Drawn to your darkness, Addicted to your light

Drawn to your darkness, Addicted to your light

A/N: So I'm sure you saw this story in your inbox and are like "What the hell, woman! I'm waiting for an update for Societal Gap or Search for Strength!" And I'm here to say I'm sorry. Neither story is forgotten but this little story has been kicking me in the head for five days now and I have to write it so I can get some sleep. It's going to be a two shot. Yes, I promise it won't be any longer than that. It was supposed to be a one shot but I'm a review whore so I decided to split it up. I will never write this pairing again as it's sexy to the point of distraction and I keep drifting off into my own little world while trying to write the smut. Enjoy. It will be updated really quickly as I must put this behind me before I can work on anything else. Fair warning, this is unbeta'd so it might be a little rough. I've read it through a few times and I think I got all the errors but if you catch one please tell me so I can correct it. Cheers!

Warning: EVERYTHING! I'm really not kidding this time. Language. Violence. Rape. And every dirty thing that a man can do to another is in this chapter. It really earns its M rating. I wonder if I'm even capable of writing something rated T or K.

Disclaimer: If I owned Naruto…Itachi would be naked all the time. So until that happens, you'll just have to assume that I don't.

Iruka smiled and tossed the scroll he'd been sent to retrieve in the air and caught it. The mission had been painfully easy and he was now a day from home with two days before he was expected back. This mission had been more like a vacation than work. He tucked the scroll into his back pack and hummed happily to himself, debating about whether to hurry back or take his time. He looked to his left and saw a beautiful clearing beside a stream. Decision made, he'd get back in time even if he camped early today.

It was about an hour from sundown and Iruka made quick work of setting up camp. He didn't set up his tent, opting instead to sleep under the stars. After lighting a fire and eating some rations he stretched out on his sleeping bag, smiling contently. He'd needed this. He'd been in the class room for to long now. A mission was a welcome diversion from his usual routine of training young pre-genin and spending his nights grading papers. He removed his shirt and hiatai and stuck a kunai under his pillow. He was back in the fire country and felt relatively safe but he wasn't stupid. He was alone on this mission and even in this piece of perfection he'd found to camp in, he was far from safe.

He didn't want to get paranoid; it would just ruin his night. He closed his eyes, his fingers curling around the metal handle of the knife, almost wishing for someone to attack. It was silly but he hadn't been in danger for a long time and he was longing for the thrill of battle. He didn't get the craving for the adrenaline rushes often but it was in his blood. He was a shinobi after all.

He woke in the dark of night, unsure as to why. Sitting up he glanced around the clearing, searching for the cause of his unease in the glow of the fire's embers. He pulled out the kunai and got to his feet. Extending his senses he began to search the surrounding area for intruders. Several birds were in the trees surrounding the clearing, a small animal, probably a squirrel, was foraging in the brush behind him and…there! His eyes snapped open and he whirled around to the direction that he'd heard the distinct sound of twigs cracking under the weight of a person's foot. He pulled chakra into his eyes, attempting to cut through the dark but there was no moon and the night was so very black. He stretched out his hearing again, trying to follow the sound. Another twig snapped on the other side of the fire and he turned, pulling his body into a defensive stance. He almost dropped his weapon as he gazed across the almost extinguished blaze at a tall figure in a black and red Akatsuki cloak. His eyes trailed up the lean, powerful frame to the pale face, long black hair and piercing, cold eyes. He tried not to tremble but he knew he was already dead. For what seemed like an eternity but was in reality only a couple of seconds the two men just stared at one another. Iruka's lips parted, words almost inaudible falling from him.

"Uchiha Itachi." The cold, indifferent eyes remained trained on him, no emotion breaching the stoic face.

"Hello, Umino Iruka." Another pair of hands grabbed the chuunin-sensei from behind and the dark neck craned to see the Uchiha prodigy's shark like partner holding him in an unbreakable grip. His eyes flew back forward as he felt the other enemy directly in front of him. Itachi was standing very close now and Iruka couldn't help but let his gaze rise to the S-class criminal's eyes. He knew his mistake even before his chocolate gaze fell on the crimson orbs that were burning into him and his world faded to darkness.

He awoke and the area was still dark. He was bound on his sleeping bag with wires. He pulled at the bindings, crying out when the cords dug into the flesh of his wrists and ankles.

"Itachi, he's awake." Iruka looked up as the sound of footstep grew louder. Itachi stood over him, a small, sadistic smirk playing on the handsome face.

"Umino Iruka. Chuunin-sensei for the Konoha ninja academy, clerk in the missions office," Itachi paused for dramatic effect, "and beloved father figure to the Kyuubi vessel." Iruka felt his heart rate increased ten fold. They were after Naruto. It didn't really matter, Naruto was off training with Jiraiya and he honestly had no idea where they were but he had a feeling that the heartless Akatsuki members wouldn't be happy with that answer.

"We've been looking for the little blonde but he seems to have disappeared off the face of the planet. He hasn't been in the village for over a year now. Tell me, chuunin, where is the little demon?" Iruka flinched at the condescension in the icy voice. This man had no respect for him as a ninja. That seemed expected though. Itachi Uchiha was…is...one of the most powerful ninjas to ever come out of the village. He'd killed almost every member of his extremely powerful clan by the time he was fifteen. He'd joined up with other S-class criminals to collect the jinjuriki and kill their vessels, for what reasons no one knew yet. He was nothing compared to this man and he knew it.

"I-I don't know where he is." Iruka dropped his gaze to the ground, away from the piercing, black eyes.

"And if you did?" He lifted his dark eyes, a jolt of rebellion surged through the young man as he thought about sweet, innocent, Naruto; his blue eyes sparkling as they laughed and ate ramen together.

