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The Legend of the Ginsei Inu Tenshi

Chapter 10: Trouble After Dark


"I can't believe that arrogant, egotistical, rude, commanding… jerk! Oh did I mention egotistical? I can't believe he actually tried to do something like that! Oooooo, just wait for my next prank, this one will involve bodily harm. That neat flying knives trick I saw the soldiers practicing would work well…." Kagome's rant to the surrounding vegetation trailed off as she got a sudden foreboding feeling. Shaking it off as surging feelings of hatred and the premonition that Sesshomaru's life span had just been shortened a couple hundred years, she continued on to see Shippo. She arrived at the village in a timely manner, absentmindedly following the trail she had traversed so many times before. Still in a tizzy over the argument she slammed down the payment for Shippo's room on the counter to the inn and stormed off without missing a beat.

'Speaking to anyone right now would not be a wise decision on my part, seeing as how I'm currently harboring murderous thoughts…' Kagome's visually graphic image of a Sesshomaru in pain was instantly replaced by an overwhelming feeling of being unconditionally loved when Shippo launched from his previous position to attach himself lovingly albeit a bit painfully to Kagome's midsection.

"Hello Shippo!! Do you know what today is?" Kagome teasingly questioned in a sing-song voice?

Shippo played along, "Is it a holiday?"

"Mayyyybe." Kagome responded.

"Does it involve gifts?" Shippo asked mischievously but excitedly.

"Mayyyybe." Kagome hummed back and cracked a smile when she saw Shippo make a frustrated face.

"Kagome it's my birthday!! What did you bring me?" He nearly shouted trying to sprint around her to see what she was hiding behind her back.

'What is it with kids and their total disregard to manners when food, candy and/or gifts are involved?' Kagome laughed and handed Shippo her poorly wrapped present.

His face lit up so brightly and quickly Kagome was sure he was going to burn out.

Shippo wasted no time in tearing apart the rice paper to reveal a toy ball. Kagome was slightly nervous. She wanted to get him something much more extravagant but servants don't make a whole lot, and there were some supplies for a prank that she just couldn't walk away from…

"I LOVE IT!" He squealed at an inhuman pitch. Kagome could feel her ears ringing, but the look on his face of pure joy made the ringing a …pleasant ringing… ok maybe not but she felt loved all over again nonetheless.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank y…" His tirade of gratitude faded into the background as he ran outside to go and try out his new ball. Boy would the village kids be jealous of him now!

Kagome laughed and set out to find some food worthy to be called a birthday banquet on her tight budget.

After hours of playing, laughing, teasing and ganging up on some teenage kids that had been bullying Shippo because of his unusually small stature, Kagome had to say goodbye.

And like always it was not going as good as she hoped it would.

"KAGOMEEEEE! Please don't leave! I'll be good. I'll share my toys and eat my vegetables and do anything you want…" Shippo wailed as he used his superior demon strength to withhold Kagome from leaving. She was nearly in tears. Every year was the same thing and gosh if she could just drop everything, forsake everyone and run away with this loveable munchkin she would do it in a heartbeat. But with no real status, no money and no protection they wouldn't last long.

"Shippo I know this is hard, but I promise to come back unless something kills me first. I do every time don't I?" Shippo sniffled and reluctantly let go. Kagome kneeled down to look in him the eye.

"You know I love you very much. And I hate this just as much as you if not more, but I wouldn't be able to provide for you on our own right now or I would have run away with you long ago. As soon as I get my act together we will go somewhere where we can always be together. And next time I promise to take some of Aki's candy for you." She finished the last part as a whisper that she knew his superior hearing would pick up. She would never condone thievery, but desperate time call for desperate measures. And Aki had more candy than she knew what to do with!

"O-ok. I promise to be good until you come back." He struggled to be proud and dignified but the non-stop tears completely ruined the image.

"And I promise not to fatally harm anyone unless they severely deserve it." Kagome said determined. Shippo laughed and Kagome waved goodbye as she hurried out before she lost her resolve and simply ran away with him now.

