The RPM rangers aren't unique.

They just don't know it.

When Venjix infected the world's computers, years' worth of information was destroyed. The names of the original rangers were on one of the first government databases to crash. Dana Mitchell's ground-breaking paper 'All the Colours of the Rainbow: Integrating a Dysfunctional Team' was deleted along with other irreplaceable medical texts when Venjix slipped through an SPD firewall. The only copy of Mack Hartford's unpublished biography was lost when his grandson's laptop was confiscated at a Corinth check-in point. Venjix didn't specifically target information on rangers, but he would have been pleased if he'd known. There's an entire chapter of history that just doesn't exist anymore.

There is so much RPM could learn from their predecessors. But all they have are snippets of stories and a lot of speculation. In their minds there's no link between them and those distant, glorious figures that defended earth at the turn of the century. Ziggy doesn't know Conner McKnight was a reluctant hero as well. Summer doesn't know Ashley Hammond was also caught between her family's expectations and her own dreams. Scott doesn't know Sky Tate, like him, struggled and failed to be perfect.

They don't know that they are far from unique, and far from alone.

But RPM doesn't know this.

They have no history.