Companion to Snow.

Summery: KanamexYuuki. She was like the spring. Warm and filled with joy, that held the sense of happiness to fill his lonely heart.

He was afraid he would lose her to Kiriyuu Zero. She was so attached to him. She would do anything for Kiryuu... even give her own blood. But her blood was his and his alone. It did not belong to Zero. Yuuki was to be his wife, his lover. And he would allow no one to hurt her. But if he killed Zero like he so desperately wished, she would lose Yuuki forever. He would not allow happen.

Needless to say he wasn't very happy with his mothers decision to take away Yuuki's connections to vampires, including her memories. But as he thought about it, it was better that way. She loved him more than a brother now, and more than a friend. Just as he had loved her more than anything else in the world, he would do anything for her.

He had not changed. Quiet and powerful, his looks, nor desires, had never changed. But, only his priorities. Instead of just Yuuki, he would also protect their young one who must enter the world of vampires. He, or she, would be one of the last remaining vampires in the world.

In his castle in England, he walked along the small garden with Yuuki, his wife, by his side. She was pregnant with their first child now, the fruits of their love. She was over joyed over that fact, and the more and more he pondered over it, the more and more he realized, she was like the spring. Warm and filled with joy, that held the sense of happines to fill his lonely heart. And just like the seasons, spring and winter, they had never left each other's side.