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I woke up in the arms of an angel. My back pressed up against his bare chest, which seemed a little different. I didn't give it a second thought. I closed my eyes again, and revelled in the warmness. Warmer feeling than usual. It felt even better than usual.

I realized that I was naked. Damn! I hadn't wanted to give that up just yet! I sighed, Too late.

I mean I loved Jasper, but we weren't in the I'm-gonna-marry-you-someday love. We both knew it.

And I'd wanted to give that up to that man. The one who I knew I was gonna marry.

I sighed, and tried to concentrate on what had happened last night.

It had been the last day of college for all of us, and we'd gone clubbing to celebrate.

I remembered the torture of shopping that Alice had unleashed upon me and Rose. Rose didn't mind too much, though. But I did. I shivered at the memory, causing the arms that held me to tighten around my waist.

We danced for awhile, then got drunk, but it was all blank after that.

I concentrated harder, cursing myself mentally when I couldn't remember. Why'd I have to get drunk?! I never do that!

I sighed, and shivered, realizing that it was cold in the room. I turned, eyes still closed, in the arms that encircled me. I snuggled into his chest, sighing in contentment when I felt the warmth from his body seep over me.

The feeling of these arms triggered the memories, and I started to get something. I concentrated on it.

I remembered being pushed playfully into a room. I remembered hearing the click of the door, meaning that it was locked.

I remembered looking at his sexy body, and thinking, God, his body was SO freaking hot.

I remembered pushing him onto the bed, kissing him sweetly, then it turned into more.

I remembered being suddenly under him, being kissed urgently. I remembered opening my eyes, and thinking about how beautiful his eyes were.

Such a beautiful green... They looked like emeralds...

Then I remembered running my hair through his gorgeous hair, while he kissed my neck.

I gasped, remembering one tiny important detail.

His hair was bronze.

Jasper's hair was blond, and his eyes were light blue.

My eyes snapped open, and I saw the most important detail of last night.

It'd hadn't been Jasper that I'd lost my virginity to. That thought made me feel relieved for a tiny Milli-second.

It had been my best friend. My best friend's boyfriend.

It had been piano-boy himself.

It had been Edward.