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Chapter 10: The Heart's Path

Kairi's POV

"Here you go, you're darling newborn son has been blessed." I said handing the baby boy to the mother standing in front of me.

I stood up from the throne with a ridiculously huge dress that I can actually not breathe in. Apparently, according to my agenda, I'm supposed to answer "prayers" of the townspeople once a week. They think I'm God for crying out loud. I'm not! I'm only human for the love of Heath Ledger!(A/N: I have NOTHING against him!) Well, at least that was the last one of the day. I was so bored of this whole charade, it wasn't even funny. I didn't even want to get up. I just wanted to spend the rest of my afternoon sitting in a chair staring into space. Mainly because this dress was hard to walk in and I look ridiculous in this stupid tiara. I look like I'm a 4-year-old playing dress up.

Good thing it was empty in this room because I let out a scream just because I felt like it. Let me tell you, living here is like living like the President. I'm not getting anymore free time. I always have something to do. My annoying Aunt Haruka is still living here and is still calling me by my annoying birth name, Kiyori. Kousuke and Tai came and sat right in front of me as I leaned back to take a breather. At least they cared about how I felt compared to other people here.

"You look really tortured doing this stuff." Kousuke brought up.

"I am. Everyone comes to me thinking I'm a miracle worker! They expect me to do such miraculous things like cure someone of pneumonia within three seconds or to build them a house magically, or some of those insane things."

"No one ever said ruling a country would be easy. Just take a look at America! The economy's going to Hell and only God knows what the President is going to do about it." Tai crossed his arms and leaned back against my chair.

"I wish I could just quit." I groaned.

"Hey! Maybe something good will happen!" Kousuke said optimistically.

"I hope so!" I said raising my voice.

Within a minute of me saying that, the doors in front of my burst open. Vaan and Balthier came walking in. They looked very stern. What happened outside? They're making it look like they just caught someone trying to rob a bank. I figured that it was something this serious, I'd better straighten up and pay attention. Kousuke and Tai went from right in front of me to right next to me so that Vaan and Balthier could get a little closer.

"What happened this time?" I asked not caring actually.

"Well, we found three really weird guys that claim to be your friends." Vaan replied.

"They're a duck, a dog, and a guy having a really bad hair day and they claim to be your friends." Balthier added. Were Sora, Donald, and Goofy really here? It must be them! But I had to make sure because it could be anybody actually.

"Show them to me!" I ordered standing up from the throne. They moved out of the way revealing Reno holding two of them and Rude holding the third one.

"For the last time! I'm a friend of Kairi Uchida!"

"Sora! Donald! Goofy!" It was them! I knew it all along!

"You know these idiots?" Reno asked with surprise.

"Hey!" All three of them yelled.

"Let them go!" I said with my voice high.

Reno and Rude then suddenly dropped them on the ground and left the room so I could catch up with friends. I felt kind of bad for doing this, but I didn't really care at the moment. Even thought Donald and Goofy greeted me, I ran right past them and into Sora's open arms. It has seriously been three months? It seems longer. It has seemed like forever since I had seen Sora and it was an adrenaline rush moment. I could tell that Kousuke, Donald, Goofy, and Tai felt ignored, so I broke away from Sora.

"You're back." I said staring into his eyes. "And you reek! Where have you been?"

"Prison." Sora laughed nervously.

"You went to prison?" I asked in shock. "What did you do?"

"We didn't do anything!" Donald answered. "These wacky ninjas just suddenly locked us up in prison." It sounded weird, but I'll believe them.

"Well, I'm just glad that you're back." I hugged Sora again.

"All right! All right! That's it! No more mush!" Kousuke got in the way of us.

"What's this thing?" Sora asked.

"I'm not a THING! I'm Kousuke and I'm a moogle!"

"Oh! So this is a moogle." He then started playing with the pom-pom. Doesn't he know NOT to play with the pom-poms? Apparently not!

"Oh! Why you little…" Kousuke looked like he was going to rip Sora's guts out! I jumped and caught the pissed off moogle and sent Tai to take him upstairs to my room so he could cool off.

"I think you need a time out." Tai said walking Kousuke upstairs. That's when I realized a few people were missing.

"Hey, wait a minute, where are Riku, Roxas, and Namine?"

"Riku had to stay behind on the island. Namine is at that one hotel down the street. And Roxas…" Sora finished with his head low.

"This doesn't look good." I walked up close to Sora.

"It isn't." Donald agreed.

"Roxas…he didn't make it all the way. He was thrown in prison with us, and when we escaped, one of us had to stay behind to fight the guards. Roxas gave his life for us. I feel so stupid about it. I should've been the one to stay behind, not Roxas. He hasn't experienced life all that much yet. At least I lived 18 years. Roxas only lived 4 years."

"How did Namine take it?" I asked.

"Not so well. She's having a hard time going through it. And so am I. I care about Roxas like the brother I never had."

"But Roxas is still in our hearts, right?" Goofy asked.

"Remember what you said about our hearts?" Donald asked.

