino held some leather sacks bound to her sides for extra water. The majority of her weapons were to come from the natural environment around her.

"Take some from that tree." Taza pointed to the one behind the two female. Ino nodded.

Closing her eyes, Ino slowly spun in a circle, bringing her right leg up to her chest. Her arms were curved into a circle as if she was doing a pirouette, but when she completed the circle, her eyes opened and she raised her hands to the right, fingertips pointing to the left, before flattening her palm, and slamming her arms to the left. The sound of a wave breaking onto he shore split through the silent air as water swirled around Ino's arm, creating easy access.

Taza glanced back at the tree, now wilted and a rotten damp brown color instead of the rich chocolate color it been before. She smiled a little bit. Lunging on her right foot, she stuck her left foot out to the far left, keeping a strong stance. She raised her arms up like Ino had, fingertips pointing to the left. Both palms flattened, but only her left arm struck down to the left side. An equally powerful amount of water broke free from the tree, surrounding her as well.

Pheeeeew! Ino and Taza's heads shot up. They'd been so preoccupied in supplying themselves that they had only noticed the whistle cue when Kisame sounded off. They hadn't heard Neji's at all.

Kisame and Itachi stood shielded in the trees. Kisame had just sounded his whistle. The breeze whipped around them, silence encompassing the elite pair. It took no time at all before two ANBU appeared at the top of the gate. The two ANBU glanced around cautiously before leaping into trees, one scouting the left side towards he and Itachi, the other right towards Ino and Taza. Kisame momentarily froze. Now that it came down to it, he was a little concerned for Ino. She hadn't had any legitimate battle training. Maybe she'd broken some skin on Naruto before while sparring, but nothing as drastic as taking a life with her water. He heard a faint slash, followed by the ANBU's body freefalling from the trees, limp, lifeless. Kisame grinned a little.

"Kisame." Itachi breathed from above him. Kisame flinched a little; he'd completely opened up his defense. Feeling foolish and embarrassed he glanced up to Itachi. Itachi's blood red eyes glanced down at Kisame before flickering ahead of the two. His eyes repeated this twice more, and Kisame nodded. He reached his hand back, grasping the handle of Samehada.

The ANBU appeared before Kisame. Kisame pulled out the sword, slicing the mask clean off the ANBU. He swung the sword at the officer, shaving the flesh off of his face with each fell swoop. At the sound of a bird, Kisame returned the sword to its sheath, leaping up into the branches. Blood dripped off the shaved face. It now missed essentials, a nose, lips, and the pupils of the now destroyed eyes. Itachi released two senbon into the neck and a kunai into the chest to deliver the final blow.

"Itachi, sound the loud one." Kisame instructed, staring at the gates. No ANBU had appeared as backup to the other agents.

Itachi brought his fingers to his lips.

PHEEWWWWWW! Deidara glanced at Karin. "Keep an eye out and lets do this carrot top." He smirked.

Ino and Taza leapt down from the branches. Ino took a stance like Taza had to take the water. One foot lunged towards the gate, the other strongly planted away from the gate. The water whirled around her coat as she raised her arms to the left; her palms flat, facing her body. The mass of water erupted from her, slashing up at the wood, creating a large slash. She heard the wood begin to give way.

"Again!" Taza shouted, standing in the same stance as Ino, her hands raised in preparation for battle.

Ino took a step forward, now in a stance identical to the one she had been in, but with the opposite legs. She dropped her hands, swinging them up to the right. The water followed her direction, slashing up to the right, slicing a large 'X' onto the wood. Ino raised her hands over her head in a circular motion, attracting the water back towards her body. It swirled around in a wide circle as she made the motion. As the water reached its peak, she pivoted her foot so she fully faced the gate. She brought her left hand back, thrusting her right hand forward.

The water froze, speeding towards the 'X' on the gate. The collision of the two was loud and earsplitting. Splinters of wood flew as the gate opened wide. Konoha became a chaotic mess as civilians fled to their humble abodes while ANBU called in for backup. Ino manipulated the water back to her, letting it rest on her arms as she sprinted into the village, Taza at her backup.

