An engine knock

Okay so….

For those of you who've been waiting for an update for 'Serendipity'…I'm sorry! ;; I don't know when I'll get around to that story as it's become a pain. I might just rewrite it from the beginning because…well I'm not happy with it.

But look! I give you new story! With Prowl!

What can I say? I'm on a Prowl kick. Hopefully I don't make him to OOC. If I do please let me know.

This is my first Holoformers fic, yes they have their robotic forms, but they have physical, holoforms as well. This will be a loooooong 'finding out' fic if everything goes according to plans. In fact the 'finding out' doesn't occur until one of the last few chapters, the way my outline has it.

So you have been warned.

Aslo! If you've read my previous fic you know where I stand, this will not be a transformer x human fic, no interstellar relationships going on here. If there is any sort of relationship it's purely platonic. Sorry you all you shippers out there.

So….on with the show!


An offer.

An order.

No, in the grand scheme of things, the one event that set everything into motion was simply:

An engine knock.

An engine knock wasn't a particularly important event. It was troublesome sure, expensive to fix, certainly, however on a scale of life changing events it ranked very low on the list.

Unless you happened to be Sadie Quick.

The work week had started off routinely enough, her usual nine to five shifts, save for the days that work carried on a little longer. Those were never good days-not because she wanted to leave, or had any pressing engagements to attend to; in fact it was usually the opposite. Those days were bad because, if she had extra work to attend to, that meant crime was on the rise.

You see at 23 years old Sadie worked for the Nevada State Police in a North West precinct. She wasn't a cop by any means, a CSI, complete with a recently acquired degree in criminology. There were only three things that made her job less than pleasant.


She had yet to graduate from the police academy so her title remained only as CSI until she had her certificate of completion. Getting that required she complete the obstacle course in a predetermined amount of time that, thus far, she'd never come close to meeting. Until then she was stuck working the crime scenes, she couldn't even interrogate suspects, definitely not like the TV shows.


As one of the station's 'rookies' she was subject to as much torture and annoyances as her coworkers and superiors could come up with. A cubical rather than a proper office to work out of, constant jabs about not only being new to the force, but being a woman as well. Being new basically meant you had to be the stations bitch. It was, like, an official rule, or something.


Detective Prowl.

He too was new to the force; or at least new to this station anyway, as far as she knew no one was certain exactly where he'd transferred from and he never really gave up much personal information. Trying to get an answer out of Prowl that he didn't want to give was like…well it was like trying to get an answer from a brick wall. Only the brick wall was probably nicer, and had a much better personality.

Oh, now don't get her wrong. Prowl had personally done nothing to warrant her ill wishes towards him, rather it was the actions of all the other cops at the station that caused it. Everyone respected Prowl, hell she respected Prowl, secretly wondering all the while how he'd managed to become top dog in the station in the span of only a few short months.

Over the course of that time they'd spoken briefly, and when they did it always concerned a case. Usually he'd approach and question her, wanting her opinion of the crime scene, which was pointless really, opinions didn't stand up to cold hard facts. The last time this occurred it hadn't exactly ended pretty.

Only one week after their heated encounter, her station assigned SUV had decided to go on strike and began to knock. The mechanic had stated that it would be out of commission for at least a week, unfortunately without her police academy diploma she couldn't legally drive an actual patrol car and it was against regulation to drive her own vehicle while on duty. Thus, she'd ended up hitching rides to and from the crime scenes.

When Prowl approached her during the next case things hadn't gone well, and merely went down hill since then. As always he questioned her opinion on the murder tool, location, and motive. He interrogated her as he might a neighbor or relative of the dearly departed for information. That in and of itself wasn't annoying, what bothered her was the fact that Prowl always played the devil's advocate, no matter what comment she made he answered with another question, or pointed out some flaw in her thinking.

Already angered from the news about her SUV she'd walked out on the detective, it wasn't her case anyway, she was just helping out to log the evidence. Without a care she hitched a ride back to the station and tried to complete the Prowl voodoo doll she'd been secretly working on. Okay so she didn't really have a Prowl voodoo doll…but it'd be nice.

…It'd be even better if said doll actually worked.

The following two days she made it a point to avoid Prowl, well it wasn't that difficult, the Detective wasn't even looking for her, but it helped her pass the time and feel better about the situation.

