Chapter Two: Star

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Amy quickly tugged on dark jeans in place of her blue sweat pants, wrestling her hair into a ponytail. She grabbed her riding helmet off her bedside table and bolted down the stairs, quick as lightning.

She'd quickly explained to Lou about this turn of fortune, and she had to admit, Lou had seemed almost as thrilled as Amy herself had. She'd soon exused herself, wanting to go tell Ty as soon as she possibly could.

Grandpa was sitting at the kitchen table, enjoying a break after the morning work, as Amy had been doing before the phone call that had changed everything. He gave her a quick smile as she bolted out the door.

The air that met Amy was cool enough, but the hint of a hot summer threatened its crisp edges. It was a feeling, prickling along the back of Amy's neck, that told her the AC would soon be indispensable.

Amy slowed as she neared the bar, drawing deep breaths of her favorite scent in the world, a mix of hay, horses, wood and leather. She let it wrap around her as she entered the barn.

One horse thrust his head out over the stall door, nostrils flaring elegantly. His bright eyes searched Amy, and she laughed, reaching deep into her pockets. She pulled out a peppermint and unwrapped it. The horse happily crunched it. Soon enough, he eyed her again, asking for another.

"Sorry, Star." Amy said, rubbing the showjumper's neck. "You're going home tomorrow, and I don't think Mr. Halliwell will want you greedy."

He snorted, as if to say, How dare you call me greedy. She laughed, rubbing his elegant face. Star had made a wonderful transformation- once deadly afraid of trailers, he now showed not even the slightest aversion to them, after being at Heartland for eleven days. Tomorrow, he would be going home.

She felt a pang of sadness. That was the worst part, one of the few hard things about living at Heartland. But, a horse leaving meant a new one could be helped. Thanks to Star's owner, Nick Halliwell, maybe a lot more.

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