The Final Ballad of Nellie Lovett
Written by Amy Van de Casteele
Edited and reworked by Miss Malfaisant

Disclaimer: So, I found this fantastic poem online the other day. I fell completely in love with it, and wanted to create my own version of it. It's so odd how certain pieces of literature can inspire us, isn't it? But I digress. I edited and reworded the stanzas and such to make it Sweeney Todd related.

The original poem, My Masterpiece, can be found at deviantART under the author melancholy-delilah.

If you were to slice open my chest with your razor
and peel apart the flaps of my skin like the flaky crust of our secret pies
a jagged crimson landscape of my disregarded love for you would be revealed
to your disgusted pitying eyes in all my dewy-bright tormented glory

Like a work of art I would unravel the very fibres of my soul
in this tapestry of carrion and heart membrane
the bitter skeleton of regret and the pure vermillion taint of my blood would shine brighter
than that of any innocent man you've slaughtered in your profession

The somnolent harmony of my blood in my open veins would be your siren song
luring you to me like a hungry dog believing he's coming of his own free will
not ready yet to admit that you have surrendered to my beckoning
and given in to my bitter omnipotent power that burns like a fire in my chest

Come closer, darling . . .

Take another look into the mortal map work of my love and reach out a finger
to trace the line of scars your constant rejection has left
a fretwork of white needle-thin seams over liver and heart and lungs
seemingly so tiny and innocent and yet it is these scars; these cursed scars
that are my mother in this sudden culmination

So I dare you . . .

To rip through my breast - through the tightly woven catacombs ofvessels
bursting capillaries and sink your hand deeper
find and possess the heart that will always belong to you

Through the dull ache pounding in my mind
and my head spinning from the toxic haze as the blood drains from my body
I will still be able hear you choking on throaty, crazéd laughter

So leave my remains to rot in silence, leave my exposéd heart to relish in its final beats
and my withered lips crying for one last touch from yours
my mind will beg for the end of my torment
and while my body pleads for its last breath to come
I'll remind myself that I've yearned for this

For the source of all my harrowed years of agony
Has ultimately rendered me peace