A/N: I watched the movie "The Invisible" a while ago, and was dissappointed that he didn't end up with the girl (I'm a sucker for endings wrapped up in bows)... so I wrote this. Dunno if it's any good, or if it's just me rambling, but have a look anyway. And review. - sprntrl grl

He could have loved her.

In different worlds, in different times, in different circumstances, he could have loved her. He would have loved her. Maybe if his father hadn't died, maybe if her mother hadn't died, he could have loved her.

When he watched her dance in the club, distraught, trying to forget, he saw the calm come over her face as she let her hair down, her beautiful hair. He watched her sway in the bouncing lights, the loud music echoing through his mind. He could have loved her.

All she'd wanted was to live in peace with her family – mother, father, brother, sister – no Evil Stepmother, no trauma, no need to steal. She'd only wanted Victor to be safe, to have parents that cared about him. She would have traded places with him, given anything not to have to worry anymore, to care at all. Maybe if her mother hadn't died….

In the gym, as he tried to touch her, she couldn't feel him. But he said her name and she listened. Maybe if he wasn't dying, he could have loved her.

When he'd needed her most, she'd come back, bleeding, dying herself. She cried; it hurt, he knew that. He hurt too. He saw her lie next to him. She'd given up everything to save him – and though she had caused it in the first place, she hadn't meant it. He knew that now. She'd never wanted the life she had. She'd only wanted mother, father, brother, sister.

She saved him in the end – he felt himself fading away and coming back, more real, more hurt, colder. "You saved me," he said. "You saved me." She'd done her one good thing. He could have loved her.

He knew as she died next to him, that he loved her.