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As the sleek-coated, slender man in a ponytail leaned on the tavern counter, eyeing the bartender scarily as he chewed on the end of the toothpick that stuck between his lips, the bartender dropped the cup he was wiping clean at sight of the teenager.

"K-Kosa Hyuga!" the bartender yelped, shaking in fear when he saw the gun's mouth held before him. Anytime, he could be shot.

The pearly-eyed boy smirked and chuckled, explaining, "Kosa Hyuga is my father. I'm Eagle Eye Hyuga, they said. But I prefer to stick to my real name." With that, he rested his elbows on the counter; the gun was still pointed at the bartender.

"You owe my mafia money." Five simple words out of Eagle Eye and the bartender is terrified out of his wits.

With sweat rolling down the sides of his head, the bartender honestly replied, opening the register, "I don't have the 500 dollars now! Give me more time, please!"

Hearing that, Eagle Eye rolled his eyes and mumbled back, "You asked for a month last time. Time's runnin' out, bub."

The gun was still pointed at the petrified bartender as he still quivered all over. Eagle Eye placed his finger on the trigger but hesitated in pulling it all together. Such a relief for the poor bartender.

Heaving a sigh, Eagle Eye looked away and still keeping the gun pointed at the bartender, he pulled the trigger.

Glass shattered and alcoholic drinks splashed onto the floor. Some smoke spewed faintly from the gun's mouth and with that, Eagle Eye turned his gaze again on the man and kept his stare blank when he found the bartender still standing.

After that, he replaced his gun into his belt and explained to the traumatized bartender, "Look, I'll still give you one more month. If by then you still don't have the money, I'm sending someone else to kill you."

Then and there, he pushed against the tavern door and left.

Outside, Eagle Eye met with his younger cousin, Blue Gun Shot.

"Bastard," Blue Gun Shot growled at him as she leaned on a nearby car, "If you're going to volunteer to fetch some money from a loaner with the orders to 'immediately throw the loaner to sleep with the fishes' if he doesn't pay up, at least do it right. You didn't kill him, did you?"

"I couldn't. But I destroyed his vodka collection…"

"Vodka spilled on the floor won't make him pay the debt." Blue Gun Shot snapped, taking her own .45 out of her thigh pouch, "Really, you bull shit, do I have to do things myself?" She cocked her gun and walked towards the door.

"Hey!" Eagle Eye yelled, stopping her from doing so with a firm hand on her shoulder, "I gave the guy a month to pay. Can't we wait? At least we get paid."

"You gave the bloody shit another month to pay? But we have a sit-down three nights from now."

Eagle Eye rolled his eyes and said, trying to convince his partner, "We wait for the money and if he doesn't pay next month, we hot rod him."

"Hot ro—?"

"Kill, Hanabi."

"Damn it, don't use my real name!" Blue Gun Shot swatted Eagle Eye's hand away as she kept her gun and added, "And have you gone soft or something? If our loaners discover that Eagle Eye Hyuga is actually a merciful sissy, we're done for it."

Eagle Eye shook his head and walked ahead of his cousin. Blue Gun Shot caught up with his brisk walking and started talking, "Back then, you were the Eagle Eye Hyuga, son of Kosa Hyuga. Damn, cuz, now you're like some stupid low-class subordinate. Oh my gawd, don't tell me…"

That last unfinished statement made Eagle Eye arch a brow passively. "…You've fallen in love, huh?" Blue Gun Shot concluding, gasping sarcastically.

"That's the last thing that'll happen to me."

"Right. But you had a girl last year, right? What was her name? Oh-what's-her-face?"

"I don't know."

Blue Gun Shot laughed and ridiculed him, "Oh, gawd, you can't even remember the name of the bitch you went straight with 15 months ago! Haha! I think her name was Sa—…"

"Shut up." Eagle Eye snapped, batting her head forward, "I'm not going to fall in love again. Not again. I'm putting the mafia as my top priority so… yeah, love stinks. You, on the other hand, lack taste."

"You shut up, ass hole. My guy's pretty good."

"Hn, great? Just coz he pays your debts?"

"That. And a lot of other reasons that you don't need to know."

Eagle Eye chuckled and went on, saying, "Well, let's make a bet. I'm not going to fall in love again. As long as I stay single and straight-faced when it comes to other girls, you pay me up a thousand monthly. If I lose, you get my birthright."

"Shit, your birthright? That's the right to head the mafia when Kosa Hyuga's kicked the bucket, yeah?"