"Deidara?" She heard people scream. Her eyes rolled before narrowing in irritation. There happened to be a few distinctions between her and the bomber. For one, her hair happened to be a lighter blonde. Plus, it covered the opposite side of her face. Even though she'd cut it a few months back it had grown back fast, about half the length it had been before, reaching just past her shoulders. But that didn't matter, because it was tied into the ponytail that was causing so much irritation.

"Sakura." Shikamaru burst into Sakura's office. The pinkette glanced up at him, prepared to yell. However something stopped him. Maybe it was the near-desperate look in his eyes, or the mangled expression. Maybe it was the fact that he was panting, something Shikamaru didn't often do. Maybe it was the lack of color in his face, his drained complexion. Maybe it was because he actually showed genuine emotion and fear, something Sakura had maybe seen once from him. Whatever it was, it slapped Hokage-Sakura in the face, planting good 'ole Team 7 Sakura back into her place.

"What's wrong?" She asked, finding her eyes widen as every horrible possibility flashed through her mind. Sakura rose to her feet, her fingertips lightly touching the paperwork she had been leafing through. A moment of silence grasped the pair before Shikamaru spoke again.

"There were sightings of Akatsuki cloaks and straw hats. They've surrounded every perimeter. There are only two fatalities of our own for now. The Akatsuki's back, literally making Konoha part like the red sea wherever they walk. Few are in the village as of now, but there's one parading down the main road with manipulated water. People are identifying the person as Deidara, thought to be dead." Shikamaru trailed off hesitantly, causing Sakura to lean forward.

"There's more to it." She muttered. "The way you ended the sentence. That's not all there is, is it?" She stepped around the desk.

"It's not Deidara Sakura, its Ino." Shikamaru ignored the jaw-drop the Hokage gave him. "I know it's a long shot, but the hair is more bleach blonde than dirty blonde, and the hair is parted on the opposite side. It has to be her." Shikamaru insisted. The water had also been a dead giveaway to him, but no way in hell was he going to reveal the little tidbit of information he'd stumble across while on a mission in the Land of the Mist.

"Ino…" Sakura muttered. Her face appeared to show some vulnerability. Her childhood friend was the first to enter on an attack on their own village. Her eyes narrowed. "Call out every ANBU we have here right now. Vacations and leaves are all void, aside from any on pre-maternity. I need every agent out there now." She growled. "I'm heading out to face Ino." She started for the door.

Shikamaru stepped in front of Sakura's path. "No." He shook his head. "Ino's here. The Akatsuki is here. They had to have obtained the garb somehow. Kisame is still alive. Naruto, Tenten, and Neji left the village with Ino. Not to mention there's still the possibility of Sasuke going insane to attack the village. There are more important people to face off than Ino." He reasoned. "This is your village now. The priority of the people comes before your own. This is the first test of you being Hokage. Do not screw this up Sakura." His eyes were dead serious, boring into hers.

"I'm going to face off Ino. This is the showdown that was always meant to be. The Chuunin exams were just the preliminaries. This is the real deal. Kakashi will take on Tenten; get Kurenai, Gai, and Lee on Neji; lastly find Ibiki, Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon and put them on Naruto. We're getting personal with these lineups." Sakura instructed, brushing past him.

Shikamaru grabbed Sakura's shoulder. "Sakura, Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon are hardly Chuunin. They'll be ripped to shreds if Naruto is really there and shows no mercy."

"I know. Tell the Hyuuga's to prepare, get Sai ready, and alert the Aburame clan and Kiba as well. We need to get the useless ones out of the way first, wear them down. Next we'll let the real competition face them. Show no mercy." Her green eyes seemed cold for a reason that Shikamaru could not comprehend. "This is an attack against Konoha and I will not take it lightly." She threw open the door to a case where she pulled out a green vest robe, Tsunade's. Grasping the sash with more force than necessary, she tugged it tight, securing it around her waist, and grabbed the black gloves resting on the bottom of the cabinet.

