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Operation: M.U.M (Miss U, Mum)

"Mom, you know about this? About the Kids Next Door?" Nigel Uno (Numbuh 1 of Sector V)

Seventh Age

He couldn't believe his eyes. He thought he wouldn't see her again. Ever since Father ousted her back to England, he thought it'd be a miracle to see her again. But there she was, chatting with father without a feeling of animosity between the two. That wasn't to say that the atmosphere was friendly, though. In his mind, defeating Father and eliminating his evil self had made his mother to return back. He was the one who brought her back to the house.

"MUM!!" Monty screamed at the top of his lungs, and ran to his beloved mother. They then embraced one another tightly, and the feeling of longing and yearning of a mother's love came to their hearts. Ben too joined in and hugged them both. Their mother had tears in his eyes as she continued to hug her sons as not-so-evil father look at them with an indifferent look.

"So you met the kids. If you wanna spend the day with them, be my guest." He replied rather nonchalantly. "I have a boring business meeting with my colleagues so it's good to have someone to look after them."

"So we can—" Ben said to his father, the feeling of excitement was unbearable for him.

"Go nuts, wild, crazy." Father interjected as he picked his suitcase up, "Go to an amusement park, movies; I don't care. Just be back before bedtime, all right?" He then tipped his fedora hat to his family as a gesture of farewell and left the house. The boys and their mother then were getting ready for their one whole day just to be together.


Meanwhile, at the Arctic Base…

"Where's Monty? I thought he's supposed to be here by now to give some introduction to the new recruits." Numbuh 999 wondered; saying her thoughts out loud to Numbuh 2084, who was the field medic for the new cadets in training.

"I heard he just called Genki, saying he wanted to spend some time with his mom or something, you know: with the shopping and the movies flargh blargh wargh… aww, you know what I'm talkin' about!"

"Monty's mom is back?! But I thought—"

"Something's a matter Numbuh 999?"

Numbuh 999 paused for a moment, rethinking her words, "No, nothing. I'm just a bit shocked since Father separated their mom far away from them, and yet somehow she managed to come back."

"Well, Numbuh 0 did defeat his Father, and whatever evils he had when wearing that cloak must've gone by now."

"Yeah, I suppose you're right." Numbuh 999 nodded, agreeing with him. "Hey, how come you're not doing missions anymore?"

"Well, I have a lot of patients to attend to here. Why, just yesterday, but not on today, there was this one kid whose hair got totally butchered by his dad, and with everyone and anyone started to make fun of him blarg worf klarpft, you know what I'm talkin' about."

"And you're… doing what to that kid?" Numbuh 999 asked for an explanation, not totally getting his words.

"We'll be putting cat poop on his head to see it'd grow back. I heard those thing are good hair fertilizers ya know."

Numbuh 999 was clearly disgusted, as shown by her recoiling body and tongue sticking out from her mouth. "Eww… I think I'll just go to Numbuh 140F6 and see if there are any missions for me to do." And with that, she ran away from him. Far, far away.


"I can't believe you're back, mum!" Monty said excitedly to his mother as he, his mother and Ben went on their way to the nearest subway station. "I can't believe dad let you come back! It has been so long!"

"It is, isn't it luv?" she replied back in her seemingly English accent, "But, to me it was no shocker, lads. Your father will eventually let me see my own sons. As soon as the clouds lifted and the sky was bright, and the tyranny was finally over, I knew I will see my sons again once more." She replied, beaming.

But that last comment came to as strange to Numbuh 1 and 01. It was considering the fact she, an adult, remember the dark days when Father ruled the Earth. She shouldn't be remembering that. Or she had something that made her immune to the change? It was written in the Decommission Module instruction manual that if the beam from the Decommissioning Module decommissioned an evil cloak worn by an adult, everyone in that age group around the world will have their memory erased and they would remember nothing when the cloak was destroyed. Same thing would go if the evil cloak was worn by a teenager or a kid: their memory would get erased too. That was why after Father was decommissioned teenagers and kids still remember the time when the world was ruled by him. That was why the war between kids and adults was finally over, but the adult's legacy was carried over by the teenagers who were the allies of the adults, hunger for revenge that their status quo was gone forever. If the teenagers weren't fully suppressed, they could convince the adults to join back and finish the war, something the Kids Next Door really didn't want to.

