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The world is changing

I feel it in the earth

I feel it in the water

I smell it in the air



"Come back here!" a man yelled, but Karina didn't listen. She ran up the stairs to her room and slammed the door loudly. She felt her shoulders, which were bruised from her father shaking her so hard. She locked the door to her closet sized room and propped a chair against the doorknob. Taking off her black parka, Karina looked at herself in the mirror. She wasn't as scrawny since she'd started working at the Burger King because she got to take home actual food. Her arms were bruised black and blue from the constant beatings from her junkie father. She shuddered as her door was pounded on for the fourth time. She wondered where her mother was, as she'd run off two years ago after a huge fight with her dad.

She flopped down on her bed, and, as the tears started welling up and then burning her cheeks she turned face down and buried her face in her pillow. She couldn't take another day of this; another day of the stares--glares, really--and conspicuous giggles from the girls at school; the constant teasing; the teachers promising to intervene and then doing nothing; coming home and being told, "That's just part of life in the real world. Get used to it, 'cuz life isn't like all that fantasy shit you read."

Oh God, she prayed silently, please help me.

"Karina! Girl, if you don't open this door, I WILL!" The door groaned on its hinges as he rammed it again and again. She wasn't going to open the door. She quickly turned her pillow to the side that wasn't wet and wiped her tears away roughly as the doorknob jiggled violently. She was prepared for a vicious beating like usual, she'd be knocked out for about an hour and then finish her homework. Her eyes darted around the room for someplace to hide, if only for a moment. Karina saw 

her closet and ran for it, ducking under the clothing. She closed the door quietly but it was too late. Her front door busted open, her father reeling from the blow.

"Where the hell are you?!" he yelled. Karina felt her skin crawl and her cigarette burn scar felt like it was lit on fire all over again. He looked around for awhile before seeing the closet door cracked open. Karina felt her breathing hitched in her throat as he approached the door.

"There you are, Karina. I was kinda worried you left me." He said reaching for her. Karina backed up on her elbows deeper into the closet. Her father became angry, "Get out here!"

No way. Karina thought as she backed up deeper into the expanse of clothing. The only thing was that she didn't feel clothing anymore, but tree branches. Her father and her room had disappeared and now in front of her was a large expanse of forest, but the trees were not as close together as in a normal forest or wood, but they were spread apart so you could see what was in the distance.

"Oh my God…." She gasped, standing up. Her retro eighties neon sneakers sunk into the greenest grass she had ever seen in her life. Karina twirled around, "Impossible…" was the only thing she could muster. She knew exactly where she was too. There was no mistaking Narnia. Although Narnia was a fictional place in her favorite book she knew instantly she was there. Karina smiled, "Awesome."

She wandered around for a few seconds before plunking down on a log. Well she was lost. She wondered what age she was in. Were the Penvensie's ruling or was it Caspian X? So many questions swam in her head; Karina didn't notice the group of people coming towards her. Once they were in sight, Karina smiled, trying to act friendly. In her midst were the most fearsome creatures she had ever seen. Two centaurs and a Minotaur stood near her and Karina felt her stomach lurch. Remembering her Narnian manners she bowed, her right hand over her heart, "Hi." She said lamely. The centaur drew his blade and Karina gulped.

"What is your purpose here Daughter of Eve?" he asked. Karina bit her lip, "I'm lost."

The party exchanged looks, "Are you Telmarine?"

Karina realized she must have looked just like a Telmarine, who were tan skinned and brunette. She shook her head, "I'm Dominican, well and African-American on 

my dad's side." She rambled on for minutes about her family heritage until the centaur cut her off.

"We will take you to the Kings and Queens."

Karina nodded, "Coolies."


Karina only smiled as she was led into Aslan's How, which was deep underground. She knew it was a tomb but she never expected it to be this inhospitable. She clutched her backpack to her chest, glad she had grabbed it on her way through the closet. All sorts of creatures gathered around her, murmuring to one another about their new visitor. The centaurs led her into the inner sanctum of the How and Karina gasped, "OMG it's the stone table!"