"Yeah." Sora nodded. "Our hearts are connected. That's what kept us going through all of those difficult journeys. If I'm right about that, then Roxas is still here, in our hearts."

"Now, before we go any further, you guys should clean up at your hotel. I'll come and visit you guys in a little bit." I said showing my friends the way out.

After getting changed out of this ridiculous outfit, I was finally back into my casual clothes and was heading over to the hotel that was down the street from the palace. I felt a sort of happiness within me that I just couldn't explain. I couldn't stop thinking about Roxas, though. How could have Roxas not have made it? Poor Namine is having a hard time with it. I'd love to help, but there's nothing I can do about it. It was Roxas' time, I guess. I better not bring him up while I'm over at the hotel. She might get very upset over it. This made me think about that time a few years ago when I thought Sora wasn't going to make it though.

I shook those thoughts out of my head and walked into the hotel. I asked for Sora Hikari's room and she gave me the room number. The hotel was really nice, actually. I've never been to this one. I was just hoping that Sora was able to afford to stay here. After taking the elevator up six floors, I finally came across his room. I knocked on the door and was greeted by Donald opening the door. He stepped aside and let me into the room. Goofy was watching Full House on ABC Family and Sora was in the bathroom playing with his hair. I looked out the balcony and saw Namine!

"Namine!" I greeted her at the balcony.

"Oh my gosh! Kairi!" Namine and I shared a hug. "How have you been?"

"Miserable. Everybody expects me to perform miracles for them!"

"I guess that's your punishment for being a princess." Sora joined the conversation from the bathroom.

"Hey! It's not my fault!" I laughed. "What are you doing to your hair, anyway?"

"Well, apparently while I was in prison, a spider decided to lay her egg sack in my hair, so now I have like a hundred spider babies in my hair that I'm trying to get out with pliers."

"It could've been worse. A falcon could've made a nest in your hair like one did to..." Namine paused. I knew who she was talking about.

"I'm sorry about Roxas." I placed a hand on my Nobody's shoulder.

"It's just that…I've never known anyone like him."

"Poor Roxas." Donald sighed.

"Well, let's not talk about him anymore. I don't want this reunion to me a depressing time for us. It should be a happy time!" I said trying to cheer Namine up.

"Well…okay." She gave in.

"So Kairi, we still have to catch up where we left off." Sora came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. "How about dinner tonight?" For some reason, I actually didn't feel up to going on a date.

"Um…actually, do you think we could…hold off." I asked hoping he wouldn't mind.

"Is there anything wrong?" He asked.

"No! Not at all. It's just that, I just think everyone at the palace should meet you, Donald, Namine, and Goofy."

"Dinner sounds great!" Goofy agreed.

"I'd love to meet Kairi's new friends." Namine agreed. "Sora?"

"Works for me! As long as I can get some grub around here." His stomach started to growl.

"Actually Sora, could I speak to you alone in the lobby for a minute?"


Sora replied coolly as he followed me out the door. Man, how was I going to break this to him? I've already broken his heart twice. The first time, when we broke up a couple of years ago and the second time, recently when I disappeared. I was just going to have to come right out and say it. I could say that is what I did, but then I'd be lying. There was no way I could just say it to his face. Sora always had that innocent look a puppy dog has when he's begging for a treat. That's just what his face shows. He's asking for my heart back, but I can't give it back to him.

"Sora…" I began to say, but was interrupted by him wrapping his arms around me.

"Sorry." He apologized. "I just…I can't believe I'm holding you again." Sora pulled away. "I thought something happened to you and was worried sick the entire time." My eyes started to water. Great! Now the love he was giving me made me felt even shittier than I did before! "Kai, you okay?"

"I'm…so happy to see you." I wiped the tears away. "I truly am, but there's something that you need to know."

"What's wrong?"

"It's just that…so much is going on that…I just…don't have time for a relationship right now." I turned my back to him not wanting to see the saddened look he was going to have on his face. "I'm sorry."

"So, you just want to break up?" He asked calmly. "Do you want me to leave?"

"No! I don't want you to leave. I just don't think I should be in a relationship right now. What I'm trying to say is that I think we should take a break from our relationship until I can figure this out. I still want us to remain friends, but if you don't want to, that's okay."

"Kairi…" Sora lifted my chin up. "Our relationship is more than just our romance. It's also about the friendship that evolved into our relationship. If you want to just be friends, that's okay. We just won't be romantic around each other, that's all."

"You're right." I nodded in agreement. "Thanks, Sora." I went in to hug him, but then I stopped about halfway. "Oh, what the heck?" I said out loud and hugged Sora really quick. We then went back into the room and joined Namine, Donald, and Goofy.

"Sora, can we get food?" Donald asked.

"We're starving." Goofy held his stomach.

"There's a food court downstairs on the first floor." Namine pointed out.

"Great. Anyone got any munny?" Sora asked. Everyone sighed at how empty their wallets were.

"Then let's head to the palace. You guys should meet my new friends at the palace."

I led them outside of the hotel and we started heading on over towards the palace. Regardless of how much it sucked to be living life in Radiant Garden, I was glad to see some of my closest friends again.

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