Theme 46: Mothers/Fathers


"Hinata!" A gentle giggle rang throughout the Sarutobi household. Ever since the youngest had discovered syllables, he would not quieten, even during times when his mouth was full. "Hi-nata!" he called, trying different ways of saying the woman's name whom was attempting to bottle-feed him.

As soon as small baby hands grasped the bottle, they tossed it, clearing the room and almost hitting a teen in the process. The bottle, before hitting the wall and splattering the floor a bit, soared past the girl's head. She ducked, effectively evading the weapon of choice.

She sighed and leaned backwards off the side of the couch to grasp the bottle.

"Sh-Shik…" the child started in on another name, struggling with its length.

Hinata gave up on the bottle not quite ready to arm the child. "Shika-maru," she coaxed trying to get the small boy to call out another name; all the attention to her name made her blush a bit, even though it was just the little Sarutobi.

"Shika…" The name died on the child's lips.

Having left the other side of the room, the young man whose name wasn't easy for the toddler walked towards the couch the others were sitting on.

"Shika… moo!" Proclaiming the pony-tailed boy "Shika-moo" the youngest Sarutobi jumped up and grabbed a fist of Hinata's hair.

While trying to work a small hand from her hair and trying to get Shikamaru to take the boy who had just given him the most ridiculous nickname, she cooed a soft 'iie' to the boy. "Shikamaru," she mumbled, hoping he'd catch on. The named teen was beginning to look like a deer in the headlights…

Tugging ruthlessly on the girl's hair, Baby Sarutobi screeched the new name. "Shika-moo! Shika-moo!"

The girl settled the screaming boy on his back against her thighs to untangle her hair from his hands. Apparently, Shika-moo had regained his senses. Reaching into what seemed like a never-ending pocket, he retrieved a hairtie. Picking up the boy, he switched with the un-nicknamed girl, flinging the tie at her forehead.

"Itai," she mumbled, stretching the tie and gathering her hair in a sloppy bun. Pouting gently, she decided to tease the lazy boy as a silly sort of revenge for throwing, or flicking, the two items at her. "Shika-moo, thank you for your help," she said, extending her arms to take the boy.

Glaring half-heartedly at her, he pulled the boy to his chest. The boy clenched the fishnet shirt. "Ne? What'd you say Hinata-chan?"

"Nothing," she dismissed, standing up to leave the room.

"Hi-nata?" the smallest asked, craning his neck. "Hi-na?" Laughter soon waved as he began chanting 'Hi-na!'

Looking between the teen that held him and the girl standing rigid just before the couch, he mumbled the nickname one last time before tearing up and throwing fists at whatever would meet his hands. A few seconds passed and his hands halted, having been engulfed by pale hands. Craning his neck, he looked hopefully at the girl. Opening his arms, he leaned back and squeaked, "Okaa-san! Otou-san!", pulling the fishnet shirt he held onto towards the one who he'd named 'okaa-san'.

"Uh-oh," both teens mumbled, knocking noggins.


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