Walking back to the castle was a tad scary for the normally confident girl. She had never stayed out this late before and for a good reason. She was stubborn but not stupid. She didn't know how to wield a weapon nor was she particularly skilled in any sort of combat training once so ever. Demons that hunt during the night were way out of her league.

'I should hurry. Throwing a smokescreen and running for it won't help me out here…' Kagome quickly stepped through the thick underbrush when she felt some bite for ankle and she let out a surprised yelp. Making it through the brush she didn't even bother to look down at her rapidly swelling ankle, or she would lose her nerve. Whatever had bitten her was obviously poisonous. She had started to sprint through the open field in front of her when an explosion knocked her off her feet.

She hesitantly sat up waving through the cloud of dust and debris in front of her. When it finally settled she wished it hadn't.

There not more than forty yards away stood the most terrifying creature she had ever seen. Standing about twelve feet tall with beady red eyes, sickly green looking alligator like skin and rows of sharp fangs that were nearly as thick as her wrist and that was more than enough incentive for Kagome to spring into flight mode.

As soon as she made a move to get up the pain in her ankle was so intense she collapsed back down in tears.

'I must have twisted it when I was thrown for the explosion and the poison isn't making the pain any more bearable.' Kagome thought with horror. Was this really how she was going to die? She regretted that last part of her promise of seeing Shippo.

'Maybe saying unless I die wasn't so bright. This must be "Buddha's way of proving who really is god here…' Kagome's self-pitying thoughts stopped when the demon lunged for her and she went into shock.

When she heard a tearing sound and felt a sticky substance rain down on her she instantly thought that the process of death was a disgusting feeling, but virtually painless. When seconds passed and there was no bright light or voice showing her the way she cracked an eye open that she hadn't realized she had closed in fright.

There she saw her knight in a white kimono, or devil looking for something else to hold over her in a white and red patterned kimono. It all depended on how your outlook on life was.

There was a staring match for better part of five minutes while Sesshomaru waited for gratitude and an apology and Kagome stubbornly withheld it because of her wounded pride. When Sesshomaru realized there was no thank you coming he decided to be the bigger person… for now at least.

"Let's go. You are covered in that monstrosity's blood and flesh, and you reek." He abruptly turned expecting her to follow when he heard, what was possibly, the most girlish and wimpiest yelp of pain he had ever heard.

Kagome had not taken note of her current hygienic status but once she did and was tuned into her less than desirable scent, she for once agreed with him. She went to stand without really thinking of anything but a hot bath, when she was once again reminded that her ankle was not in the best of conditions.

'Maybe I should start wearing shoes.' She thought as she rocked back and forth clutching her now throbbing appendage.

Sesshomaru sighed at the pitiful sight of the pathetic creature named Kagome, before reminding himself that despite her resilience to anything that made sense she was still an irrational teenage girl.

He threw is kimono over her and picked her up bridal style which she responded to by sticking her tongue out and mumbling something incoherent about how the gods just loved to pick on her few weaknesses. He had no wish to be covered in the goop that she was currently covered in and would later have this kimono burned.

The walk or flight back to the castle was fairly uneventful but painfully silent. Even Sesshomaru as grateful as he was for the reprieve of her ever loud mouth was slightly uncomfortable and wished she would just get over herself, attempt to humiliate him and things would go back to how they were before.

He really didn't like seeing Kagome like this. It put him on edge.

It of course wasn't because he was just a tad frightened for his wellbeing in the future, it was just her concentrated attitude was freaking him out.

Once they arrived at the palace he dropped Kagome off in the servants' quarters to bathe and rest and then sent out orders, to find who sent out that demon.

'That demon was not going to kill her. He was only there to incapacitate her and anyone who may protect her. The blood in her system came from that demon and the potency would be strong enough to kill any human with a small amount, yet he only injected enough to slightly paralyze and slow her movements. He was also determined and concentrating not hungry and blood-thirsty. Someone is after the girl, but why? No one else can know her secret. She doesn't even know and I found out by chance. Why her? To get to me? No. I am not frequently seen parading out in public with her despite that one instance. It would not be labeled more than a fling a worst she would be labeled a whore. That would not warrant an attack…' Sesshomaru trailed off into his thoughts as he absent-mindedly read through tedious treaties and request from various villages in his domain. Soon enough he grew bored and retired for the night.