"I wouldn't tell you." The words were hissed venomously, the feeling of strength immediately pulled from the cinnamon man as the Uchiha prodigy chuckled cruelly.

"Your bravery is admirable…but foolish." He pulled Iruka into a sitting position by jerking on his chin making the younger man wince in pain. "We're going to find out what we want to know…one way or another." Itachi ran his hand along the dark jaw line, his charcoal eyes evaluating the man beneath him. The man who was looking up at him with both fear and acceptance. This chuunin was prepared to die to protect the jinjuriki, his jinjuriki. The warm brown pools of expression speaking volumes; 'I know what you're going to do, but you won't get anything from me.' Something about this man was begging to be broken. Something about the light that shone from deep inside him was imploring to be extinguished. There was something pure about this pathetic excuse for a ninja that Itachi wanted to destroy.

"Kisame." The shark like man kneeled behind Iruka, who swallowed his fear as he assumed the torture was about to begin.

"You're right, Itachi. Far to pretty to cut up." His brown eyes bugged out as the shark's massive hands slid down his naked chest to the top of his pants and fiddled with the button that held them in place. Realization set in and Iruka thrashed wildly under the huge man's ministrations but it was no use. He was completely at their mercy, or lack there of.

"Cut the wires on his feet." Itachi commanded his partner, who was more than happy to oblige. The wires were cut, the uniform pants stripped away and Kisame ran his hand hungrily over the shaking naked frame before looking up at his the stoic Uchiha who was leaning against a nearby tree.

"Don't you want some?" Itachi shook his head and held his fingers in front of his mouth.

"Katon no jutsu." A fire ball landed in the circle of rocks that Iruka had placed there earlier. He threw some of the logs that were sitting near by on the flames and looked back at the pair a few feet away. "Hold his head up. I want to see his eyes."

Kisame smiled sadistically. Sometimes it was impressive just how fucked his partner was. He gripped the dark throat and tilted the chin so that the glistening brown orbs were forced to meet the frigid, black gaze. Itachi nodded his approval and the shark pulled his gigantic member out of his pants fisting it slowly before pressing the head against the chuunin's perfect, virginal opening.

Iruka's eyes widened and he cried out shrilly as he felt himself stretch and tear around the invading organ. He closed his eyes, tears of pain streaming down his cheeks.

"Open you're eyes, chuunin." He heard the order from Itachi but the pain racing up his spine was overwhelming. He'd never had anal sex before. He'd slept with a couple of women when he was still taking missions regularly but he'd never been with a man. After this he didn't figure he ever would again, whether that be because of the memory of the agony or that he wouldn't be alive for another time. He gritted his teeth to muffle his screams, his bound hands clawing at the forest floor. Groans of pleasure and vulgar phrases were spewing from the behemoth behind him as he body was used.

"Oh fuck yeah. Scream you little pussy." Suddenly another hand was on Iruka's jaw and he looked up to see Itachi sink to his knees in front of him. Kisame's hand left his throat and gripped his hip excruciatingly.

"Oh yeah. He's too good to pass up, Itachi. Nnnngh. Yeah. You've gotta try him." Iruka raised his eyes to Itachi's emotionless face, choking on his sobs as the man undid his pants a placed his huge, hard cock to his lips. Taking a deep shaky breath, he conceded and opened his mouth, sucking shyly on the throbbing member as his ass was torn open by the shark.

Iruka had never felt so used and weak in his entire life. He hoped that they would kill him after they were done. He didn't know if he could stand having to explain this to Tsunade. A large hand gently pulled out his hair tie, his dark hair cascading around his face. The hand stroked the silky dark locks before taking a loose grip, softly coaxing the chuunin to suck with more vigor. Iruka was somewhat surprised. Itachi didn't yank as his hair and force his cock down his throat, instead applying a little pressure on the back of his head and stroking his tear ridden cheeks. He tried to focus on the soft caresses but Kisame slapped his ass and thrust forcefully into his bleeding body making him scream around Itachi's cock, his teeth scraping the delicate skin a little too hard. The Uchiha grunted and glared at his partner before returning his eyes to Iruka's face which was now raw from crying. His pale thumbs reached up and stroked the bronze cheeks, his dark eyes shifting from the amazing sight of his cock buried in the pouty mouth to the man's eyes which were shut tightly in pain.

"Look at me, chuunin." The watery orbs revealed themselves and Itachi stilled his hands, his grip tightening in the chocolate hair to halt Iruka's movements. He stared down at the man who was wincing in agony around his erection as his partner pounded him from behind. He pulled out of the warm mouth and dragged his thumb over the dark lips. Iruka's eyes shone in the fire light, shone with a plea for help and that light, that light hadn't gone out.

Kisame was still fully engrossed in the tight clenching of the chuunin's ass when Itachi's voice interrupted his thoughts.

"Enough!" The shark didn't look up at his partner, thrusting into the abused body again and again.

"Almost done, then he's all yours." A hand was suddenly on the collar of his cloak and he was thrown backwards into a tree.

"What the fuck, Itachi?" The cold black eyes stared down at him in a look he knew to be very dangerous.

"I said enough. Go back to the camp and wait for me there." Kisame grumbled but didn't say argue. That would be suicide.

Itachi turned back to Iruka who was struggling to sit up on his shaking, bound arms, his bleeding ass in full view. Iruka jumped and whimpered as the mass murder's hand slid over his ass. He tightened his muscles as if trying to pull away but only succeeded in making his torn hole burn.

"Relax." The deadly man commanded but Iruka didn't feel cooperating. He just wanted to be left alone in his shame.

