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-Chapter One-


I can hardly retain my excitement as I shove the hardiest clothes I own into a beat up orange suitcase. It was hideous, once again showing my poverty, but there was nothing that could dampen my mood.

I was looking forward to this so much that I was even arriving two weeks ahead of time. The university said it was all right, and other students were arriving early as well.

I continued with the clothes-shoving, coming across a navy blue tank top. After delegating its worth, I decided to bring it. There had to be heated indoor places in Anchorage, and anyways, it was my favorite top.

I wasn't excited for the fact of leaving, although this house didn't hold many memories. It was a fine place to live, a lonely place to live, with Renee leaving all the time to go to Phil's games but university wasn't going to be much different.

A friend of mine, Maggie, was totally pumped for university because of parties and freedom. Those weren't things I was concerned with; I knew I would spend my time studying and doing assignments.

At least I wont have to work, I thought to myself, trying to lift myself from the fog that my bleak view of university had caused. There wasn't much like a 97% average to get a full scholarship.

I glanced at the red glow of my alarm clock.

8:47 pm.

I might as well go to bed now, I reasoned. My flight was at 7 in the morning, resulting in having to leave at 4:30. It's a good thing we live so close to the Phoenix airport.

After I washed my face and brushed my teeth, I packed away the last few things I needed. With one final zip I was finished. Surveying my empty room I felt a pang of nostalgia.

There was nothing else I needed to do for tomorrow. Everything was ready.

With a sigh I lay back on my bed.

"Sleep, Bella," I whispered to myself, the same way Renee did when I was little.

I felt little now. My world was changing, expanding into something unknown.

It will never be the same.

With that disconcerting thought still in my mind, I sunk into unconsciousness.

-------------------------------------------- xo

"Would you like anything to drink?" an overly helpful, smiling airplane hostess asked.

I planned on politely rejecting her and her cart of beverages, so I could return to my book, Wuthering Heights, but my voice stuck in my throat, giving ample time for the girl beside me to turn around for the first time.

She was slim, with long reddish blond hair, and average features. Her eyes were amazing though; light celery green, and her bangs that covered her eyebrows only made them stand out more.

The oversized sunglasses perched on her head gave her an air of casual elegance.

Life is unfair.

"I'll take a Perrier, thank you," She said.

I stared at my hands, completely aware that my shirt was unhemmed, that I had a large smudge of ink on my left arm, and that my jeans didn't quite meet my shoes.

I was clutching my beat up paperback as if it was a life rope. She was listening to a black iPod, blasting rap music into my bubble.

My nose involuntarily wrinkled in disgust. I hated rap. I prefer happy music, music with lyrics that mean something. Rap was far too violent for me.

I turned back to my book, and lost myself in the 1800's, where there were old-fashioned morals and customs.

Where life was just plain easier.

"We entered the farmhouse by the kitchen way, to ascertain whether Mr. Heathcliff were really absent-" I was interrupted by the pilots voice telling us we were landing.

I sat up quickly, noticing everyone else already had his or her seatbelt on already. I clipped the seatbelt into place with my clumsy fingers, quickly, or as quickly as I could manage.

I raked my fingers through my hair just before I felt the telltale bump, landing gear, meet asphalt.

My orange juice, which I had forgotten about, practically jumped out of the bottle before landing on my pants. The sticky liquid spread from my crotch down the insides of my thighs, essentially making it look like I peed myself.