Suigetsu leapt into the village at the sound of Kisame's final whistle. He glanced to Neji who was to his right side. The two crept along the side of the village wall, dodging and evading guards. Neji strained his Byakugan, pinpointing the exact locations of all the ANBU within perimeter. He spotted Kurenai and Hinata closing in.

"Suigetsu get out of here. Go find Karin or Tenten and make sure they get to the locations. If anything goes wrong then find me. We need to perform Tenten's scroll Jutsu." Neji quickly spoke, raising his hands.

"Tenten's what?" Suigetsu asked, with his eyes wide with the magic of spontaneity.

"Her scroll jutsu! Just tell her to use if things are going wrong." Neji instructed, shooing the nin away.

"Okay, can you find her?" Suigetsu hissed.

"She's near the East gate, look there." Neji remembered the lineups, sending a hasty look at Suigetsu. "Now go."

Sasuke ignored the whistle, sitting in a tree alone. He contemplated the last few months in a nutshell. Karin and Tenten had accompanied Itachi and him to the Lightning Country. He'd been hoping neither would have an affinity towards lightning so that they would simply disregard the training and let him and Itachi be. While this had been his main anticipation, a little bit of unease tugged at him when he remembered four people were required for Limelight.

All this was blown away when Karin and Tenten were presented with paper that both simultaneously crumpled up, the sign of Lightning affinity. Sasuke found himself feeling rather bittersweet about this. Bitter because he wasn't sure how training was going to be with two estrogen filled girls. Sweet because he knew they would advance proficiently in the style of Release.

He and Itachi were naturally going to be able to master the ability at an above average rate due to their Sharingan. Sasuke was a bit worried, however, about his drastically deteriorating eyesight. He was lucky enough to keep his Mangekyo, the pain he'd felt from truly believing he'd killed his brother had activated it, thank kami it didn't un-activate if the situation proved false.

Learning Lightning Release wasn't the only thing he shared with Itachi, Karin, and Tenten. There were nights that Karin and Tenten bombarded Sasuke and Itachi with questions about their past lives when they had initially been happy brothers. Sasuke, of course, already knew of his brother's almost fate and his intentions for leading Sasuke on a wild goose chase through the world. It was almost impossible for Sasuke to share the amount of respect he fathomed for Itachi. Tenten had been briefed in on the situation, he wasn't sure if she had been aware of it beforehand or not, but the point was, she knew now. She already showed distaste for Konoha, but he had a feeling his personal story with Itachi was the last straw for her. At the mention of the country she flinched, venom liquid pulsing through her. Sasuke held minor respect for both Tenten and Karin as well. Karin was skillful with her abilities and it was more than rare for Tenten to miss her target. Both were useful in battle.

Sasuke watched Suigetsu flash past on top of a rooftop. A frown pinched Sasuke's face. Suigetsu wasn't thinking again. Big black notorious cloaks, straw hats, pale skin, did all of this mean nothing to him? Why did that boy just flaunt himself for the world to see? Sasuke shook his head a little, rising to his feet to prepare.

Tenten leapt into the field of battle, ambushed almost instantly. She removed Kouatsu from her back, shoving the giant sword into the ground. Small jolts of electricity sparked around the impact point. She easily remembered Sasuke's specific instructions upon arriving to Konoha. Do not use any Lightning Release techniques before Limelight. They needed all their energy to contribute to the destruction attack. Senbon whirled from her sleeves, puncturing each ninja accurately, as to be expected.

She tipped her straw hat as she shot some kunai at a reinforcement attempt. Her long brown hair was tied into the signature buns, a tribute to her former life in Konoha, should she remove her hat. It was expected to be recognized this time around. Well, aside from Neji, whose hair had been recently cut, apparently on the way back from Iwagakure.

Suddenly Tenten felt a light breeze sweep over her head. Her vision all of the sudden became clear as day. She glanced up hesitantly, her breath caught from shock. Her hat was pinned to a wall; a kunai sticking into the side was the only thing that prevented it from falling to the ground. She whirled around angrily. At the sight of her attacker, her eyes widened and her mouth gaped. Hatake, Kakashi.

