Chapter 1

Alice walked into Filmore High School in New Jersey. She had just gotten back from England and was looking forward to seeing everyone again. Even Jeff Cahill. She went straight to his room, but he wasn't there. Instead it was a substitute. She saw Calvin walking down the hall.

"Calvin," she called.

"Alice it's nice to see you back," he greeted.

"Where's Jeff? Is he sick or something?" Alice asked.

Alice noticed that Calvin became sadden and dropped his gaze.

"Calvin what is it?" Alice asked.

"Alice...Jeff is in the hospital. In a coma," Calvin told her sadly.

"What? What happened?" Alice asked completely shocked.

"He was leaving work late one night last week and some guy came up demanding his wallet and the keys to his car. Jeff said no and tried to get away, but the guy pulled a knife. Jeff tried to get him to put the knife away, but it didn't work. The guy stabbed him in the side of the stomach and took off. I was also working late that night so I found him and called an ambulance. The doctor said the knife just barley missed his liver. He has a fifty percent chance right now. But what really got me was his last words before he passed out was Alice," Calvin explained.

Alice bit back her tears. She couldn't believe this was happening to Jeff. Not the one who was always so full of life and had a sarcastic comment to say on everything.

"Can you take me to him?" she asked.

Calvin nodded and they went out to his car. When they arrived at the hospital, Calvin took her up to the ICU ward and led Alice to Jeff's room. When Alice saw Jeff, she let the tears come down her face. Jeff looked so pale. He had different machines hooked up to him and he looked so lifeless. Alice went over to the side of his bed and sat down. Calvin left knowing Alice needed time alone with Jeff. Alice noticed Jeff's room was filled with cards, balloons, and flowers from students and teachers from the school.

"Jeff...I don't know if you can hear me, but I'm here and I...," Alice couldn't finish. She broke down right there.