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Recap: Lorelai's deep secret is out and Luke is okay, if not thrilled, with it. Time for the fluffy ending. Short and quick.

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Six months later, they were standing in a hotel room, kissing and basically getting more and more passionate.

Lorelai pulled back breathlessly, "I can't believe that we made it!" She mentally counted all of her cold showers and knew that he had probably taken just as many, if not more.

She praised all the powers she could think of for the wonderful man that loved her. "Thank you for being patient with me. I love you so much Luke. What did I do to deserve someone as great as you?" she asked him with her heart in her eyes.

Luke answered, just as out of breath, "You said you loved me. And for the record, I'm the fortunate one to get you. But thank you for not wanting a long engagement! I've forgotten what a hot shower feels like," he laughed.

He was so excited to be a family with his two favorite people. He never believed that it could happen, especially not with them. And he knew that Lorelai wasn't against the idea of more children in the future. Although, both of them hoped it wouldn't happen too soon.

"Just details to Miss Patty or Babette!" he pleaded as he drew her close again, pulling her to the bed.

Then scene pulled back to show the door to their Honeymoon Suite closing.

A/N: That's it folks, hope the ending wasn't too sappy. To be honest, beyond smoochies, I'm not good at the sex stuff. I'd much rather imply it.