"Monty, I thought mom shouldn't know about the incident." He whispered quietly to his older brother.

"I know, but let's just play along. Try to dig up some clues, and be subtle about it." Monty whispered back, and Ben nodded, "Haha, you're being metaphorical today, mum." He chuckled.

"Ooh…" his mom said, impressed by Monty's big vocabulary, "Very impressive. That's a very big word to say for a 10 year old boy, Monty. You've learned so much, I'm proud of you!" she said, stroking his hair, as Monty grin widely. Ben became a bit jealous that his mom was paying more attention to his brother.

"Well, he learned that from me, mom." Ben replied, although Monty didn't learn that word from him. He just glared at his little brother back, not saying anything. Suddenly, it now became a classic sibling rivalry, with each brother trying to gain their mother's attention.

"Oh, you silly, you. Of course he did." Their mom replied, kissing Ben's head. Though the gesture was embarrassing if witnessed by friends, and thankfully none of them were with Ben right now, or Ben didn't have actual friends to begin with, that gesture alone won him some points over Monty. They could feel the heat, and it was on now.

"Well Monty, I don't think I'm being metaphorical, do you? I mean, it did happen literally, didn't they? That was why I could come back from England back to America." She replied, making her sons even more confused. "Listen, lads." She said, stopped at her tracks as her sons followed suit. They were very near at the subway station entrance right now. "While I'm very, extremely happy to see you again, I do have something else to talk about to you both." She said rather seriously, to which her sons started becoming restless.

"Mum… are you…" Monty said, becoming worried.

"No, luv. It's nothing like that." She replied with a warm smile that only a mother could give. "It's about you and your little secret 'organization.'" And with that little explanation, blood rushed through every vein in Monty's body. Could his mother be an evil adult to replace Father? Yet, he was hesitant to lift up his 2x4 gun to her. She was his mother for crying out loud! Ben didn't know what to do at the moment. He just stood trembling and motionless and waiting for his brother for his next move. "Monty, Ben. Do you two really think I'm an evil adult?" their mother giggled, putting her hand over her mouth, thinking that the thought of her own son thought her as an evil adult was cute. "Well… if I'm an evil adult, then I probably won't buy you two ice-cream then…" she teased.

Monty and Ben looked at one another. She couldn't be evil if she offered ice-cream, right?


Numbuh 999 continued her journey towards to the Kids Next Door Arctic Base Command Center. Relocation for this part to the Moonbase was pretty late considering the important significance it holds in the KND. She wanted to see Genki to see whether Numbuh 2084's story checks out with her. Thankfully, she was at the Command Center along with other operatives working around the clock to keep tabs for any suspicious teenage activities. And by suspicious teenage activities, it meant any act of aggression against kids worldwide. "Hey Numbuh One Forty Eff Six." Numbuh 999 called, "Busy?"

"To my own surprise, no." Numbuh 140F6 replied. "You bored or something?"

"Kind of." She sighed, slumping on a vacant seat. "I don't get it. We're supposed to be swarming with alerts by now after Numbuh 0110 installed that new computer on. Is it broken or something, because I'm sure as heck don't see that computer is doing what it's supposed to be doing!"

"I agree," Genki replied, grabbing a seat right next to her, "but I checked with Chester and did some tests of my own, the computer is operational. Maybe the teenagers take a day off or something. Be patient. Action is bound to happen soon."

"You know, that what worries me." Numbuh 999 replied back. "You know scenes in those horror movies where there's a bunch of people alone in the woods and one of them says 'It's quiet,' and the other one replied, 'Too quiet,' and suddenly some very bad things happen to them soon after that? That's what I think is happening to us now. The teenagers are laying low off the radar because they're planning something, and they don't want to let us know about it. And when the time is right, they'll strike against us."

Genki gave Numbuh 999's explanation a thought, feeling that it made sense. "You probably have something going on there. But we can't just order some random operatives to fight them off, because we based this on our assumption alone and we don't have proof."