Kagome was furious? Livid? Feeling murderous again? Yeah that was about right. Her mood was better after seeing Shippo. But then she was attacked on the one day she really couldn't handle the stress and had to be seen in such a horrible situation by the one person she didn't even acknowledge existed right now. Then she finds out she was most definitely poisoned and would be bedridden or face serious pain for the next couple days because of the confined and therefore extremely sensitive area of infected body. She wanted revenge on everyone but she would settle for just Lord Idiot right now.

She thought hard of a quick and easy set-up prank that would leave his highness crying for days. Then it hit her. The perfect prank. She quietly set off to work.

She limped her way through the castle. Tip-toeing past guard points and limp-sprinting in open areas until she reached the wizard's quarters.

Cautiously she looked for her item of revenge, an appearance altering pendant used by soldiers to infiltrate various holdouts in any disguise imaginable. Simply imagine what you want and clip on the pendant and your good to go. The pedant could only be removed if wished by the one who placed it on their person for further protection. She crept though the quarters, and breathe a sigh of relief when she realized the wizard wasn't there for whatever reason, and honestly she didn't care. Kagome then freely rummaged through various boxes until she found her prize. Holding it up with a quiet but triumphant cry she hurriedly limped back through the palace to Sesshomaru quarters. She knew he was now awake and knew she was out there so she put up forth her best acting skills and knocked.

He took his time answering and when he did he beckoned her in and closed the door. She sat on the corner of his bed while he expectantly waited by the door. She bit her lip.

'This was harder than expected, I really don't want to do this but for the greater good…' "I'm sorry." Kagome mumbled.

"Hmmmm." Sesshomaru arrogantly acted like he hadn't heard her. She scowled and Sesshomaru let a small smirk show through.

"I'm sorry!" She said a little more forcefully than necessary, but she couldn't help it.

"I expect next time you will listen and do as you are told. You are dismissed for now, but we will talk more on this matter tomorrow." He snobbishly strode over to the bed thinking he had won.

After all no one truly defied his orders that long. They were either crumbled under the pressure or were killed out of annoyance. Whichever came first.

Kagome sighed like she gave up and timidly paced up to Sesshomaru. She stood there for a second before hurriedly throwing her hands around his neck in a quick apologetic hug and scampered out (as fast as her injured ankle allowed her) before he could maim her. Sesshomaru was stunned, but nonetheless pleased. He hadn't expected any physical contact for a while. It wasn't like he enjoyed her spontaneous bouts of close physical proximity but it seemed whenever she was flowing with too much emotion it was her only outlet. He released a triumphant smirk and lay down to rest for a couple hours. He had a busy day tomorrow.

Once Kagome was safely back in her quarters she let out a malicious laugh.

She had heard that renowned and legendary military leaders were coming tomorrow to congradulate Sesshomaru on his success on taking over his father's lands so young. But apparently these were old-fashioned and not so open-minded ex-soldiers that wouldn't go near a woman for anything other than pleasure or food. They fully believed that it was a women's place to serve no matter the status (she had heard all of this from the ranting female servants which apparently found this all out last time they came to visit and they were treated poorly).

Well, how better to humiliate Sesshomaru at his supposed to be one of his most proudest moments than turning the all masculine Lord Sesshomaru into a lady with the charm necklace. Where he will have to face such lady hating men while being congratulated for always being on guard and being a great protector when he was tricked by a girl! He wouldn't be able to break the spell since it was her that had placed it. This was going to be GREAT!

Sure she would probably be physically reprimanded by someone afterwards, and have the wrath of not only the Lord of the West but his legendary war buddies too, but it was worth seeing his face and his humiliation.

'That will teach him not to mess with me. Of course I'll have to remove the spell before things get to out of hand but tomorrow will surely be the worst day of his life, and therefore be my happiest.'

Kagome drifted off into a peaceful slumber, dreaming of a world where she ruled and arrogant dog demons were put in their place.

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