"Haven't you done enough? Just kill me already." He gasped as he felt the warm, stinging sensation of a healing jutsu. Itachi stared at the dark, lightly scarred back before him. The chuunin sounded done but he'd seen in his eyes that there was more there. He'd have to take this slow if he really wanted to break the beautiful, older man. His charcoal eyes widened in surprise as the chuunin pressed back into his hand, desperate for the relief of being healed. His thin lips curved upwards as he knew that he had the chuunin exactly where he wanted him. Regardless of his words, Iruka wanted to live. He slid his hand over the smooth skin of Iruka's backside before sliding up the trembling, tan flanks.

"Wha-what are you doing?" Itachi grunted and flipped the older man onto his back.

"What does it look like?" Iruka shivered and turned his face away from Itachi's cruel expression as the broad, pale hands explored his naked body. As the appendages moved further down his body and stroked his hips tenderly Iruka pursed his lips tightly. This was so much worse. He could feel his body reacting to the gentle touches. He willed his blood not to flow to his pelvis but it was no use, his flaccid member began to inflate and he squeezed his eyes shut tighter in shame. A sound that was somewhere between a sob and a moan of pleasure ripped from his throat as he felt warm moist breath on his cock. He covered his face with his bound hands as Itachi's tongue began to flick the head, lapping and teasing it until the chuunin was writhing pitifully from the stimulation. He didn't know whether to sigh in relief or whimper in loss as the torturous tongue was removed. He pressed his hands more forcefully over his face as he felt the murderer's body over his.

"Are you enjoying yourself, chuunin?" Iruka gasped in shock as the wires holding his wrists were cut away. He tried to push himself up but his arms were quickly pinned.

"Don't run. I don't want to hurt you." Iruka shivered as the words were whispered in his ear.

"Why? I thought the idea was to hurt me." Itachi smirked and ran his tongue and teeth over the tan neck making the chuunin's taught body arch and tremble in delight. The killer tied new wire on Iruka's hands and ankles and attached them to kunai which he staked in the ground spreading Iruka out like the Ventruvian man. The long, pale, deadly fingers flew through a series of hands signs and the ground under them became solid stone. Iruka tugged at his bonds but the kunai were now cemented into the hard ground. He wasn't going anywhere.

Itachi smiled as he watched Iruka struggle in vain. His face hardened when the wide, brown, doe eyes turned up to him in desperation, his cock twitching at the look of complete helplessness on the tan face. Stripping off his cloak and placing it under the back of Iruka's dark head he resumed caressing the naked form beneath him, smiling cruelly when he saw the brown eyes linger on his fishnet clad chest. He gripped the chuunin's chin and nipped at the jaw while hissing in the older man's ear.

"Do you like what you see, chuunin?" Iruka tried to pull his face out of Itachi's grasp, but the long elegant fingers twisted into his hair, sharp teeth scraping over his jaw and jugular. "Why don't I give you a better view?" Iruka swallowed thickly, trying not to stare as the fishnet shirt was removed along with the black pants. Purple nails scraped along the tender flesh of the inside of his thighs as Itachi settled between his legs. A deep moan tore from his throat as the long thin fingers wrapped around both of their lengths and slowly fisted them, their hot erections pressed together.

"Do you like that, chuunin? Does it feel good when I touch you?" Iruka hissed through his clenched teeth. It did feel good. It felt amazing. He mind reeled at the intensity of the whole situation. He was in so much danger. Itachi could kill him at any minute…and it was exhilarating. It made every pleasant sensation that wracked his body all the more taboo. The strong, pale grip tightened and Iruka thrust into the hand, moaning as his member pressed against his molester's.

Itachi admired the way Iruka's body arched into him and the tan faced contorted in pleasure. He sat back on his haunches, running his free hand along the soft skin of Iruka's hips and thighs, his fingers trailing up and down the crack of the newly healed ass. The smaller, tan body tensed and Itachi pumped their cocks a little faster. Drawing chakra to his fingers he circled a digit around the tight pucker making his victim whimper in fear with a hint of needy desire. He pressed one finger into the tight ring of muscles to the first joint, withdrawing it almost all the way and pressing it back in a little deeper. Iruka thrashed against his bonds, unsure if he was trying to get away from the intrusion or to force the finger deep inside of him.

The teacher's head began to swim. The sensations were quickly becoming too much. He felt the pressure building in his abdomen, squeezing his eyes tightly, trying to will the oncoming orgasm away. Feeling the telltale signs of release in his victim, Itachi stroked them faster, his finger pressing in and out of the tight opening until it was fully buried in the convulsing body. He curled the digit and smirked when Iruka screamed and shook, his orgasm seconds away.

"That's it, chuunin. Let go. It feels so good, doesn't it? Just give in." He curled his finger again, brushing the older nin's prostate, rewarded with the violent arch of the slim, tan body and a unrestrained scream of ecstasy as the chuunin exploded all over his hand and cock, semen coating the dark chest, the beautiful face twisting in an addictive look of elation. Itachi leaned down and licked the drop that had landed on the dark chin away before coating his fingers with the semen and returning to preparing the tight ass. He wanted to see that look again.

Iruka panted as he rode out the most powerful climax he'd ever experienced. His body went slack against his restraints and his brain effectively stopped working. He closed his eyes, ragged breath passing over his dry lips. He felt Itachi's tongue on his chin and fingers prodding him again but he had no will or strength to protest. Two fingers were pressed into him this time but he didn't react, even when they rubbed against his prostate he barely flinched. Finally Itachi got fed up and dropped his mouth to the chuunin's flaccid penis, lapping at the drying cum, making Iruka cry out in surprise.

"That's better. I want you to remember this, chuunin. Every time you have sex you'll think of me. Every time you're aroused I will be the first thought that passes though your mind. Every time you feel that exact right amount of pain this is what you'll be reminded of. I'm going to ruin you for anyone who follows in my footsteps."