The teenage boy nodded and said without much thought, "Got that right. It's not like you'll win this bet, anyway. The paying of the thousand starts tomorrow and the next pay will be next month. If you do get my birthright, it wouldn't matter. I can leave this crap mafia to you."

"Sweet!" Blue Gun Shot exclaimed, throwing her fist into the air, "I am so going to be happy on your wedding day."


"Get out of here!"

"What?! Why the hell are you throwing us out, you bitch?"

"This is a restaurant! You can't smoke weed here!"

"And if we want to?"

"Gawd, I hate these bull shits." The waitress thought, biting her lip as she stood in front of six drug smokers, "Can I at least kick their heads off of their necks? No, calm down, Tenten. You wouldn't want to get fired again, right? Tell them to get lost… nicely."

"Uh…" Tenten started, clearing her throat, "I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to— Shit!"

A corner of her skirt caught a small flame from one of the smokers' lighter. Then and there, the smokers laughed boisterously, watching Tenten slap the corner of her skirt to put the fire out while she screamed.

Many diners have started to take attention and even Tenten's employer was witnessing everything with a worried expression. "Hey, girlie!" one of the weed smokers called her when she was done with the fire on her skirt. He leaned nearer to her and asked jokingly, "How much are you?"

The men started cackling uncontrollably as Tenten's blood started to boil. "Alright," she thought angrily, "That went too far."

And as the man kept laughing, Tenten walked closer to him and threw her head forward, making it wham against the smoker's. The man drew back in pain, groaning and holding his forehead in agony. More of the diners took more attention.

"You want a piece of me, eh?" Tenten screamed, holding her fist up, "Huh? Do ya?"

With that, the group of weed smokers stood from their booth and cracked their knuckles.

"Oh, shit," Tenten thought panicking, "Wh-What have I done? I… I don't know how to fight six able-bodied men all at the same time!"

One of them gave her a blow to the stomach, making her clutch her abdomen in twinge. When someone threw his weight against her back, she fell onto the floor and moaned as the six smokers kicked and sent blows against her.

She couldn't do anything but shed a few tears out of pain and place her hands over her head in fear. Tenten could tell that some of the other diners tried to stop the spat, but their efforts were in vain.

For Tenten, all she could see at the moment was the floor and the five drops of blood on it that came from her jaw. She heard jeers, her groaning and the sound of the hitting.

"Oh my gawd, when is this going to stop?" She thought in panic and distress as they kept on beating her up, "Help me! What kind of things do I get myself into, anyway? Shit, shit, shit!"

And finally, they stopped. Before she looked up to see what was happening, she heard hastened and heavy steps that led out the diner door. They were finally gone.

Tenten held her head up and gazed at the people who tried to pick her up. Even her employer was there. And he said, "Tenten, come to my office."

She nodded and limping, she walked to her boss' office in depression.

Once she was there, she took a seat in front of his desk and prepared to listen. She checked her arms and legs for bruises and found several. Her backside still hurt and her hip was aching. And there was still blood down her bottom lip.

"Tenten," her boss started, "This has been the fourth time you got into an unnecessary fight with customers this week. Last time, it was a grandma." She hung her head low and sighed. "And," her employer added, "You're just lucky that you're not badly hurt."

Hearing this, she could only nod. "But," her boss said, "I have to fire you now. The restaurant has been carrying a pretty bad reputation ever since you started working here. Plus, you're getting beaten up more often. I can't take responsibility for that. I'm sorry. "

"Damn it."

And with a heavy sigh, Tenten mumbled, "I understand." Her boss held a sympathetic and pitying look. He knew Tenten was just a desperate teenager who needed a part-time job since she needed money for college. And she's also sweet during the right times.

"Proceed to the locker room, return the uniform and leave."

With those instructions, Tenten got up and did as she was told.


"Who's the next loaner?"

Eagle Eye flipped his notebook open and checked the next person to persuade into paying. They all loaned money from the mafia, but they were all overdue. If the mafia doesn't get the money soon, it'll have terrible outcomes.

"The next loaner is," Eagle Eye began, closing the book, "Old Man Masaki."

Blue Gun Shot arched her brows and started to chuckle, "Old Man Masaki, eh? That ass owes us almost 10,000 dollars! And every year, he either succeeds in convincing Kosa Hyuga to let him pay next time or asks more money from us. He's like a persuader, only old. Really old."

"Do you think he's even alive?"

"He's not, dummy. His wife is dead, too."

"So, who are we going to ask the money from? His dog?"

"He must have children. From my research, he has a kid working at this diner here." Blue Gun Shot pointed at the diner nearby with her gun at hand. It was a simple diner in the middle of a fast food chain.

