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Our special place- the rooftops. Tonight. I'll be expecting you. Love you.

The note had been left in her carpetbag, but Mary had no idea how he managed to put it there unbeknownst to her. Then again, Mary often felt that Bert had his own sort of magic about him. She smiled at the thought, and at the note he had left her. It had been a rather cheery addition to a rather dreadful day. Mary had announced earlier in the day that she would be leaving the Banks household, yet again, though the thought was that this time it was for good. At least, that was the feeling that Jane had.

"Are you really going Mary Poppins? Must you?" Jane asked. She had a grown up into a fine little lady, nearing the tender age of 14.

"How many times have I told you Jane, you can get along just fine without me. You're practically a woman now and there are others who need me," Mary said.

"You've never managed to leave for long before," Jane hinted. Mary spun around and stared in astonishment.

"Are you accusing me of spending too much time with you? I thought you were pleading for me not to leave but if you'd like me to pack my bags faster I will," Mary said, looking at Jane. A moment passed before both of them erupted into lighthearted laughter. Jane wrapper her arms around her nanny.

"Oh Mary Poppins, promise I'll see you again soon, even if you're no longer our nanny," Jane said, hugging her tightly.

"I never truly know what's in store for me next, but I imagine you'll see me soon enough dear. And, if you truly ever need my help, send message with the wind," Mary said, looking down at Jane. "Now, I really must be going. Don't bother finding Michael, I know he dreads goodbyes." Jane had tears running down her face. "I think he's afraid of doing just that," Mary smiled, wiping a tear off Jane's cheek. "Goodbye Jane."

"Goodbye Mary Poppins," Jane whispered. Mary grabbed her umbrella and carpetbag and head downstairs and out into Cherry Tree Lane where she did not stop until she had reached the park. She sat down for a moment, with a feeling nagging at her. She opened her bag and found Bert's note, smiling as she sat on a bench. I would probably be another hour or so before Bert would finish working and meet her, so Mary decided she would fly up for some peace and solitude after a long day.

After opening her umbrella and choosing a nice fluffy spot to survey London, Mary opened her note again. Love you, she read. Ever since that fateful day when Mary lost her magic to Bert, they had not held back their feelings for one another. Though they had been somewhat of an item over the past couple of years, nothing had progressed. It was enough for Mary to know that Bert loved her, and as far as she knew, it was enough for Bert too. Mary couldn't help but feel as though Bert had something else planned, something else he wanted. He never mentioned anything, and he seemed content to wait for Mary between jobs and things. They always met up on her days off, and occasionally he made appearances for the children. He was almost always with her when she was with the Banks- he seemed like family to them.

As Mary got ready to descend and find Bert, the idea dawned on her. Maybe that's why he liked being with her and the Banks children so much. They almost felt like a family. We were like a family. Mary's eyebrows creased together in thought, contemplating the idea. She had mentioned a family to Bert at one point, but how could they possibly...? No, it was a silly notion, and one that she didn't want on her mind when she greeted Bert. Mary was afraid though, that this would be something that would bother her for a while, and something that she knew without a doubt, was true.

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