Tears sprung anew to the brown eyes and he turned his face away from the Uchiha prodigy who was expertly bringing his body back to a state of arousal. He didn't want to look at the deadly, sexy man who was torturing him to rapture for his amusement. A third finer joined the other two and he couldn't help but moan at the deliciously full feeling. He shouldn't want this. 'This man is an enemy. He wants to kill Naruto. He's raping me.' His body betrayed him as he pulled at the wires on his wrists, pushing himself down onto the fingers which were making him feel so dirty, so used, so horribly hot. A whimper that was solely of loss escaped his lips as the fingers slid out of him completely, leaving him feeling cold and empty.

"Don't worry chuunin. I'm just getting started." Iruka's whole body went tense as something much larger than the fingers pressed against him.

"No, please…" Itachi shushed him, digging his knees under Iruka's thighs and leaning his body over the older man's.

"Shhh. Relax, chuunin, or it will hurt." Iruka tried to breathe slowly but the pain of Kisame's assault was still very fresh in his mind. Itachi nuzzled the exposed neck moving his hands over the chuunin's chest and shoulders, soothing away the panic that was gripping the bound nin. Iruka was sobbing hysterically, tears streaming down his cheeks and blood trickling down his arms from where the wires had cut into his wrists during his struggling.

The Akatsuki member ran his tongue over the tan jugular and up the raw cheeks, sucking at the rivers of saline. Before he realized exactly what he was doing, his lips were pressing all over the chuunin's face and Iruka was beginning to calm. This was too intimate an action but Itachi wanted the chuunin so badly, and he couldn't rape him like Kisame did. Iruka needed to enjoy this for his victory to be complete so he went against his nature and continued to kiss the bronze face avoiding the pouty mouth.

Finally Iruka's breathing slowed to the point that he wasn't hyperventilating and Itachi repositioned himself at Iruka's opening. The brown orbs widened in fear but Itachi closed his lips around one of Iruka's ear lobes, tonguing the cartilage while whispering soothing placations. He slowly shifted his hips forward, groaning as the passage gave way and he sunk into the tight heat of the body beneath him. His patience had been worth it. Iruka felt so good. He was almost painfully tight and it took all of the prodigy's control not to thrust into him heartlessly.

Iruka swallowed his screams and shifted his gaze to the charcoal orbs which were narrowed in lust. He had the feeling that this might be the most emotion that the stoic Uchiha ever showed. He winced as he felt Itachi's balls press against his naked ass and the movement halted giving Iruka time to adjust, his eyes searching his violator's for an explanation, emotion…anything really.

Itachi gazed down at Iruka in wonder, though it didn't show on his face. His victim still looked so damned innocent. The bloodshot brown eyes shone in the fire light and for the first time in years Itachi felt torn. He wanted to split this man in half. He wanted to make him bleed and scream and beg for it to end. He wanted to scar the chuunin so badly that he wouldn't be recognizable. On the other hand…he wanted to know how someone could keep that purity while being a ninja. He wanted Iruka to teach him how to feel again. He didn't want to destroy the light, he wanted to possess it.

Itachi slowly rocked his hips and slid his arms under Iruka's shoulders, tangling his fingers into the hair on the back of the lean neck. They just stared at each other as the murderer unhurriedly moved in and out of the hot body. Angling his thrusts, Itachi pushed his cock languidly across Iruka's prostate. Iruka stretched his neck, his chin brushing against his attacker's strong, pale jaw, his body convulsing as the bundle of nerves was compressed.

The prodigy gasped as the passage tightened around him as if the smaller man was trying to hold him in place. He dragged the bridge of his nose along the arched jaw before pulling back and watching the expressive, brown eyes widen and close as he thrust in the body again and again. The pouty, dark lips parted, the chuunin's breath coming in pants and moans. The overwhelming urge to taste the beautiful bronze mouth gripped him and he ran his tongue over the bottom lip, caressing the dry, slightly chapped skin and allowed it to dip into the warm, moist cavern. He grunted and jerked back when a second, wet muscle joined his, electric waves of desire pouring over both of them as the tongues brushed. The black eyes widened in surprise as Iruka's tongue darted out to wet his lips, the brown orbs gazing up at him with a needy plea. Itachi then did something that he'd never done before; he leaned down again so that his lips were just above Iruka's. He felt the chuunin's tongue brush his lips which parted and his own tongue met the other outside of both mouths, caressing tentatively.

The tan body pulled against the wires, searching for more contact, the hungry dark mouth searching for the feel of the thin, pale lips. Iruka whimpered pathetically, his lips forming words before his brain could catch up.

"Please…kiss me." The chuunin mewled in delight as their lips met in a bruising embrace, Itachi thrusting into him without restraint, their tongues sliding over each other in a ferocious battle. Itachi's heart raced as Iruka bucked against him, the aching cock grinding into the toned panel of his abs as his tongue dominated the chuunin's mouth.

Itachi's mind was spinning. What was he doing? He didn't kiss his victims. That wasn't in his nature…but it felt so good. The chuunin tasted amazing and was responding to him vigorously. The tight body contracted around him as he thrust mercilessly, but the cries and moans that filled the air weren't of pain; broken sobs for more were tearing from the leaf nin between their heated kisses. The Uchiha lost himself in the sensations, reaching between their bodies and grasping Iruka's neglected member which spasmed at his touch. Itachi grunted as Iruka's body viced around him, every muscle in the tan body tensing as the chocolate head was thrown back and a hoarse scream of release echoed through the clearing.

Itachi groaned and captured the breathless man's mouth as he pounded into the tight ass, his own climax approaching. Iruka had already sprayed his seed between their bodies, so why was he still kissing the chuunin. Something had happened while he was trying to break the leaf nin. He'd begun to enjoy the feeling of possessing the smaller man. He broke the kiss, panting into the older man's lips as his vision went white. He heard Iruka whisper his name and he lost his control, emptying himself into the chuunin. His chuunin. His body heaved above Iruka and for one moment, one brief instant the world was forgotten. He looked down at the beautiful flushed face and didn't want to go back. He wanted to steal the chuunin away, leave his empty life behind and possess the man completely until he was the only thing the chuunin-sensei knew.