Fear flickered in Tenten's usually confident eyes. She knew she was a brilliant weapons mistress, but this was Hatake, Kakashi. He overpowered her in more ways then one. She'd be dead meat in no time. It was one of the few times since joining Team Shinu that she actually feared for her life. She and Neji had always been brilliant partners, with or without the assistance of Lee. Ino was powerful in her own way, and Naruto was brilliant as day. But they were all gone right now, off fighting their own battles. It was her and Kakashi, and both of them knew who would leave the battle alive.

"Hello Tenten." Kakashi stood against the wall of a building, his usual lazy stance. Tenten however, stood in a tensed and clearly alert position. Despite Kakashi's excellent discretion, she knew he was just as, or possibly even more, alert as she.

"Kakashi." She gave a small nod in his general vicinity.

"Tenten I'm going to have to ask you nicely to leave Konoha. For Gai's sake I will spare you." Kakashi's single eye narrowed. "But failure to do so will result in the loss of my mercy. I would have to take you down here and now." His eye flickered. "And believe me Tenten, I don't want to do that."

"Konoha is a place of lies!" Tenten cried. "Your Hokage is a joke. You massacred the most powerful clan in the city because you thought they were going to try and fight for the title of Konoha's rule." She narrowed her eyes, clenching her fists. The notion did not go unnoticed by Kakashi. "Kill me." She dared, releasing two senbon. She made a break for her sword as Kakashi easily evaded her simple attack.

Kakashi sent multiple kunai at Tenten, watching her as she grabbed for her sword. The first missed as she sprinted out of the way, the second managed to graze the sleeve of her cloak. He pulled out a large shuriken, whirling it at the young girl. She deflected it completely with the large sword, sending the weapon off into a fence.

"I don't intend on spending a lot of time here, just so you know." Kakashi almost effortlessly unleashed a few more weapons on Tenten, all deflected by Kouatsu. "Shikaku!"

"Already done." Shikaku smirked; stepping out from a wall opposing the one Kakashi had come from. Tenten's eyes widened as she felt her body walking forward. She'd sensed another ninja, but simply assumed it as an ambush, not for use of a stealth technique. She felt humiliated and stupid for underestimating the copy-ninja.

"Now. Let's get this over with." Kakashi yawned.

Rin's eyes widened as she watched from her spot in the trees, a significant distance from Konoha's borders. She flew into Deva's body, crouching near the destination. Ox. Rabbit. Monkey. The hand signs flew into her brain as Kakashi performed them, grasping his right wrist with his left hand. Lightning spewed out of his wrist, altering the color of the light around all of them. Rin could see Tenten flinching from the close proximity to the blinding white light.

Rin found her real body flying through the trees, pumping mass amounts of chakra through her feet. Kakashi backed up a few feet before he took a running start at Tenten, pulling his fist back. Rin pushed up from the branches with one last burst of chakra, grasping the straw hat from her hat and sending it towards Shikakum Nara. He glanced up from Tenten as the projectile smacked him right in the jaw, killing his concentration.

"No don't!" Tenten screamed at Rin as she regained control of her body. Rin ducked out of the way as Tenten flicked her wrist, sword in hand, altering the positioning of the sword. Kakashi's Lightning Cutter made direct contact with Kouatsu.

"Shit!" Rin heard Suigetsu curse. She frowned, wondering when the boy had arrived. She leapt towards the boy's voice, watching the blue light reflect off of Tenten's blade. "I really hope that sword owns up to what she says it's capable of." He slightly recalled his conversation with Tenten, over five months ago, when she had newly obtained her sword. 'I asked if he could create me a weapon, which absorbed lightning, morphing it into chakra that could channel through me.' He remembered her chirping in an excited tone. The bright look in here eyes, the youth in her cheeks. Her eyes were cold and severe, concentrated and driven. The light pink tint in her cheeks was gone, replaced by pale anxiety. Suigetsu could tell that she was just as doubtful of her weapon as he was.

Blue lightning flew off in every direction. Tenten's heartbeat skyrocketed, sending her into a heavy breathing fit. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Rin send a few kunai into Shikaku's neck. The man fell. Tenten felt her vein's pulsing with energy, her eyes wide as she stared at Kakashi. His eyes were just as wide. Her sword and his lightning-charged hand were opposites attracting. Her blade was sucking in all the chakra used in the attack; she could feel it worming in through her fingertips, finding her chakra veins.

