A/N: Hello readers! Here is my first attempt at a Little Mermaid fanfic! Like every other little girl I wore out my VHS of this fantastic movie and have moved on to loving the broadway musical as much as the original film. This is set almost a year after the movie and will go from there. Please enjoy and I hope you like it!

"Ariel, you have to talk to dee boy. You can't just sit around unhappy. It's making me grumpy," Sebastian pouted. Ariel laughed as she put her hair up in a bow and checked her complexion in the mirror.

"Oh Sebastian, you're always grumpy," Ariel said with a smile. "And I'm not unhappy, just...homesick. That's all."

It had been nearly a year since Ariel's complete human transformation and marriage to Eric. She had seen her father, Triton, on a few occasions but Sebastian remained her main sea companion and connection to the goings-on in the ocean. Ariel did not admit to anyone, except Sebastian of course, that she was feeling homesick. She felt as though it would be rude and selfish to even mention it. Besides, she worked so hard to become human, why would she want to go back to the sea now? Eric was here, with her at the castle where she belonged. Well, where part of her belonged. Ariel felt as though half of her belonged under the sea and the other half belonged in the world above. It truly was a dilemma.

"ARIEL! Geez child, did ya lose your ears when you got legs?" Sebastian remarked, as he clearly had been trying to get Ariel's attention.

"I'm sorry Sebastian, I was just thinking," Ariel said simply.

"Well think about how you're going to talk to dee Prince. I'm surprised he hasn't noticed your mood yet," Sebastian muttered reproachfully.

"Sebastian, don't worry so much or you're really going to make me unhappy, which I currently am not," Ariel teased. What Sebastian said had stuck a chord in her though. She didn't like lying, but she felt she had to for Eric. She couldn't disappoint him after all he'd done for her. So when Eric asked if she was happy, the answer was always an ecstatic 'yes' which was, after all, mostly true.

"Well you better do something soon or I'm going to go get King Triton myself and tell him," Sebastian threatened.

"Just give it some time Sebastian," Ariel said, though she almost liked the idea. "Everything will turn out alright."

Ariel head downstairs for dinner, and gave Eric a quick peck on the cheek before sitting beside him at the dining table.

"Well hey there, where have you been?" Eric asked.

"Oh I've just been walking about, thinking," Ariel smiled.

"Oh? About what?" Eric asked congenially.

"You," she said.

"Hmm I've been thinking about you too," Eric smiled as he stroked her bright red hair.

"Yeah I've been thinking about the ocean too," Ariel said.

"Oh yeah? What about the ocean?" Eric asked, still smiling, but hesitant.

"Oh you know, I always do. It was my home for sixteen years," Ariel teased lightly. Eric relaxed.

"Oh yes, how could I forget? I'm married to a mermaid," Eric grinned.

"Well, not really," Ariel said blankly.

"What? Was it something I said?" Eric asked.

"No, it's fine I just meant that I'm not...well I'm not a mermaid anymore," Ariel said simply.

"Yes that's true, but to me you'll always be my little mermaid," Eric said softly as he kissed her on the cheek. Ariel smiled at the gesture, and it was true, Eric had always called her his "little mermaid." Never before had it hurt though, it had been a pet name, something cute and romantic. Now it was just a reminder of the home and life Ariel was beginning to miss all too much.

So I know that this was short, but I had to set it up for you before diving in. Excuse the pun. I hope you liked what was there though and please review! Thank you!