Dragging his thumb across the swollen lips, he raised his gaze to the brown eyes. Damn those eyes! They weren't broken. Afraid, a little; confused, definitely, but not broken, not empty. In fact if anything, the eyes swam with more emotions than before. Something akin to sadness and regret floated in the chocolate pools, a vain wish that this could have been different, that their situations could have been different. Itachi decided it was time to leave when a tug at his gut echoed the sentiment.

He pushed himself up, his face returning to the icy, expressionless mask as he pulled his clothes on. He left the cloak under Iruka's head and was almost out of the clearing when the chuunin's voice made him pause.

"Why? Why did you kill your clan?" Of all the things he thought the chuunin might say…that was not one of them. He didn't look back as he strode away, leaving Iruka naked and spread eagled in the clearing.


"So, did you get anything from him?" Kisame had packed up the camp and seemed to be in a very foul mood.

"Hn." Kisame growled in frustration.

"Then what the hell were you doing there so long?" Itachi didn't respond, only fixing his partner with a severe Uchiha glare, pulling his spare cloak out of one of their packs and draping it around him.

"Let's go." The shark scowled and shook his head but followed his partner silently.


Kakashi leapt through the forest like a mad man, the setting sun gleaming on his white, hound mask. Iruka was due back from his mission two days ago and no one had seen hide nor hair of him. Tsunade was beside herself. The mission had been a simple C-rank and she had thought that the teacher would enjoy some time away from the village. She had destroyed her office when informed that Iruka was missing, fearing she'd sent him to his death. A search team of ANBU had been assembled to search for him and Kakashi had immediately requested to join them. He had grown fond of the academy sensei since Naruto had left. They often had lunch together and discussed their former student.

He skidded to a stop, his feet sliding on the damp branch. He had been prepared to find Iruka's body. He had been ready to bring the chuunin's corpse back to Konaha. He had to be, it was a likely outcome. He had not been prepared for the scene before him. Iruka was staked to the ground, dried blood on his writs and ankles and crusty, white semen on his torso and thighs. The jounin leapt to the ground and carefully cut the wires away, the lifeless limbs falling to the unnatural stone ground. The chuunin's eyes crack open and looked up at him in disorientation.

"Iruka…" The dry, cracked lips moved and he leaned closer to hear the whisper.

"W-water." Kakashi unscrewed the top of his canteen and pulled Iruka into a sitting position, grabbing the fabric under the chuunin's head to cover his naked body. Iruka brought the canteen to his lips with shaky hands, coughing as he swallowed the water greedily. Kakashi sent up a chakra flare and looked back at Iruka, colour slowly returning to the scarred cheeks.

"What hap-." He stopped mid sentence as his gaze fell on the black and red fabric the chuunin was clutching to his chest. Akatsuki. Iruka tried to push himself up, winced and collapsed back to the ground, reopening one of the wounds on his writs. It took all the reserve Kakashi had not to chidori everything in sight. Who could do this to Iruka? He didn't ask though because he was pretty sure he knew the answer. Iruka however seemed to be relatively alright…considering.

"I'm okay. Can you get my clothes?" Iruka looked up at the ANBU and wondered if he knew him. It was forbidden for anyone to know ANBU's true identities but this man seemed to know him, his touches loaded with concern and anger.

The faceless man nodded and gathered his friend's belongings. Iruka dropped his gaze to the cloak, his hands tightening on the fabric. Why did he feel this loss? Why was he upset that he'd probably never see Itachi again? It didn't make any sense. He lifted his head as the ANBU settled beside him and med-nins teleported into the clearing. The male and female paramedics began healing his arms and legs and he swatted their hands away from the rest of his body.

"I'm fine. I was only injured where the wires were. Stop it. Stop! I said I'm fine." Kakashi handed Iruka another canteen of water. The chuunin did indeed seem to be alright. He watched Iruka pull on his clothes and move to pick up his pack when one of the med-nins stopped him.

"Are you out of your mind?" The woman's voice sounded slightly shrill. "You have severe exposure. Not only are you not carrying your belongings back, you will not be walking back to the village either. Iruka rolled his eyes.

"I told you, I'm alright. Please don't make me feel like an invalid." Kakashi scooped the protesting man up in his arms, bride style and shrugged when the chuunin blushed and glared at him.

"Doctor's orders." Sighing in resignation, Iruka nodded.

"At least carry me on your back, Hound-san." Kakashi smiled beneath his mask. It was a relief to know that Iruka hadn't really changed.


Iruka avoided the Hokage's amber gaze as he recounted the mission, the entire room so silent that the crunching of Kakashi's ANBU gloves under his crushing grip when Iruka finally said who his attackers were was like cannon fire, making the academy teacher flinch. Tsunade glared at Kakashi as a warning to control himself. She couldn't really blame him though. She felt exactly the same way.

"So he…just left you?" Iruka nodded to the Hokage who sighed deeply, her age showing through the jutsu. "I'm sorry this happened Iruka."

Iruka shook his head. "This was my fault. I should have kept going. The mission was done, I should have come home but I was enjoying taking my time. It was careless of me."

"I had meant this mission as a break for you. I guess it backfired on both of us, ne?" They smiled weakly at each other. "Alright. Go home, rest up. That's an order. I'll let you know when you'll be returning to duty after I speak to the med nins. Dismissed." Iruka grabbed his pack and threw and arm around Izumo as he entered the hall, balancing himself on his friend as they headed towards the exit. Tsunade watched them leave before turning to the female medic. "So?"