Finally the blade ripped away from Kakashi's hand, sending both ninja off into opposite directions. Kakashi slid across the pavement while Tenten collided with one of Konoha's boundary walls. Unlike a normal reaction to slamming into a hard surface, Tenten hardly felt differenced. She glanced over and caught Suigetsu's eye. He broke contact, muttering a few inaudible words to Rin. Rin arched an eyebrow, but after a few seconds of Suigetsu talking she reluctantly nodded her head. Suigetsu leapt from Rin over to Tenten.

"Hey, you ok?" He asked, examining her face.

"Yeah, fine." Tenten recoiled a little. "Why? Do I appear otherwise?"

"No, just looked a little painful that's all." Suigetsu shrugged. He leaned in to Tenten's ear. "Neji wants you to perform your scroll jutsu." Their proximity was close, and Tenten had to restrain from heating up from this. Her main priority was the battle at hand.

"My scroll jutsu?" Her mind flew through the past months, trying to summon some recollection of this suggested jutsu. Her eyes widened in realization. "My scroll justu?" She was shocked that Neji would suggest such an unperfected jutsu. She'd passed out from lack of chakra her first and only attempt to perform the justu.

"Yeah." Suigetsu nodded, uneasy at the change of tone. "What exactly does this jutsu do?" He inquired softly, staring at her.

"It makes our life easier, that's what." Tenten muttered, glancing around. "Come with me to find Naruto." She leapt onto the fence, motioning for him to follow.

Karin stood exactly in the direction of the East. Her chakra was masked masterfully, untraceable for any kind of tracking nin. She glanced around before sitting down. "I knew something as simple as this would take forever." She muttered.

Rin stood before Kakashi. He'd been weakened from loss of chakra, though it would have been no different if his attack had made contact with Tenten rather than her sword. She watched his eyes before closing hers, focusing profusely. She felt her connections to each path sever completely before she opened her eyes. The colored iris with the hypnotic rings vanished, reverting back to the liquid brown eyes she'd been gifted with at birth. She raised her head, staring at Kakashi. She watched realization click into his brain as he identified the eyes, the hair, and lastly the purple stripes adorning either cheek. She watched him slowly move his headband up, revealing the Mangekyo.

"I thought you were dead." He muttered calmly.

"That's the brilliance, isn't it?" Rin shot back coolly, pursing her lips slightly.

"You faked a KIA." Kakashi pointed out.

"You watched me like a hawk."

"Is that a bad thing?"

"No. Of course not." Rin's eyes narrowed. "I thought I loved you Kakashi. I thought I was finally satisfied with the constant attention you gave me."

"You were my best friend."

"Only after Obito's death." Rin knew she struck a nerve in Kakashi with the name.

"Well aren't you bold to speak his name so freely."

"He was my friend too Kakashi. He loved me." She whispered.

"You're not doing the right thing. Obito wouldn't approve of this lifestyle choice of yours." Kakashi's eyes narrowed slightly. "You've changed."

"No Kakashi, you've changed." Rin pointed out, beginning to circle him. Kakashi turned so that she was always facing his front, so that neither of them would have an upper advantage. "Ever since Obito was killed."

"How so?" Kakashi arched an eyebrow.

"You never gave me the time of day until he died. Until he made you promise to protect my life with yours."

"Is that a bad thing?"

"Yes. Because it was constantly reiterated to the point where I wondered if that was the only reason you talked to me, or trained with me, or accompanied me on missions." Rin frowned. "You were the one I wanted, the one I fantasized about being with. And yet, I was the one to want you to leave me alone. I wanted to grow as a ninja." She smirked. "And I have." At the purposeful blink of an eye, the Rin'negan was reactivated, each Path returning to life. "I still wish for peace. But I look at Konoha and I see corruption." She glared. "I look at you, and I see corruption."

