Chapter 1 – Naked Hide And Seek

Jack and Ianto were alone in the hub, the others had all gone home.

"Time for a game of naked hide and seek I think Ianto."

"Okay Sir, you count to a hundred and I'll hide." He headed of to hide, stripping off his clothes as he went, Jack couldn't help but stare at his figure as he walked off, then proceeded to count.

"One, two, three…" He began, making sure Ianto was aware he was counting. "Fifty three…" he continued, okay he skipped just a few numbers, but did Ianto really expect him to wait that long. "Coming ready or not!" He yelled, all right he skipped a lot of numbers, but he did every time, Ianto never seemed to care.

Jack started wandering around the hub, where could Ianto be hiding. These were times when he wished the hub wasn't so big, there were an endless number of rooms. He started walking towards his office, he knew it was made of glass, so Ianto wouldn't be there, but he had a plan.

"Oh dear, I can't find Ianto, guess I'll just do some paperwork then…"

"I'll help!" Ianto suddenly appeared from one of the corridors, looking very eager to start their 'paperwork'.

"Found you!" Jack smirked at Ianto, who was trying to look as angry as he could, which wasn't very, since he was stood there stark naked.

"That's not fair Sir! You know I can't resist doing 'paperwork' with you."

"I got bored waiting! The hub's too big for this game anyway!" Jack tried to reason with him.

"But you always cheat, next time I won't even bother hiding!"

"All the better for me then!" He winked at Ianto, pulling a seductive grin.

"You sure about that Sir? Who said I would bother staying?"

"I did! And when are you going to stop calling me Sir?"

"Sorry Sir.. I mean Jack." Jack just rolled his eyes, he wondered if Ianto would ever get it.

"Aren't you getting a bit cold there Ianto? I think we should get on with the 'paperwork' before you freeze to death." He said seductively, raising an eyebrow at him in a way Ianto couldn't refuse.

"Sounds like a good idea to me." Jack grabbed his hand, leading his lover into the office to begin their 'paperwork'.