"You're mine," he whispered into the vibrant haired teen's ear, "all mine."

Brown eyes flickered, going a full deep brown, the bottom lids rising as tears slipped slowly down his cheeks, his canines enlarging as he struggled, trying to shove the taller male off, pain coursing through his veins.

The sound of flesh smacking flesh echoed throughout the white room, completely insulated so no one could hear the teen's cries.

"Say it," the pale man hissed, digging his nails into the lightly tanned teen's hips, smirking as he watched the boy slam his eyes shut, tears rolling down from his eyes, scrapping his blunt nails across the teal haired man's muscular chest, "say you're mine." His teeth nibbled on the lobe of the boy's ear, his smirk widening as a frightened whimper slipped past parted pale lips.


He frowned, releasing the patch of flesh, bringing the fragile form's hips up more, slamming in relentlessly, like the animal he was, licking his lips as he took in the scene displayed before him right now. The vibrant haired teen threw his head back, crying out in pain, shuddering as his legs wrapped around the man's waist, hands gripping his shoulders, nails buried into his skin, blood trickling down the small crescents.


"Say…" he growled, latching his teeth onto the teen's neck, "…it…" Droplets of crimson blood bubbled up from the wound, "now," His pink organ traced over it, "Ichigo."

"Ah! G-Grimm!!" the teen screamed, eyes snapping open once his prostate was punctured, flickering violently as he arched close, breathing hitching once a tongue rolled over a pert nipple. "Grimmjaw!!"

The teal haired man smirked, pulling out and jerking the shivering boy towards him, smashing their lips together as he used his free hand to relocate the youth onto his member once again, bucking his hips up as the shuddering figure wrapped his arms around his neck, yanking away from the lip-lock to throw his head back with a shout of bliss.

"Nugh! Please!!"

The elder male lifted his head, lips close to the youth's ear. "'Please' what?"

His brown orbs were glazed over, rocking his hips as he rode the muscular form's arousal, moaning as he rubbed his chest against the resisting form's own. Dropping his head, his lips moved, eyes full of lust.

"I-I'm -" He was cut off when his prostate was stricken once again, throwing his head back, relishing the feel of the elder's lips caressing the skin, sucking on it and leaving a mark. "I'm yours!"

Corruption never felt so right...

I wanted this to be something...I dunno, something close to dark love or whatever, love/hate. I meant for this to be short though...since I didn't feel like going all out yet. Please review.

NOTE: one of my reviewers told me that the word 'epidermis' in the last part killed the whole scene, so I changed it.