Jugo quickly moved his hands into seals. Rabbit. Boar. Rat. Horse. Tiger. Snake. His hands moved up, blocks of earth rising up with him as he performed Earth Flow Divide. He pushed his hands back and the earth followed the direction of the hands, clearing the streets. Civilians fled behind him, shinobi tried scattering senbon at him. Jugo slammed his fist into the ground, a large wall of earth erupting from the ground to his defense. He moved forward, wary of his surroundings. He glanced over at an alley way. A girl with fair skin and long purple hair was sitting by herself, and by the looks of it she was crying. Jugo's eyes softened for a second until he saw the girl draw a kunai. She plunged the kunai into her chest, blood coughing out of her blood one last time.

Jugo completely halted his actions, approaching the deceased in the alley. He stared at the girls empty eyes. The violet orbs were distant and forever unreachable. He leaned forward, gently closing the eyes with two of his fingers. The blood gleamed proudly on her cold flesh. His eyebrows twitched in disturbance, he'd been warned of fatalities. It didn't mean he had to like it. Truth is, he hated death. He disliked war all together. Sasuke had promised a peaceful place after this was all over, and it was up to Jugo to perform his task as instructed and simply trust Sasuke's better judgment.

"You looked scared." Tenten glanced over at Suigetsu, throwing down a kunai into the dirt. The two were running the perimeter of Konoha, Naruto trailing behind. This was a task Tenten had been asked to do numerous times with Gai. She hadn't the slightest idea at the time that it might prove to be useful in the long run.

"That's only because you couldn't see your own face. Now that's the epiphany of a scared face." Suigetsu shrugged simply. Tenten rolled her eyes.

"I'm sure. I just want this to be over with." Tenten sighed.

"Yeah. Me too. I haven't even killed anyone yet." Suigetsu muttered, shaking his head a little. "How disappointing." He glanced at the sword attached to Tenten's back. "Though I gotta admit, as much as I hate you for owning something that beautiful, I gotta admire how that thing delivered in battle."

Tenten nodded slightly. "I agree." She threw the last kunai down. "I would've been dead if not for it." She smiled, taking a running start. "Wait here!" She called, before flipping off the gate. She screwed in the kunai, removing it and replacing it with one scroll. She removed her right glove, slashing a cut with a kunai and smearing it on the scroll. She sprinted fast along the perimeter, stopping to dig a hole, plant a scroll, and feed the scroll her blood. This process was done approximately five times, or until she refaced Suigetsu and Naruto.

"Are you sure you're ready for this Tenten?" Naruto asked slowly, staring at her intently. If she messed this up, the invasion would be for nothing. No one else could perform Lightning Release and Limelight called for exactly 4 people at each cardinal point.

Tenten stared intently at Naruto and then Suigetsu. "No." She shook her head, bowing it. Suigetsu detected a hint of resignation from Tenten. Suddenly she was making rapid-fire hand signs, causing him to spring back a bit. His eyes widened.

"Yet…yi…san…hui!" Tenten cried, and all five scrolls exploded into the air.

Ino slashed through shinobi in her path with razor sharp water. Beads of sweat formed on her face, but she removed them, adding the water to her mass weapon. Taza had branched off to fight some people who had ambushed Ino from Ichiraku's. The owner's daughter, Ayame, laid in her own bloodshed. Ino was not sure who had killed her or what their reasoning was, but the past could not be undone. When she was being zoned in on by a reasonable amount of shinobi she raised her left hand, palm straight. Her right hand stayed at chest level, as if she was going to bow. The water swirled around her body. She dove both hands down in the center, spreading them out, fingers straight into the air. The water condensed to a single ring, expanding to push her attackers away.

A tremble in the ground and multiple screams were simply the preliminaries to a massive earthquake that broke Ino's stance, dropping all the water onto the ground. She snapped her head up in irritation, moving her arms in wave like motions towards her body. The water drifted up from the ground, replenishing her source significantly, if not more so.

"Hello Ino." The voice that nearly haunted every dream of Ino's was practically three feet away. She zoned in on pink hair, green eyes, fair skin, and a familiar green vest robe. It was a mini-pinker version of Tsunade. It was Sakura.