With that, Eagle Eye cocked his gun and said, "Well, let's go."

"Sure. I do the shooting."

"No unnecessary shooting, bitch."

"Damn you."

They crossed the street and walked into the diner with their guns hidden in their pockets. Eagle Eye approached the counter and asked, "Is the guy managing this place here? We need to talk to him."

Hearing that, the girl behind the counter nodded and called for the store manager, Tenten's (And everyone else's) boss. He came out, welcoming Eagle Eye and Blue Gun Shot. "Do you know anyone with the name Masaki?" Blue Gun Shot asked him inertly.

He nodded and said, "Why, yes. He's an old friend of mine. But, unfortuna—…"

"Does his kid work here?"

"Not anymore, sorry. I had to fire the poor child."

"Where is he?"

"She's still here, though. She'll be out in a minute. Would you like me to call her?"

Eagle Eye arched a brow at the words 'She' and 'her'. Blue Gun Shot raised her brows and replied, "Hurry her out. We need to talk to her."

The two Hyugas exchanged glances when Tenten came out in her jacket and jeans. "Pretty hot chick, eh?" Blue Gun Shot whispered discreetly to Eagle Eye, teasing him. Eagle Eye simply rolled his eyes and began, "What's your name, kid?"


"You're Masaki's daughter?"

"Well, yeah."

"Know the mafia Caged Hyuga?"

"I've… heard of it. Why?"

Blue Gun Shot took her turn to talk as she eyed Tenten indifferently, "Your pops owes the mafia money."

Hearing that, Tenten's eyes grew, "Are… Are you part of that mafia?"

"Sure are. Now, about the money…"

Tenten's former boss' eyes grew in worry. He unnoticeably reached into his pocket, trying to dial the police on his phone while it was in his pocket. Eagle Eye took his gun out and pulled the trigger, shooting and missing the man nearly when he noticed the man dialing something on his phone.

He smirked and growled, "I wouldn't do that if I were you. Take your phone out and put it on the counter."

Obediently, the man did as he was told as Blue Gun Shot went on, "Your father owes the mafia money. We need it now."

"I-I'm sorry, but…" Tenten tried to talk her way out of trouble, "I never knew that my father owed you guys money. A-And, I lost my job earlier. I don't have money now! I need time."

Blue Gun Shot sighed and pointed her gun at Tenten, saying, "Gawd, I hate it when you shitty people ask for more time. Screw you."

Eagle Eye's hand drew the gun away as he told his cousin, "Oh, come on, don't kill her now. She didn't even know that her dad owed us money. What d'you say we give her the time she needs? Let's say… a month?"

"Whose side are you on, cuz?" Blue Gun Shot screamed, eyeing Eagle Eye angrily. Tenten was simply relieved that one of them isn't the kind to just finish you off then and there.

With a compassionate look at the girl, Eagle Eye said, "Look, give her a month. That's it. By then, she could have a new job and she'd have at least half of the 10,000, right? Come on, Blue G." His eyes pierced through her, forcing her to drop her gun and mutter.

"A month again?" Blue Gun Shot growled, "Make it three weeks."

"Three and a half!" Eagle Eye bargained.

"Four. Take it or leave it."

"That's a month, dumb ass."

"Take it or leave it, bastard!


Tenten was there to hear everything and she spoke up, trying to get it clear, "So, you're giving me four weeks to get the money I need and you won't kill me, right?" The two Hyugas nodded in acknowledgement.

"But," Blue Gun Shot added, "We don't want you leaving the country, changing your name and hair color and all just so you can escape this shit. So, Eagle Eye here is going to keep an eye on you."

With that, Eagle Eye yelled, "What?! We didn't talk about that!"

"Well," Blue Gun Shot explained, "If she gets away with this, Kosa Hyuga will do away with us. Do we have much of a choice? Where do you live, kid?"

Tenten hesitated in answering till a gun was aimed at her again, "In my parent's house at Sunset Bay View Street."

The mafia partners whistled upon hearing that. The mansion at Sunset Bay View Street is one worth robbing from. "Which means," Blue Gun Shot said, placing her arms across her chest, "Either my cousin here lives in the same place or he sleeps outside."

Eagle Eye grumbled and threw his cousin an irritated look.

Tenten sighed. If she won't agree to this, these two goons will just shoot her any time. But it's scary to let one of them into her house. So…

"He sleeps outside." Tenten concluded, half-smiling. With that, Blue Gun Shot grinned and concluded,

"10,000 dollars in four weeks. We'll be waiting."


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