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Sarah's POV:

I sighed in frustration and boredom as I looked down at scroll I had just read for the thousandth time.

After Genie had taken me to the doctor's in the palace, they had deduced that my wrist was indeed broken. So, they gave me the best treatment Agrabah could give….

They made me drink some nasty tasting shit that knocked me out for three weeks.

When I finally came to, I found myself in my own bed, my wrist tightly wrapped in bandages, and Lisa at my side, sketching quietly. She looked up when she heard me try and sit up and she assisted me; afterwards handing me a canteen of water.

After I drank, Lisa explained to me that I had been comatose for three weeks. The doctors said that this time was the most crucial for my healing and I couldn't move my arm at all in order for it to heal right. So, they gave me a dose of the medicine every other day.

After the doctor inspected me the day before, they said it was safe for me to wake up; on the condition that I didn't get out of bed until he said so….

That had been about two weeks ago, and I'm still confined to my stupid bed.

I always get plenty of visitors, though. The Sultan would come when he wasn't busy and would bring me things to read from the library. Jasmine would come and talk girl with me (at which time Lisa would promptly leave the room). Aladdin would stop by and ask me for advice on this and that. Lisa, since she shared the room with me, was always near at hand to tell me about this new sword and about how a new raid went.

Genie was my most frequent visitor, though. Ever since we had kissed and made up (literally), Genie had been a lot more open. We would spend hours with him telling me about his adventures travelling the world and I would listen and ask questions when necessary; and when he decided he should leave and let me rest (by this point my ribs would usually be aching from laughter), he would always wish me farewell with a mind-blowing kiss.

However, in all the time we've spent together, he has yet to tell me WHY he had avoided me. So, I intended on asking him today.

But alas, he hasn't come yet. So, I am sitting here, bored out of my wits, while Lisa sketches, looking at me periodically.

"Surely," I said, wanting desperately to break the silence, "there are better things for you to sketch then me reading."

"Who said I'm sketching you reading?" she asked by, a sly tone in her voice.

I looked at her in suspicious curiosity. Lisa smirked smugly as she made a final stroke with her charcoal and turned the pad for me to see.

I visibly reddened.

The picture was of me, sleeping peacefully…but I wasn't alone. I was lying, not on my bed, but in Genie's lap. My body was propped up so my head fell against his broad chest. He cradled me with one arm, and his other hand was brushing my bangs aside. On his face was an expression of pure love, devotion, and passion.


"When did this happen?" I asked Lisa. I was surprised at how breathless my voice sounded.

"About three days after Jafar died." Lisa answered. "Genie would sneak in here at night when he thought I was asleep and crawl into bed with you and watch you sleep. He still doesn't know I know about it, so I'm gonna use this picture for blackmail when I get the chance.

I rolled my eyes. "Leave it to you to turn a picture that beautiful into a tool of evil…But, if you've already told me about it, how can you use it for blackmail?"

"Well," she said, trying to be innocent, "Genie doesn't need to know you've seen it…does he?"

Before I could respond, there was a knock on our door and Genie poked his head in.

"Can I come in?" he asked, smiling gently.

Like a flash, the sketch was back in Lisa's art bag and she was looking at me with the question still on her face.

I smirked lightly. "Sure." I answered to both Lisa and Genie's question.

Lisa smirked back at me and stood while Genie came in. "Okay," she said, "I'll leave you two love birds alone. Don't make any babies while I'm gone."

I blushed again, but giggled while my face reddened. Genie paused as if thinking when she walked passed him.

"So," he called after her, "does that mean you want to watch?"

My giggles escaladed into full out laughter as Genie just barely dodged the sharpened pencil that was thrown at him.

He shook his head and came to sit on the edge of my bed, looking down at me.

"Hey, sweetheart." he greeted, leaning over and giving me a quick kiss on the lips.

"Hey yourself," I replied back, smiling.

Genie's grin decreased just a little and he reached up and traced my smiling lips with his thumb.

"You have such a beautiful smile, Sarah." he whispered.

