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Tournament Kamen Rider, Beginnings.

Sky Raider . . . Kamen Rider Kabuto.

My name is Sky Raider. I hate humans. All of them, despicable. I say that, but I am human myself, as is my twin sister, Sun. I care for her dearly though, and I will protect her. She has blonde long hair. Most likely she takes after our mother as our mother was blonde, and our father had black hair, much like mine.

When we were little, our parents were killed in an accident. We were taken care of by one of my father's business partners. My father was quite wealthy, and it turns out that my father had left Sun and me a will, but my father's business partner was corrupted. I had trusted him, but it turned out, he wanted my father's money, which is why he allowed me and Sun to stay with him. He abused us, forcing us to work for him, and we were just little kids. When we were about seventeen or eighteen, my sister dropped a vase she was cleaning. She was quite clumsy, which gave her a cute charm to her already cute face. I saw what our father's business partner did. He yelled at her, screamed, calling her horrifying words. I couldn't take it, and I clenched my fist. I decided to let it go, as he abused us quite a bit before. However, all of a sudden, he grabbed my sisters's dress, about to rip it off. I was able to get there in time, and I started beating him with my fists. It was a trait I never exhibited before. I always thought of myself as weak, but I found strength inside of me, and I said to him "If you ever, ever, lay a finger on a hair on Sun's head, I will kill you." He showed fear, and my face showed anger. I don't know what had happened to him ever since, and I found my father's will.

My father was a nice man, and kind. He left us his entire fortune, and I took Sun to live in the beach house that our parents had taken us to when we were younger. Sun was happy, and I was happy as well. We did some odd jobs for money, because we couldn't always depend on our father's money. It was a great life. She was beautiful, and I want to protect her. I remember, sometimes we would be out in the terrace, watching the stars, letting the breeze of the beach blow into our faces. It was the happiest time of our lives, and sometimes, we would fall asleep, and I would have her in my arms.

I always liked to wear black, along with my red t-shirt, however, many people saw me strangely, thought I cut myself every night. Those fools, I tried not to hate them, but they were just forcing me to, asking for it. My sister was kind, and she saw the clothing I wore as, cute. I don't care what others think, as long as I have Sun by my side.

However, my world started to fall that one night. We decided to go to a carnival, have some fun. One guy started hitting on Sun, but she said no. He persisted, and kept asking her, threatening her a few times. I kicked him, and said this. "Humans, all of you are the same." Sun grabbed my arm, and we walked out.

It was a peaceful walk, until all of a sudden, I was separated from Sun. I don't know what happened, but the guy that had hit on her had grabbed her, and I was being pulled by four other thugs. Three of them held me in place, and a fourth one started punching my gut hard. I remembered his words. "You have defied our boss, and he will get what he wants. That girl, and your life!" I was beaten badly, and the scene I saw at the same time, was quite horrifying.

My sister, she was violated. Raped on the spot. That scene will never leave my head. Her dress was ripped, and . . . I can't say, it pains me to. "No, no!" I shouted, and got beaten. She was screaming in pain, she didn't want this. I started to cry. I thought this I want to protect Sun, I want to protect her, I want to protect! All of a sudden, a red bug like device flew over and struck all the thugs around me, and I found a silver belt on the ground. I picked it up, and the device flew in front of my face. It signaled me to put the belt on, and I knew what I had to do. I grabbed the device from the air, and said this. "Humans, all of you are despicable! HENSHIN!" I inserted the device in the belt, by pure instinct. I was surrounded by a green grid, and in place was a sliver suit. "CAST OFF!" I flipped the horn of the Kabuto Zector, I now know the name. The silver armor bursted off, and in place was a red suit with a Kabuto motif "CHANGE BEETLE". I pushed the buttons on the belt. "1 2 3!" The zector announced. "Rider . . . Kick." I said this, and flipped the horn again. "RIDER KICK!" I roundhouse kicked each of the thugs around me. I have no regrets using a move like that on humans.

But in the end, my sister was violated. I couldn't do anything, and then another device flew to me. By instinct, I attached the device to the left side of my belt. "HYPER CAST OFF!" My suit changed yet again, "CHANGE HYPER BEETLE!", and I knew what to do. "Hyper, clock up." I tapped the new device, and I turned back time, before Sun was grabbed. I grabbed the guy, and threw him away. Sun noticed my new suit. And it turned out that the guy was possessed by an Imajin, and his wish was actually to violate Sun. Oh who much I hated humans after that. It was dark so I couldn't see what the Imajin looked like, but I then pushed the lever of the new device, which I now know is the Hyper Zector. "MAXIMUM RIDER POWER!" It announced. "1 2 3." The Kabuto Zector announced, and I flipped the horn. "Hyper Kick." I flipped the horn, energy pouring to my legs. "RIDER KICK!" I then unleashed a flying side kick on that imajin, and my hit also hit that scumbag that had attempted to violate Sun. The imajin exploded. The thugs all lived, rather I let them, let them suffer the pain I gave them, instead of dying a death where they don't feel anything anymore. The suit dematerialized, and Sun grabbed me. She was crying and she was glad. I hugged her. I will do anything to protect her.

A few days later, I heard about the Kamen Rider Tournament. I also learned that the Kabuto Zector and belt had belonged to someone who was designated as Kamen Rider Kabuto, but according from what I could tell, he abandoned the Kabuto Zector, thus it came to me when I found it. The Kabuto and Hyper Zector had chosen me because I wanted to protect Sun, and I will win that tournament, and prove myself as the ultimate fighter. I will dominate the damn humans, and prove them for the wretched beings they are.

But now, the Hyper Zector has left me. I don't know why. Humans, I hate them all.

But I wonder, do I really hate them? I remember when we were kids, we played with a boy, and this boy really cared about justice, even though he was the same age as us. I forgot his name, H-a . . . I can't remember, but I admired him. He was strong, and fearless, but I can't even remember his name, not to mention his face. But I feel, I've met him again, but who was it?

Sun, and the innocent animals, I will still try to protect them all. I swear it, because I was the chosen one.

- -

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