"Well aside from dehydration and the injuries to his writs and ankles he seems to be fine physically. If it hadn't rained he would be in much worse shape if not dead from lack of fluids. We did find evidence of a healing jutsu though." Tsunade looked up curiously.

"A healing jutsu? Where?" The med nin shifted uncomfortably and the Hokage leaned back in her chair, massaging her temples.

"I-I guess I understand why he didn't mention it but I don't think we heard the whole story." Tsunade nodded.

"I believe he told us everything we need to know. We'll monitor his mental state for a week and reassess him then. Hound-san." Kakashi stepped forward. "I believe you have a standing friendship with Iruka-sensei, do you not?" Kakashi nodded, hoping she wasn't going to ask him to do what he thought she was. They were friendly but hardly confidents. "I would like you to try to get Iruka to talk about what happened. If he doesn't talk to someone we may have to force him to talk with Ibiki. I don't want to do that." Tsunade's almost comically serious expression made him nod again before disappearing with a pop.


Iruka sat on his bed, opened his bag and dumped its contents out. The scroll he had been sent to bring back was still in fine shape, an assortment of weapons and ration bars littered the bed and…His hands closed around the rumpled Akatsuki cloak and pulled it to his nose. He inhaled deeply, Itachi's scent hung on the fabric triggering memories of the man. The soft hands caressing his body, the thin lips and strong tongue against his, the cold black eyes boring into him. He growled and threw the cloak across the room, glaring at it as if it were alive.

"What have you done to me?" Iruka whispered to the inanimate object. "I hate you."


Three weeks had passed and Iruka was almost back to normal. He was back at work, he was having regular lunches with Kakashi and the jounin had even convinced him to come out for a drink tonight. He was sitting at a table with several of his friends and a few shinobi he didn't know, laughing about something Genma had done on a mission. The jounin dropped his head to the table as Anko described in graphic detail exactly what he'd woken up wearing after a night of 'reconnaissance' at a bar in Lightning. Iruka laughed heartily. He'd have to thank Kakashi for getting him out of his apartment, this was fun.

A jounin Iruka vaguely recognized sat back down at the table with another drink. The man was already very drunk and his speech was slurring slightly. He leaned across the table towards Iruka.

"Everyone's glad to see you back 'round, Iruka-sensei." Blushing scarlet, Iruka smiled shyly. The man leaned a little further and Iruka leaned forward as well. "Really, we are. I'm curious though…did you like it?" The entire table fell silent, every head turning to Iruka who was gaping at the jounin in shock. Knocking his chair over, Iruka stood up and stormed out of the bar. He didn't see Kakashi drag the man from his seat and knock him out with a single punch before racing after him. He was in front of the door to his apartment when Kakashi grabbed his arm to halt him.

"Iruka, I'm so sorry. I didn't…" the silver haired man sighed deeply and hung his head. "I'm sorry."

"S'okay. It's not your fault." He turned to unlock his door when Kakashi spoke again.

"Do you want to tal-."

"NO! I don't want to talk about it. I just want to forget the whole thing. Is that so much to ask?" Iruka flinched at the rather miserable look on Kakashi's face. He dropped his gaze feeling a little guilty. Kakashi had been great. He'd been supportive, and caring and hadn't pushed him in anyway to open up which made it easier to talk about it. He hadn't said much but the jounin had listened when he did.

"I…didn't mean to snap at you. I…What happened to your hand?" Iruka's eyes widened at the sight of the man's bloody knuckles. Kakashi shifted and avoided his eyes.

"It's nothing." Iruka chuckled.

"I bet the guy's face feels differently." He looked up at the jounin and smiled. "Thanks. I'm just going to finish my marking and go to bed. I'll see you for lunch on Thursday." Kakashi nodded and watched Iruka disappear into the building, wishing he was able to help the young man in some way.


Iruka flopped on his bed on his stomach. He laid still for a moment before he growled in rage and pounded his fists into the bedspread. He buried his face in his pillow trying to calm himself. It wasn't so much that the man had commented on what happened. Lots of people had. But this man had hit the one question that riled him…because he had liked it.

He'd thought about Itachi every day for the last three weeks. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't get the elder Uchiha out of his mind. His hand moved subconsciously to the space between the mattress and the wall, grasping the piece of fabric hidden there and pulling it toward him. He ran his finger over the black and red cloak before clutching it to his chest like a security blanket. Dropping his face to the cloth he tried to slow his pulse but like every time he touched Itachi's cloak the recollections of the pleasure that had wracked his body that night swarmed his mind. He shifted his legs, his member inflating at the thought of Itachi's body over him.

A sudden feeling of unease washed over him and he stuffed the cloak back in its hiding spot. Sitting up he glanced around the room. He was probably being paranoid but an overwhelming feeling of being watched settled on him.

"Is someone there? Kakashi?" Silence. The room was empty; everything was as it should be. He pushed the curtains aside and glanced out the window to see if anyone was out there but again he found himself alone. Sighing at his restlessness, he reached back for the rumpled jacket. Shaking his head and gripping the blankets beneath him he decided against it.

"No, don't do this to yourself," he whispered aloud. He pushed himself off the bed and pulled off his shirt and pants and headed toward the bathroom. He'd feel better after a shower. He turned on the water and stepped into the tub, pulling the curtain closed behind him.

The hot water cascaded over his body, washing his tension down the drain. He lathered his hair, stepping under the spray, he rinsed it out. He squeezed body wash onto his hands and slowly began rubbing down his body, scrubbing at his arms and chest. As his slicked hands moved over his hips his erection sprang back to life. He closed his eyes and pressed his forehead against the cool tiles. He slid his hand onto the throbbing organ and stroked it slowly. Immediately the gratifying feeling of the younger man's slow thrust against his prostate sprang to mind and a breathy gasp passed his lips. He tried to push the image from his mind but his effort was half hearted so it remained fixed. He moaned as he imagined the long, elegant, Uchiha fingers wrapped around both of their cocks.

