thanks from me. :)

Oh My Gosh guys!! I got 6 reviews in one day for this story. XD lol. Im not used to a lot of reviews hahaha.

at least not all in one time. but it REALLY SERIOUSLY made my day!! D
THANK YOU SO MUCH. ill personally send a reply to you first 6 reviewers. :D THANKS SO MUCH again.

soooo glad you liked it. i didnt think it'd turn out that way.

and...I am sooo writing the sequel for you guys. :)

Lamanth - my new friend! of course ill mention you! (im a fan.haha) more SasuIno's yay!!
Yoruichi 'Ino' (im a fan too!)
Tabby Panda Dance
Drunksonic (and i love your stories too!)

eeep. haha. im so weird but seriously. i had to thank ya'll. ;)