"But we can't just sit on our butts and wait for their move! We can't afford that. With every second we stay idle, the more they take this opportunity to plan something major to destroy us all!"

Genki noticed the tone in Numbuh 999's sentences, as if the way she talked about the teenagers was very genocidal. "Numbuh 999, I can't help but to notice you sound very prejudiced against the teenagers. I know you hate brother and all but that isn't a good reason to justify teenagers collectively based on a single person."

"You don't know him. He may not look like much, but he's smarter than he looks. If he could get a bunch of rowdy pimple-faced teenagers to attack Sector V, and considering how much time we had given to him right now, he probably had gotten his whole school in arms to fight against us! Which gives me an idea…" Numbuh 999 contemplated, as an idea suddenly popped inside of her head. "Genki, if anyone needs me tell them I'm on an unofficial, solo mission. I'm going to Henry Middle School and find out what they're up to!"

"To your brother's school!?" Numbuh 140F6 said in total shock. "You're insane! No kid has ever made it out alive from any middle or high school! The last I heard, one kid ended up getting noogiified, purple nurpled, pink bellies, wedgified, spitballed on, and got wet willied on! You'll be mutilated!"

"Well, there's first for everything, and I intend to be the first kid who went in and left a middle school unharmed!" she stood up defiantly.

"I can't let you do this, Numbuh 999!" Genki grabbed her arm, to which Numbuh 999 quickly pulled it away from her. "It's suicide! It's crazy to even think about it!"

"Just try and stop me! My mind is set. It'll take a miracle to talk me out of this. I'm going there, and I'll prove you wrong! But, if I'm dead, tell Monty… that… t-that, I love him." And she bolted away from Numbuh 140F6.

"But… wait…!" She said concernedly in disbelief, but went into shock after that last bit of sentence entered her brain, "Wait, what!? YOU WHAT?!" She shouted in disbelief but Numbuh 999 was long gone.


After giving their order, Monty, Ben and their mother took some empty seat at a table nearby the counter. The ice-cream parlor they were in had a family friendly sort like atmosphere located just inside of the subway station. As they wait for their order to arrive, they began a small chat, amidst the hustle and bustle of people going by their businesses.

"So mum, how are you?" Monty asked.

"Much better, luv. Thanks for asking." His mother replied. "The shift from the older days is welcomed, but I still need a period of adjustment though. Thankfully it wasn't as tough as I imagined."

"So… what are you doing right now in England?" Ben asked, curious to know what his mother was up to right now.

"Oh, I still am a nurse, but I now work at an actual hospital right now." Their mother beamed.

"So you're saying you're still keeping watch of all the sick kids just like you're used to?" Monty asked some more.

"Yes. And thankfully, the equipment at my hospital is even better than the ones I used during the dark days."

Monty felt it was finally the time to make his mother to spill the beans. "You kept talking about 'the dark days,' mum. What do you mean by that?"

Their mom giggled softly, amused, "What? Now, now. Don't play dumb with me. I think I know and remember the time when Father ruled the world and sent the both of you to work as menial child laborers churning out disgusting tapioca pudding and other tapioca related products all night and day while he forced me to go back to England and to take care of the injured and unhealthy children so they can go back in the factories."

"How…?" Monty muttered in great disbelief, "How could you remember all this? You shouldn't be remembering this. I need to know, mum. How do you know about the organization we're in? How do you know Father was evil?"

"Yeah, mom." Ben interjected. "I want to know too."

"It's simple really, my dear sons. I was a member of the Kids Next Door too. The Soopreme Leader even." Their mother explained to them, to the complete shock and disbelief of Monty and Ben.

"That's impossible!" Monty said in a raised voice. "You were in the Kids Next Door? That's… that's crazy! The archives said nothing about a girl Soopreme Leader! And… and I thought I was the first kid in The Seventh Age that started it!"

"Well, that's because me and ragtag bunch of misfits were not official, Monty. Think of me as a leader in a transitional period between the Sixth and Seventh age."

"How did you get to be the Soopreme Leader mom? And what was your Numbuh? Monty could look it up again in the Book of KND."

