The Chief narrowed his eyes, "So what are you telling me Quick

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The Chief narrowed his eyes, "So what are you telling me Quick? You accusing a Sergeant of-"

She frowned in response, "I'm not accusing anyone! All I'm trying to say is that stuff is missing."

"Stuff being evidence." He stated for clarification and briefly she wondered if she was really talking to the police Chief or a monkey trained to repeat her phrases.

"Yes sir, things connected to the Edwards case."

He sighed and nodded, these recent murder cases had been nothing but trouble for him, "You boxed up the evidence?"

"Yes sir."

"You brought it back to the station?"

She frowned, "Jacobs offered to pack up…"

"And we're back at pointing fingers."

Her frown became defensive, "I'm not saying he did anything! Just that, sometime between when I boxed everything up, and when we began to pull everything out in the lab, things have disappeared!"

"Things." He copied again, "Do you have a list?"

She fidgeted, "The…the catalog is missing as well." Every crime scene had a catalog, listing, sorting and labeling evidence to keep things organized in the lab. She couldn't even tell what exactly was missing without it. "I can name a few things…but without the catalog…" she shook her head, "This is worse than the Murphy case!"

Indeed, the Murphy case had been nothing but a thorn in the station's side. For starters, a twelve year old girl had been both raped and murdered right in the station's preverbal back yard. On top of that it appeared that due to mishandling by a few of the stations newest recruits the DNA samples collected had been contaminated, making them inadmissible to court.

"Are you suggesting these two incidents are related?" His tone was on edge, clearly warning her against it. Suggestions like that would cause an internal investigation to be launched and could easily lead to the destruction of several careers.

"No…just…" She struggled to find another excuse as she'd certainly got the hint, "They're unfortunate."

He watched her for a second before nodding, "Yeah, unfortunate alright. Listen Quick, works been tough on you since your shift change." She frowned, not liking where he was going with this. "And you still haven't passed the PA, so I'm going to move you back to midnights." Her frown became permanent at what he was saying. "Think about it this way, if there is a problem with you, or Jacobs at least we'll know who. Besides, you'll get to be Lead CSI, that's what you wanted right?" Certainly, she wanted Lead CSI, of the day crew, the respectable, experienced, day crew, not the newbie night crew. "You'll get your own office and everything. Take the office next to Fuentez, it'll be cleared out by your shift tomorrow. So take the rest of the day off and get a fresh start then."

Frown still present she was silent for several seconds, struggling internally on how to respond. After nearly a minute of silence she sighed, "Yes sir." He seemed to be waiting for more, "Thank you sir." Turning she made her exit from the office, trying to keep a lid on the anger she'd curbed seconds prior.

Heading for her desk she only frowned at the smiling face that caught up with her, "Not now Alex." The mentioned male was another station regular, ten years on the force, he was definitely one of the nicer Detectives. Alex Fuentez, well at least she'd have an office next to one nice guy, though that also meant her office would have to be sandwiched between his and Prowl's corner office. Lucky bastard. Pausing to collect her things she glanced up at him when he went to speak. "I'm really not in the mood Alex."

"Yeah kinda figured that, using my first name and all." Commonly enough, last names were used rather than firsts in the station. "You alright?"

"I'm pissed."

The middle aged Detective nodded a little seeming to think it over, "Could be worse."

"Could be better."

"CSI Quick." Unaware of his impending doom, being a male who approached a rather angered female, Prowl made his presence known.

"Not now Prowl." She didn't even bother to look up as she shoved personal items as well as office items into always present, empty evidence crate at the side of her desk. Those things really came in handy for toting stuff around.

The Detective blinked, finding the situation odd, much like a gazelle, unaware of the lion in the brush, he continued, "I have a problem concerning the Edwards case, from what I underst-"

"Prowl. I'm off duty. You can take your problem and shove it where the sun doesn't shine." With that she grabbed her crate and cell phone and made her way around the somewhat stunned male.

"Hey…Sadie. Come on…Don't go getting yourself in trouble like that-" Frowning a bit at how things had progressed Alex chased after her, hoping to keep her from insulting another superior.

In the wake of her aggression Prowl was left to ponder the situation.

Outside Sadie had calmed considerably after retelling her tale to Alex, he'd listened as both of them had leaned against the short cement wall around the parking lot. It was only three feet high and utterly useless in keeping people out, but the state demanded they have it.

"Alright, now what's the bright side again?" Alex questioned, his smiling drawing one from the CSI beside him.

"I don't have to deal with Jacobs anymore."

He rolled his eyes with a brief chuckle, "And?"

"And…my truck is fixed." During the rant about her current situation she'd noticed that the station's CSI suv assigned to her was back in the log again. Alex mentioned hearing in passing that the repairs had been finished, and it only took twice as long as expected.

"See? It's not so bad. Besides you always were better suited for the night life. On top of that, you do get bragging rights for being the first person to tell Prowl off."

At that she groaned, as if suddenly remembering the comment she'd made an hour prior. Hands covering her face she slid down along the length of the wall until she was sitting on the cement ground of the parking lot. "Please don't remind me. In fact, forget it ever happened, maybe if we all pretend it never happened Prowl will think he just imagined it."

He smiled once more at her antics before slowly pushing away from the wall, turning towards her he held out a hand to help her up, "Prowl's a very….understanding individual…I'm sure he'll forgive and forget, now you stop worrying. Just head home and get yourself a good day's sleep and I'll see you tomorrow night."

Returning the smile she accepted the help and let him help pull her up, "Yeah, when you're clocking out and I'm punching in." She responded dryly, but the smile remained none the less. A few more verbal jabs later found Sadie at her car, waving the Detective off as he headed back towards the station.

Alex was right, she decided as she started her car and headed for the surface streets. Perhaps going back on nights wasn't such a bad move. After all, if she was working at night her mind would be on her job, instead of on the event that had occurred nearly…well now that she actually thought about it, it had been eight months, nearly a year ago.

One might think that time would blur the memories, but no, she had a feeling that night would forever be etched in her mind.