AN: Dunno why I wrote this. I was re-watching Evolution of the Daleks last night and then suddenly I just wanted to write what Martha thought during this scene. It's strange since I'm not a big fan of Martha (no offense to those who like/love her. I just prefer Rose or Donna personally). Review if you want to.


"Doctor!" She paused, seeing his lifeless body on the ground. It was not a sight she wanted to remember. She reached towards him and hoped he was alive; hoped her shaky voice would awake him, "Doctor, look what we found half way down…you're getting careless…"

She couldn't help but think that maybe he wasn't being careless. Earlier when he was confronting the Daleks he was so willing for it to end. It was almost as if he had given up the will to live and with the looks she sometimes saw on his face, it wasn't hard to imagine why.

Her heart leapt in her throat as he turned his head and groaned. A sound that filled her ears with delight and she wasn't sure if she could really believe it, even though she could feel his heartbeats underneath the hand she had laid on his chest.

"Oh," He was alive: actually alive, "My head…"

"Hiya…" she said breathlessly down towards him and he squinted up at her unsure of where he was and what had happened.

"Hi," he managed to groan out. She couldn't help but notice his voice sounded strange but getting hit by lightning did that to you, "You survived then?"

She laughed again; happy to hear the sound pour out from her throat, "So did you…" he looked over him, "Just about."

The mini version of a grin he gave her reminded her that they still had work to do: no rest for the wicked or the Time Lord and his…assistant? Friend? Helper? He wasn't sure what he saw her as "I can't help but notice, there's still Dalekanium attached."

He shot up and she jumped back slightly as he went back into full Doctor Mode. There was Daleks to stop and that definitely meant no rest for the Time Lord. And she would be by his side.

Who would want to rest anyway? She had better things to do; like saving the world.

The End