She felt giddy and fought the urge not to jump up and down. She was really looking at the stone table! Geek alert. On the table sat a girl with long red brown hair and brown eyes. She looked about ten or twelve, and was dressed in an orange dress.

"Hello!" the girl said cheerfully.

"Lu, who are you talking to?" someone asked and four other people appeared. The first was a girl who looked around Karina's age of sixteen, she was dark haired with slate colored eyes. On her back was a quiver full of arrows and a bow. The next was a boy who looked fifteen; he was a brunette with pale skin like the girl. Finally two men entered, the first looked seventeen or eighteen with honey blonde hair and sapphire eyes and the other was dark haired with black eyes and tan skin, he looked around nineteen or twenty. They all looked very surprised to see Karina, who only smiled.

"Who are you?" the blonde asked his hand on the hilt of his sword. Karina smiled non-threateningly, "Hi I'm Karina."

They all exchanged looks and the younger brunette spoke, "You don't look like you're from Narnia."

Karina shrugged off the centaurs, who were holding her arms quite tightly, "I'm not. I am American, from Detroit to be exact."

"America! What year?" the older girl asked. Karina lifted a perfectly arched eyebrow, "When else, 2008."

"2008?!" they all yelled. Karina scratched her nose, "Yeah, it really blows most people's minds. By the way, who are all of you?"

The blonde, who was the self appointed leader, answered "I am High King Peter," he motioned to the older girl then to the younger one, "This is Queen Susan and Queen Lucy," then he introduced to younger boy and the older one, "This is King Edmund and Prince Caspian."

Karina rubbed her shoulders and arms, "Not to cut this short but do you guys have any medical stuff?"

Susan looked concerned, "Yes, why?"

Karina took off her black sweater so that she was only wearing a pink tank top. The party gasped when they saw her bruises, "What happened?" Lucy asked, rushing over to her. Karina smiled bitterly, "My dad."

Susan and Lucy ushered her over to a small ledge where they wrapped her arms with gauze. "I look like a mummy. Aruuuu Aruuuuu!!" Karina laughed, holding her hands in a Frankenstein like fashion. Lucy laughed but she could've sworn she heard Susan say she was acting "childish". Karina shrugged this off and approached Peter, Edmund, and Caspian who were in a football like huddle. She draped her arms around Caspian and Peter's shoulders,

"So what are we doing?" she asked, curiously poking her nose into their plans. Peter shook off her arm but Caspian looked almost happy she had touched him.

"Trying to come up with a plan to attack Miraz's castle." Edmund said. Karina nodded and pretended she was actually interested instead of watching Caspian and Peter. Can you say double threat?!

"How can we communicate with one another when to strike?" Peter said, his lips pursing adorably. Karina felt a little light bulb go off in her head and she found her backpack.

"Eureka!" she said loudly so that everyone could hear. Caspian turned around, looking very confused, "What are those?"

Karina smiled, "These my friends are the best things to happen since sliced bread."

In her hand were two Verizon EnV's, on silver and one olive. Karina had almost forgotten that her BFF Shane had left his phone in her backpack. The Kings and Queens looked at the devices warily, "What do they do?" Edmund asked. Karina waggled her eyebrows, "I'll show you. Pete would you hold this?"

Peter, looking non too pleased about being called Pete by someone he barely knew, held the silver phone. Karina called it and the phone started vibrating and ringing. Peter immediately dropped the phone, Karina giggled, "Ugh, Pete you have to answer it."

Peter hesitantly pressed the green button as Karina told him to.


Karina smiled, "Hi, how are you Pete? How are things over there on the other side of the room?"

"It's like magic!" Caspian said his Castilian accent making him sound very excited. Karina smiled,

"Communication problem solved."

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