Jealousy And It's Consequences

Jealousy And Its Consequences

"Tell me you're not jealous," Tim drawled.

"Jealous?" Roy parroted back incredulously. He scoffed. "You must be joking."

But Tim could see how his lover wavered while giving his answer. He smirked, secretly a bit flattered. "Oh, you're jealous all right."

Roy bristled. "I am not," he stated vehemently – though not honestly. He shifted uncomfortably at the knowing look Tim was giving him. Despite having been involved with the younger hero for over a year, he was still unused to the fact that Tim could read him so well. He'd quickly learned that the third Robin was freakishly skilled like that.

Tim combed a hand backward through his spiked up hair as he studied his lover. "You weren't jealous that I spent the afternoon helping Kon fine-tune his TTK tactics in battle scenarios?" he asked, feigning innocence. "Because I can't really come up with any other reason for you to have been glaring at him so hard when he left. I mean, I've heard of the phrase 'if looks could kill', even seen it on a few of our foes, but I never thought to see it on you…" he said wryly.

Flushing slightly, Roy knew he'd been caught out. He turned away so he wouldn't have to look into those dark blue eyes when he admitted his resentfulness of the time his lover had spent with Kon. Even the fact that said meta was already in a relationship with Bart didn't detract from Roy's jealousy. After all, Kon was pretty uninhibited, and Bart was from the thirty-first century; who was say that they hadn't decided threesomes were where it was at?

That wasn't really as weak of an argument as it sounded like; more than once Kory had tried to get Dick to share their bed with someone else, most often him or Donna. And he knew from Wally's younger years that speedsters had a notorious sex drive. Kon could have talked Bart into it.

Or the other way around; Bart was surprisingly intuitive for all that he outwardly seemed so innocent. Still, he couldn't see either of them being subtle about a seduction.

"All right, all right." Roy sighed and mumbled sulkily under his breath, "I'm jealous, I admit it." It didn't help that Lian found Kon to be one of her 'funnest' uncles, and she'd loved Bart, or 'Zip' as she called him, since he'd been on Roy's team of Titans.

"However reluctantly," Tim grumbled, though a smile was on his face at the sight of his repentant lover. "Whatever shall I do with you, Roy-boy?" he teased, wanting to lighten the mood.

A certain lustful gleam entered Roy's changeable gold-green eyes, before he hid it and offered, "We could kiss and make up?"

Tim had come to be wary of his partner when he looked at him like this, and now was no exception. He decided to take control of the situation.

"You are jealous, aren't you?" Tim reiterated. With a smirk, he palmed Roy's tented trousers. At Roy's indrawn breath, he continued, "Jealous and horny. Now, the question is – after acting like a jealous fool – do you deserve my 'help'? Perhaps I should 'punish' you first, hmm?" He quirked a brow at his boyfriend.

Roy's eyes flashed in response. "Oh, yes…" he said. If a take-charge Timmy was the consequence of being a jealous fool, he'd act one all the time.