"You lads really want to know?" she smiled, trying to build up her sons ever budding curiosity about her past in the KND. "Okay then, I will. It's a good time waster while waiting for the obviously slow ice cream we ordered to come over!" the last few words were deliberately raised to pressure the lazy workers to buck up and send over their order.

"It started when I was around your age Monty, during the war, when I was a just a little girl. It was a very unsettling time and everyone had to make do with just about everything. We even had to take shelter in the underground railway stations to get away from the chaos above. But unfortunately for me and my family, we were too late to seek shelter and forced to leave the city and seek shelter at the countryside. As we were about to leave, a bomb struck nearby us and I got thrown away, separating me from my family. When I woke up from the shock, I found myself in one of the underground train tunnels."

"Were you scared?" Monty asked curiously.

"Of course I was. But then I realized that crying wouldn't get me anywhere, so I had to be brave and find an exit. Suddenly, the whole place started to rumble, probably from all the bombings, and at one point it shook so hard that I was thrown away to a wall. I must've accidentally pulled down a lever or something and it lead me to the Great Library of the Kids Next Door."

"The Great Library?!" Monty said in awe. "You actually found it?! So it was true after all!"

"What's the Great Library is all about, Monty?" Ben asked.

"The Great Library is where all the information, secrets, data, and records of the Kids Next Door all the way from the First Age are all stored! I read it in the Book of KND and some of the accounts of previous operatives in the old books at the Arctic Base."

"Indeed it is, Monty." His mother nodded. "At first, I didn't know what to react. It was strange considering the rumble and destruction that I felt, the library remained intact. The fear for my safety was gone and replaced by a strong sense of curiosity. I just went in and explored the whole place, scanning my eyes on the bookshelves to see if I found some interesting books. I picked some of them up, but the most interesting of them all was the Book of KND. I planned to stay there for a while, but a rumble reminded me of my own family. So just took whatever interesting books I found with me and headed back to the surface. Two days later, I was reunited with my family and went to the countryside."

"And you're safe there?" Monty asked.

"Quite safe, since the bombings are concentrated at the city, and the countryside holds no value to them. It was at the countryside I met some other kids and introduced them to the KND. Of course they were excited to join, but some didn't want to because I'm a girl and all that." She chuckled, and resumed her story. "I called myself Numbuh 74, based on my dad's, your grandfather's squadron. Our missions were mostly saving kids who got trapped in the bombings and bring them back to safety or reunite them with their family."

"Wait…" Monty said, "How were you able to do that?"

"Well, the Book of KND does have some information about 2x4 technology, right? We just had to make do and construct weapons and vehicles with whatever limited resources we had."

"Wow, it sure was tough back in those days, wasn't it mom?" Ben said to his mother.

"Yes it was, Ben. Then, after the war was over, I turned thirteen, and the other kids got disinterested in the KND and rather focus on rebuilding their lives. I didn't know what to do then, so I just kept the book in my attic."

"The book was in your possession the whole time?" Monty said in shock.

"Yeah," she chuckled innocently. "I kind of had forgotten about it, until I met your Father in the USA and having you two afterwards. I rummaged through the attic to relive the memories and found that book again. It was also the same time your Father found that evil cloak and proceeded to take over the world."

"So what happened after that?" Ben asked.

"What else I would I do? He forced me back to England and took my babies away. Before he did that, I hid the Book of KND in hoping one day my sons would find it and save the world. It looks like you lads did it, and I am so proud of you two." She proceeded to hug both of his sons. And that moment, the ice-creams they ordered finally arrived.

"I miss you so much, mum." Monty replied, wiping a tear away. "And thank you for introducing us to the Kids Next Door. But one thing still I don't get though, how come you still remember the time when Father was in power?"

"It's the book of KND. It holds magical powers to whoever holds them. The magic works even when that person turns into an adult. That's why I'm immune to Father's powers. Decommissioning is the only thing that will erase my memory, and I want you to decommission me Monty."


The cliffhanger for this chapter isn't as shocking as the previous one, but it may make you wonder what will happen to their mother later. As for Numbuh 999, let's just say she will establish a new division in the KND dedicating to espionage, just like what Numbuh 362 did before she became the Soopreme Leader. Well, too much information already. Thanks for reading, and reviews are always appreciated. Sorry for the late update!