Suddenly the unnerving feeling swept over him again and he whipped around. The back of the tub was empty, cool air seeping in through the not completely closed shower curtain. Iruka shook his head and stepped to the back of the shower, tugging the white plastic sheet to the wall.

"Come on, Umino. You're starting to lose it." He turned back to the front of the shower and froze. Standing under the hot water was Itachi Uchiha, his black long black hair clinging to the powerful, pale frame. Iruka blinked but the apparition didn't vanish. He pressed his eyes closed tighter, willing his delusion to desist. When he opened his eyes again the Uchiha had moved closer, towering over him. Iruka took a frantic step backward, his foot slipping on the slick tub surface. Strong hands caught his weight under his arms and pressed him against the back of the shower.

"You seem surprised to see me, Chuunin." The smaller man trembled as a warm tongue slid along his jaw to his ear.

"You're not here. I'm dreaming. I fell asleep in my room and this is just a dream." Itachi chuckled evilly and flipped the tan body so that his chest was pressed firmly into the older nin's back. He pinned the slim wrists above the chocolate locks with one hand and began hungrily molesting the naked body with the other.

"You didn't say nightmare, Chuunin. Did you miss me?" He slid his hand down the bronze chest and grasped Iruka's straining member. "Hn, feels like you did." Iruka moaned loudly as the long fingers slid along him. He let his head fall back to Itachi's shoulder, gasping as the thin lips attached themselves to his neck, sucking and biting a large purple mark of possession into his dark skin.

Itachi stared down at the face flush with arousal on his shoulder. The full lips parted as he slid his hand over the sudsy member. He pulled the smaller man's wrists off the wall, trapping them against the tan chest with his free arm. The chuunin's head slid into the crook of his neck, the hot breath on him driving him wild. He released the arms and slid his hand up the sculpted chest, tilting the tan chin towards his face. The brown, doe eyes opened and Itachi released a feral growl and squeezed the chuunin a little tighter.

Iruka mewled and bucked into his hand. Needing more contact on his own aching erection, Itachi spun the smaller frame again, grinding himself against Iruka.

The chuunin's mind churned. He was here. Itachi was here, pressed up against him like he'd wanted for weeks. The coal black eyes raking over his face as he panted and moaned at friction between their cocks. His body arched violently as Itachi nipped at his lower lip. He opened his mouth, whimpering as the strong tongue met his.

Itachi groaned as he finally tasted the sweet mouth again. The chuunin's tongue slid over his, coaxing the wet muscle deeper into the dark mouth. He gripped the sides of the dark face and broke the kiss, his eyes boring into the chocolate orbs.

"Do you want me to make you feel as good as last time?" He thrust his hips forward and the full lips parted in a gasp. The shinning brown eyes locked on his.

"Yes." The breathy whisper was so sexy that Itachi had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from groaning. He placed a hand on each of the narrow, bronze shoulders.

"Then get on your knees." The tan body slowly sunk to the floor, the brown hands lightly grasping the pale hips. Itachi grunted emotionlessly as the warm mouth encased him. His long thin fingers brushed the wet hair off the tan face. The warm brown eyes rose to his without him even having to demand it. He closed his eyes and let his head fall back; the sight was just too erotic to keep watching without risking cumming in the hot cavern. He was so wrapped up in the sensations that he didn't even notice the hands slide off his hips. He looked back down just as Iruka finished the last of a series of hand signs. The shower water turned into two steely hands which gripped him tightly. He glared icily as Iruka jumped to his feet and dashed from the bathroom.

"That was not smart chuunin."


Iruka slammed into the wall as he skidded into the main room. This was crazy…though he didn't know exactly what he was talking about; wanting Itachi so bad it hurt or thinking for a second that he could defend himself against the infamous Uchiha. He reached for his weapons pouch on the table when a pale hand clenched his arm in a painfully tight grip. Iruka looked up in fear at the black eyes, which for once weren't emotionless; they were alight with rage.

"Shit!" Iruka knocked the hand away, and shoved the pale chest with all his strength, hoping to put some distance between them. Itachi's eyes spun crimson as he stepped back to keep from falling.

Iruka leapt over his couch but the Uchiha was already ahead of him. He tried to stop but ended up skidding into the dripping, pale chest. Strong hands caught his wrists and tossed him backwards onto the couch like a rag doll, the broad, naked body settling over his. Fingers slid into his wet hair and gripped tightly.

"You shouldn't have done that, Chuunin." Iruka frantically twisted in the tight grip, his voice rising as he struggled.

"No! Let me go! Help! For the love of Kami, someone help me!" Itachi's icy voice hissed in his ear.

"I put a jutsu on the apartment. No one can hear you, Chuunin. No one is coming to save you. Not even that jounin friend of yours." Itachi prodded Iruka's unprepared entrance with his engorged flesh. Panic struck the younger man as he remembered the excruciating pain of being taken that way.

"No…please!" He begged the heartless Uchiha who pressed against him a little more forcefully.

"I told you it would hurt if you fought me." Iruka thrashed against the pressure and managed to free on of his legs. With every ounce of speed and strength he had he lifted a foot to the washboard stomach and kicked with all his might. Itachi grunted and flew backwards. Even tumbling to the ground he managed to look graceful.