I felt my heard jump into my throat as he brought his hand to rest on my cheek. I reached up and put my hand over his own, leaning into his palm.

Okay, Sarah; lovey-dovey time needs to stop. You need to talk to him about him avoiding you, remember?

I took a breath and let it out, mentally cursing my logical mind.

I took Genie's hand that was still pressed against my face in my own and brought it down to my lap.

"Genie…there's something I need to ask you." I said, staring at our joined hands. When I looked to his face, he looked curious and a little concerned, but I could tell that he would answer honestly. "Genie, why were you avoiding me?"

His black eyes widened in slight shock but then he simply shook his head, a bitter-sweet smile on his face.

"I knew you were going to ask me that eventually…Okay, I guess now is a good a time as any to explain myself." He took a deep breath and placed his other hand on top of the mine; so both my good hand was trapped between his two large blue ones. "Something you need to understand about me, Sarah, is that I've been searching for my love for all eternity. And let me tell you, that's longer than it sounds!"

Damn, it sounds long to begin with!

"After a while, I became hopeless. I still looked, but I felt in my heart that I could never find love…not real love, anyway. But then, Aladdin rubbed the Lamp and I met you, and you were different. You were so sweet, and you cared for your family so much…It was different from anyone I had ever met before."

By now I looked like a tomato and couldn't look away from those two black abysses that were his eyes.

Genie gave my hand a playful squeeze. "Not to mention," he started, "you are incredibly easy on the eyes."

If possible, I blushed even more.

"As time went on," he continued, "I fell more and more deeply for you. I never dreamed in a million years that you could love me back. But that day when I was set free and I kissed you for the first time, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that you loved me and I loved you." Genie reached up to me and ran a finger behind my ear and gently touched the hoop that still resided there. "When I was away, not a day went by that I didn't think about you. And the more I thought about you…the more scared I got."

He dropped his hand from my ear, to my shoulder. "Sarah, you are so beyond anything I've ever known. And you loved me!…I didn't know what to do. I had never had the love of a woman before. I had no idea what to say, how to act, what was appropriate. So…when I got back I just decided to avoid you all together."

He looked into my eyes and placed his other hand on my unoccupied shoulder. "I was wrong; and I am so sorry to have put you through that." He leaned his forehead against mine and I almost collapsed from the intensity of his gaze. "If you forget all else, then remember this, Sarah Williams. I love you; and I will always love you until the end of time."

With that, Genie pressed his lips to mine and I shattered into a million pieces.

When he pulled away, I started babbling. "Genie, I'm sorry I ever doubted you! I-"

Genie cut me off by pressing a finger to my lips. "Don't you dare apologize, sweetheart. I was in the wrong. Let me have this one." He sighed melodramatically as he took his finger away from my lips and leaned back a bit. "You can be wrong next time, okay?"

I whacked at him playfully with my good hand.

"Oh, by the way!" Genie said, sitting up a little straighter. "I think it's about time I gave you this.."

He reached into an invisible pocket and pulled something out. It was a small package that fit into the palm of his hand, wrapped in gold paper with a silver ribbon.

"What's this?" I asked, taking it from his hand.

"Your gift from my travels, silly."

I glanced up at him and he gave me a slight nod. I placed the package in my lap and untied the ribbon and the pulled the paper down to reveal my present.

"Oh, Genie…" I breathed out.

He picked up the fragile gift and set it into my good hand.

Sitting just so in my palm was a beautiful stained glass jewellery box. It was octagonal in shape, and was held closed by a small gold latch. The coloring of the glass was stained blue and green; save on the lid. The lid was still stained glass, but it had a picture of a beautiful blood red rose, just starting to bloom.

"Genie..." I whispered reverently, "I-its beautiful."

"I saw it in Paris," he said, "and it reminded me of you."

I was close to tears as I looked up at him.

I placed the box gently on my bedside table and looked back over to my love.

"Thank you." I said.

I reached up to him and pulled him to my level, all one handed.