It was then that, two days later, she found herself in a dire situation. "But Captain-"

"Don't you but Captain me. Car or not, it's your turn, besides its not exactly far." He commented in response, frowning at the look she was giving him, "On top of that, if you'd just pass the academy you could take one of the patrol cars." Ouch. That stung a bit, "You've really got no one to blame but yourself."

Sighing in defeat she only gave him a light glare before taking the offered money, collected from most of the crew working. "I hope you like cold pizza." She commented before heading back to her desk, cubicle…thing.

Pausing only long enough to grab her cell phone she headed for the door, frowning at the man blocking her way. "CSI Quick?" The speaker was what you would describe as 'Tall, Dark and Handsome'. His hair was jet black, topping off his stature of somewhere over 6' she wasn't sure exactly where he stood but it was definitely taller than her own 5'4". His features weren't to hard, nor soft, matured was a good description for them. His eyes, now there was an interesting feature; despite his dark hair, his eyes were a soft blue. Every time she saw those eyes her mother's words came back, a man's best features were his eyes; she hadn't fallen for her dad's good looks, money, or nice body. Nope, her mother had fallen for her father's eyes, and made sure to remind her of that each and every time they talked.

Needless to say, she didn't tell her mother that the man who owned this pair of baby blues was currently the man she wanted nothing to do with.

She mentally tried to count to ten but didn't get passed five, "Yes Detective Prowl?"

"May I offer you a ride?"

Emerald eyes narrowed on the man, "What's the catch?"

He was silent for several seconds before giving the barest of smiles, "I don't like cold pizza." It came off almost as if a question, as if wondering if that excuse would work, it did. Much as she wanted nothing to do with the detective, she wasn't about to turn down a free ride.

Chewing on her bottom lip for a second she nodded, "Alright. Thanks Prowl." Hey, so what if she wasn't so angry now? She was getting a ride after all, and she was a woman, they were prone to, and allowed to have, sudden mood swings.

Following the man to his car she briefly frowned at the differences between them. As a Detective, Prowl wasn't forced to wear a uniform as long as he dressed professionally. At the moment the man was dressed in a pair of dark slacks, coat forgotten in the heat, with a white button up shirt adorned by a navy blue tie. As always the male seemed to hold himself in the highest possible standards.

As for herself she wore a pair of khaki pants and a Nevada State Police navy blue t-shirt, complete with collar and the words 'CSI' branded on the back. Her blonde hair was pulled up in a tight bun that let a few curls fall loose. Nevada was far too hot to be wearing her hair down.

She wasn't sure if it was the gentleman inside him, or if he was just trying to tick her off but, as he'd done in the past, Prowl opened the passenger door for her when they reached his patrol car. Sliding in she did have to marvel at the car, it too was something of the highest standards, a Dodge Charger that was always in pristine condition. It too was a thing of mystery, it seemed Prowl had brought the vehicle with him from where ever he'd come, it certainly wasn't at the station prior to his transfer.

Sinking back into the leather seat however, she wasn't complaining.

Once he'd circled the car and climbed in their short journey began, unfortunately it wasn't going to be as easy as she'd first assumed. "I would like to apologize. I seem to have upset you in some way." He began, eyes never leaving the road.

She sighed and glanced out the side window, why couldn't he be like every other man and just let it drop? Like a good, typical guy? Why couldn't he just stew on the fact that she was mad and let it go? No, he had to be the nice guy and apologize. "It's…" She paused, realizing she wasn't sure just what it was. "Prowl I'm not…Look it's been a bad couple of weeks and I've just been snapping at everyone. Don't…don't take it personally okay? I'm just being an A-typical woman." She commented offering a slight smile in hopes of breezing over the topic.

Prowl was silent for several seconds, only giving a light nod in response, as if processing the information. "I hope that we will be able to work together on future cases."

"Yeah… sure, me too." Despite usually playing the devil's advocate when they worked together, Prowl was one of the nicer Detectives. Sure he was strict and by the books, but he didn't go out of his way to make her life hell…most of the time. "Hey Prowl?"


"When I pass the academy…will you let me drive your patrol car? Just once?" It was no secret that most of the force wanted to get their hands on Prowls car.


Well that was certainly something to look forward to.