Iruka stood up on the couch, his eyes darting around the room for a means of escape, but he'd kicked Itachi right between him and the door. Finding nothing, he went to the one place that was farthest away from the Uchiha, up. Launching himself off the back of the couch and pulling chakra into his hands and feet he laid himself along the ceiling as flat as possible. Itachi looked up at the chuunin in sadistic amusement. Did the teacher really think that he would be safe up there? Itachi jumped upwards, standing vertically on the ceiling, towering over Iruka who was splayed out on all fours like a spider. Both set of dripping hair hung downward and for a moment neither man moved, just staring at the other wet, naked man before them. Iruka's eyes shifted from Itachi to the door half a second before he scuttled to his left and leapt onto the wall. He hadn't gotten more than five steps before a hand caught his arm. Cursing he wrenched out of the Uchiha's clutches and leapt back onto the ceiling. Itachi watched impressed as Iruka pushed his body of the horizontal plane with his hands and landed on the opposite wall with his feet, the tan hands sticking to the wall making Iruka look like a cornered animal as he faced outward.

The brown eyes darted to the weapons pouch lying still untouched on the table but Itachi saw and moved preemptively towards it. Iruka took advantage of the larger gap between them and jumped towards his actual objective, the katana on the back wall of the apartment. His fingers closed around the sheath and he pushed on the hilt with his thumb. Just as he allowed himself to hope that may survive unscathed a large pale hand clasped over the blade and squeezed, snapping the sword like it was a twig. Their eyes met and Iruka felt hands on his shoulders before he hit the ground with a sickening crash. A soft thud in front of him brought his gaze to Itachi who was crouching before him, red eyes gleaming through a sheet of wet, black hair. He looked like a panther that had just cornered its prey, beautiful and deadly.

A weight settled on his body and Iruka looked up into the spinning crimson eyes.

"Why me?" Itachi didn't respond, pinning the arms on either side of the dark head, perhaps unsure of the answer himself. He dragged his sharp teeth across the tan neck, soothing the abused skin with his tongue.

"I won't hurt you if you behave." Iruka grimaced, feeling like a scolded child. Swallowing, he nodded in submission. Long arms scooped him up off the floor and carried him into the bedroom before depositing him unceremoniously on the bed. Long, elegant fingers flew through a complicated series of signs and Iruka found himself bound to the bed with vines. He pulled at them but they only seemed to tighten with his struggles.

"Don't!" The icy command made him settle completely as the tall naked body climbed over his. Now that he knew that Itachi wasn't planning on hurting him he found himself excited for the hands that had begun to explore his exposed body. His body twisted in pleasure as a tongue slid over his nipple making him gasp. If he hadn't thrown his head back in delight he would have seen the stoic Uchiha smirk at him.

Itachi was in heaven. His chuunin was moaning and writhing beneath him so prettily. He took his time exploring the glorious, tight body, moving up and down it from head to toe, caressing the tan skin with his tongue until Iruka was begging him for more. Heaven.

He dropped his head and took the tip of the leaking member in his mouth, relishing the salty taste of purity. Deciding he couldn't wait any more he pulled the blankets from underneath them and bunching them under the tan lower back. Licking his way across the chuunin's shaft and balls he lowered his mouth to the puckered entrance, grateful for the muting jutsu he'd put in place because the screams that ripped from the older nin would have woken the dead. With a flick of his hand the vines binding Iruka's ankles grew and he bent the chuunin's knees giving him better access. He could only stand to tease the chuunin for a moment before he pressed his tongue past the tight ring of muscle. Iruka bucked violently as he pressed into him. Itachi had to grab the bronze thighs to steady the man, spreading them a little wider as he pushed the wet muscle further into the body. He reached up and wrapped his fingers around the throbbing cock above his head, smiling in victory as he felt the passage close around his tongue and Iruka screamed his name as the chuunin came all over his chest.

Itachi lifted his eyes to the satiated brown gaze. The chuunin looked exhausted, relaxed and completely fuckable. He crawled up the lax tan body and captured the sinfully sweet mouth in a bruising kiss. Iruka moaned and massaged his tongue hungrily.

"Do you want more, Chuunin?" Tan hips lifted into Itachi's, cum spreading onto the mass murderer's body.

"YES! Oh gods, yes! More. Please Itachi, fuck me!" The pale thin lips descended again, nipping and tugging at the pouty, brown pair while long, thin fingers dragged through the large puddle of cum on the rippled stomach.

Iruka had thought that the last time had been as good as it could possibly get but the Uchiha seemed to be trying to prove him wrong; trying and succeeding. He arched and mewled in bliss as Itachi slid first one than two cum slicked fingers into his ass, stretching him methodically. After the third assault on his prostate Iruka screamed so loud that he was sure he'd be hoarse tomorrow.

"Please Itachi, now! Fuck me! I need you!" Itachi stared down at the chuunin in shrouded shock. No one had ever said that to him before. It wouldn't have been the same if it was anyone else either. Only his chuunin could say something like that to him and live to tell about it, not that he would tell about it. Grunting he removed his two fingers. He didn't know if he'd stretched the chuunin enough but he was in desperate need of release, in desperate need of the chuunin's hot body around him.

He slowly pressed himself into the passage until the head of his cock was suffocating in the spasming passage. He grunted at the amazing sensation and collapsed forward onto Iruka who winced as he slid a little farther into the gripping ass. Itachi shifted his hips to pull back when legs wrapped around his hips as far as the vines would allow. He raised his eyes to the sienna orbs which were laden with desire.

"Don't stop. Please, don't stop." Itachi pushed slowly forward and was so lost in the feeling that he almost missed the whisper that escaped from the arched throat. "Don't ever stop. Don't ever…nnnngh…don't ever stop."


Two hours later Iruka watched Itachi get dressed, a sense of loss gripping him as the pale body was recovered. Itachi didn't look back at him but paused when he spoke.

"Why do you want the jinjurikis?" He hadn't expected and answer so it wasn't surprising when the Uchiha teleported away without a word.


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