Then, I pressed my lips to his. He held me to him as we began to deepen the kiss. I felt him start to lean me back on my bed, when I heard the door open.

"Oh, come ON you guys! What did I tell you before I left!?"

Genie and I snapped to our normal sitting positions to see Lisa looking at us extremely peeved.

"What is it, Lisa?" I asked, slightly miffed at being interrupted.

"The Sultan wants to see everyone in the throne room. Let's go."

"But I can't-" I started to protest.

"The doctor's said you could get up and walk around after today, as long as you keep the bandages on and don't strain yourself. That's what the Blue Dude was supposed to tell you when he came in." Lisa said, crossing her arms accusingly.

I looked opened mouthed at Genie. "Genie…is that true!?"

He smirked and shrugged. "Hey, can you blame me for wanting you all to myself?"

I sighed and rolled my eyes, standing up from my bed.

"I guess not." I said, fake resilience dripping from my voice.

"Come on, turtle doves, let's go." Lisa called from her place in the hall where she had already taken off.

Genie and I simply looked at each other and shrugged, making our way to the throne room.

We entered with his arm draped over my shoulder. Lisa had (of course) beat us there and was sitting beside (of all people) Iago.

"Ah, there you are!" The Sultan greeted us as we walked deeper into the room.

He came over and pumped Genie's arm up and down before giving me a fatherly hug. "It is so good to see you up and about, my dear. "

"I FEEL good to be able to walk around. I felt like my legs were going to fall off from boredom."

He giggled and made is way over to Aladdin. I caught sight of him and Jasmine and they both waved slightly at me. All I could do was smile and nod slightly, seeing as my good hand was occupied around Genie's waist.

"Now my dear boy," the Sultan addressed Aladdin, "or should I say, my new vizier?"

"Oh, say it!" Iago said excitedly from his place on the pillow. I could see the bandages on him, as well.

Looks like he got pretty beat up, too.

"Sultan," Aladdin started, "but-"

"BUT?!" Iago interjected. "What but? 'But' is such a strong word!"

Iago flew to the place on Aladdin's shoulder, knocking Abu off in the process. Abu almost attacked the loud mouth, but was pulled away by Carpet.

"Sultan," Aladdin continued, "I can't be your vizier."

"What!?!" Iago asked incredulously before flying to the Sultan. "Sultan, the boy's talking crazy talk! Don't listen!" Getting no response from him, Iago flew back to plea with Aladdin. "WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT!?" he screamed.

Aladdin just shrugged and smiled. "The world." was his answer.

That caused Iago to pause, but only for a moment, before he leaned down to Aladdin and whispered none too quietly, "Look, personally I'm with you, kid. But let's take this one step at a time."

I looked at Genie, exasperated. He held up his hand in a 'one moment' gesture and grabbed Iago. Using his magic, Genie wrapped Iago's beak in bandages, successfully cutting off his incessant talking.

"What I mean is, "Aladdin explained, "I want to see the world. I can't just stay in the palace….There's too much to do, too much to see." Aladdin turned to the window and looked out.

Iago ripped the bandages off his mouth and continued as if they were never even there. "Hey, what about your girlfriend? Do you think that this lovely princess is just gonna wait around here?" He let out another squawk as Rajah swiped him down underneath his big paws.

"I most certainly will not!" Jasmine exclaimed, making her way over to Aladdin, ignorant to Iago's know-it-all response of 'there, ya see!'. "I'm going to see the world, too."

I smiled lightly as I leaned up against Genie and looked to where Lisa was sitting on the steps to the throne, polishing her Sais, seemingly ignoring everyone, but I knew better, she was paying attention to everything. We made eye contact and she gave me a short nod with a small smile.

It was the end of the second movie.

Next up: King of Thieves…but I'll worry about that when it happens.

I sighed contently and snuggled into Genie, he gave me a tight squeeze as I listened to Iago's final lines of the movie:

"Okay, that's it! The madness is spreading! Arrgh! Crazy talk! Why do I keep getting hooked up with these warped people!? Shouldn't somebody ask what the brave parrot wants to do?!"


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